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the horse whisperer nicholas evans epub ebook, the horse whisperer nicholas evans epub pdf, the horse whisperer nicholas evans epub doc and the horse. We presented the utter edition of this book in DjVu, doc, txt, ePub, PDFforms. You can reading The Horse Whisperer (Penguin Readers, Level 3) online by Evans. Ebook The Horse Whisperer currently available at for review only , bring the horse to a the original horse whisperer john solomon rarey

Nicholas Evans was born in Bromsgrove, England, in He studied law at Oxford University, and then he began writing for a newspaper in Newcastle. Later he changed jobs and went to work in television. He became a reporter in the United States and the Middle East and one of his jobs was to write about the war in Beirut. He also produced television programmes about the lives of important people. In Evans turned from fact to fiction. Since then he has written and produced films for television. He lives in South London with his wife and their two children. The Horse Whisperer first became famous in , a year before it was completed. Evans had the idea for the book when a friend told him about a man in Dartmoor, in the south of England. This man could calm a wild horse just by talking quietly to it. Tom Booker, in The Horse Whisperer, is a similar kind of man. He wins the trust of horses because he knows and loves them. The story, though, does not take place in England.

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She was a workaholic, addicted to success and all she seemed to be concerned about was her job and her reputation. It had always been that way, her mother who couldn't have any more children, was used to give orders to Grace and her husband Robert, she had always been in control of everything. Robert tolerated them patiently and did what he was supposed to do without ever protesting orarguing.

Robert Maclean was a very loving and caring man, even though he was a lawyer and worked a lot, too, he always took some time off to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. Over the years it became obvious for Annie that Robert and Grace had grown closer than she'd ever been with her daughter and that it was too late pretending she could change the way it was.

Besides their fancy apartment in N. Y , where Annie and Robert had their offices and Grace went to school, they also owned a big country house out in Chatham where they spend most of their time. Just like every weekend, Robert and Grace had driven out to Chatham while Annie was still working in N. He knew he was going too fast and he should have put on his snow chains, because the small path he was going on, was covered with snow and ice. He saw them too late, started jumping on the brakes immediately but it seemed like an eternity.

Grace on Pilgrim had followed Judith on Gulliver up on a pretty steep slope and when Gulliver which was in front of them had stepped on a sheet of ice and was sliding backwards down the hill, he dragged Pilgrim with him and all four of them slid down back on the path where W. Tanner was now trying to prevent the worst.

In the hospital Robert had called Annie and told her about the accident. While he was waiting for her, the doctors informed him that the truck went over Grace's right leg and they had to take it off, she was in a coma now. Judith and Gulliver had died, Pilgrim ran away and hadn't been found for hours.

Harry Logan a veterinarian discovered him first when he and 3 other men went out to find Pilgrim. He looked terrible, was under shock and almost bleeding to death, besides the nasal bone, there were several other broken bones. Logan injected him a sedative and after a long, tiring struggle they finally got him into an emergency animal clinic.

It would have been the best to put him down right away but therefore he needed the owner's permission which Annie Graves denied on the phone. After the 11th day of coma, Grace woke up and after another week of physical therapy, even got to go home for Christmas.

She still couldn't really believe that all this had happened, and the news Judith and Gulliver were dead couldn't quite sink in, just like the leg she had lost, she suspended it in her head. Grace said she couldn't remember anything from the accident but sliding down the bank and only she knew, this wasn't the truth.


Christmas at the Macleans became a disaster. Graces on her crutches was really disappointed because her mother had decorated the tree without her, which she and her dad had always done together, and Annie's mood grew worse, when she noticed Robert feeling pity for Grace. Grace had decided not to ride Pilgrim or any other horse ever again and wanted him to be send back to Kentucky, but before she wanted to see him for the last time.

Pilgrim was wasting away.

Antonia, the Horse Whisperer by Elisabeth Zöller (ebook)

The broken bones and scars on his body and legs had healed, but the damage done to the nerves in his shoulder had rendered him lame. He had turned insane, became so demended and dangerous that noone even tried to get near him. When Grace saw him in the dark stench of his stall she started crying, because this could not be the same horse she once had loved so much. Harry Logan was still suggesting to put Pilgrim down but Annie didn't want to hear an of that.

She wanted to fight for him and had no idea why. While Annie had started finding someone who might be able to heal the horse, Grace had been provided with a false leg but still she didn't even want to think about Pilgrim. Somehow she received Tom Booker's number, a horse whisperer out in Montana.

He was supposed to have the ability to heal horses with soothing words and a gentle touch. Annie called him a couple of times, without telling Grace or Robert about it, but when he flew to N.

Tom denied and flew back to Montana.

Annie, having this awkward feeling that only he could safe Pilgrim and her daughter from this suffering, so she packed up both of them in a trailer and and drove out to Montana. She had told Robert and Grace only a day before about her plan and even though Grace totally freaked out she obeyed her mother's will and didn't talk to her on their three days drive at all.

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Tom Booker was a rugged and very sensitive man who had spend all his life on a ranch together with his brother and their parents until they died, working with horses. They were his life, his obsession, he knew all about them and could feel, how they felt. People came to see him asking why their horse would refuse them, but Tom knew without hearing their stories. So he had started giving clinics to people with troubled horses, "the Whisperer" how he was called, tried to heal the horses soul only by gentle words or touches.

He didn't do it for the money but for the horses whom he felt pity for. When Annie and Grace got there he was more than surprised and impressed by what she had done just to see him and ask him if he was sure about not helping them.

He couldn't refuse. It was a long process, getting Pilgrim used to being a horse again, it was harder than Tom thought it would be, but he knew that Pilgrim's healing would heal the mother's and daughter's soul, too, so he kept on working.

They rented a small house, but after a few weeks Tom's brother and his family offered them, to move into their creek house, next to the ranch. The Horse Whisperer is a story made in Hollywood heaven. The novel was written by a firsttime author, and the film option was snapped up by aging Nicholas Evans studied law at Oxford University after serving in Africa with the Voluntary Service Overseas.

He then studied journalism and worked as a newspaper reporter, television producer, and screenwriter before writing four bestselling novels. Its about a girl, her horse, an accident and the recovery. The girl is Grace and her horses name is Pilgrim. And so the search for the mythical horse whisperer begins. He appears in the form of Tom Bookera handsome, rugged, sensitive Montana cowboy. The story travels from Upstate New York to Manhattan, then makes an eventful detour through the glorious foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Nicholas Evans is the author of The Horse Whisperer, the 1 bestseller that has enthralled millions of readers around the world. He lives in London, where he is at work on his next novel. About Nicholas Evans Horse Whisperer is a great book that comes really close to being great literature.

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