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The Italian's Suitable Wife. Home · The Italian's italians uthless marriage bargain · Read more · a suitable vengeance. Read more · The Italians Baby Bargain. The Italian's Suitable Wife by Lucy Monroe released on Jul 1, is to read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to read, top books. Enrico DiRinaldi wants a wife and children, even though an accident has left him unable to walk. So he proposes marriage to Gianna Lakewood. Having secretly.

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The Italian's Suitable Wife

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Great thanks, in advance! So he proposes marriage to Gianna Lakewood. Having secretly always loved Rico, Gianna can't say no The passion Rico ignites in his innocent bride is explosive!

However, Rico is still intent on keeping his convenient wife by his side All right reserved.

Would they make contact? They never had before, no matter how much she ached for it. He started to lower his head and her heart kicked up its pace. Oh, yes. This would be the time. But even as she strained toward him, he began to back away. His image dissolved completely as the discordant note of a ringing telephone tugged her toward consciousness. Gianna Lakewood picked up the cordless handset still half immersed in dreamland, a land where Enrico DiRinaldo was not engaged to supermodel, Chiara Fabrizio.

Her voice still husky from sleep and the emotions elicited by her dream, she said, "Hello? How do I say this? He is in a coma. She didn't ask what happened.

She could find that out later.

She needed to know where Rico was and how soon she could get there. She started shucking out of her pajamas.

The Italian's Suitable Wife

She hadn't even known Rico was in the States, but then she'd avoided news of him since his engagement to Chiara had been announced two months ago. She hopped over to the nightstand, one leg still encased in cotton pajama bottoms, and grabbed a notepad and pen from the drawer. He would understand. He had thought to call her even though it was the middle of the night whereas Rico's parents would have waited until morning in misguided courtesy.

Eight years of unnoticed and unrequited love, even his recent engagement to another woman had not been able to dampen those feelings. She rushed around her tiny apartment, throwing together the necessary items for her trip to New York. Distilled water double glass distilled The addition of glycerol to the dilulent makes the cells more resistant to the rigours of freezing and icy crystals, which form are smaller and smoother thus creating less damage to the spermatozoa.

The addition of fructose to the diluent luprores sperm resistance to glycerol; and also provides nutrition. The final level of glycerol should be 7. The antibiotics are added to inhibit bacteria and to kill pathetic organisms. The semen to be diluted in such a way that one ml. The semen must be cooled carefully for spermatozoa to remain with life.

Frozen semen facilitates the percent use of the semen diluted and frozen, and thus the delivery price is reduced, and it can be supplied with the gaps of months to the A. I technicians as against the supply of fluid semen every days or alternate days. One can cite a number of potential benefits from the use of artificial insemination. Increased efficiency of bull usage During natural breeding, a male will deposit much more semen than is theoretically needed to produce a pregnancy.

In addition, natural breeding is physically stressful. Both of these factors limit the number of natural mating a male can make.

However, collected semen can be diluted and extended to create hundreds of doses from a single ejaculate. Also, semen can be easily transported; allowing multiple females in different geographical locations to be inseminated simultaneously, and semen can be stored for long periods of time, meaning that males can produce offspring long after their natural reproductive lives end.

Increased potential for genetic selection Because artificial insemination allows males to produce more offspring, fewer males are needed.

Therefore, one can choose only the few best males for use as parents, increasing the selection intensity. Furthermore, because males can have more offspring, their offspring can be used in a progeny test program to more accurately evaluate the genetic value of the male. Finally, individual farmers can use artificial insemination to increase the genetic pool with which his or her animals can be mated, potentially decreasing effects of inbreeding.

Decreased costs Male animals often grow to be larger than females and can consume relatively larger amounts of feed.

Also, male animals are often more strong, powerful, and potentially ill-mannered and thus require special housing and handling equipment. Increased safety for animals and farmers As mentioned, male animals can become large and aggressive.

These factors mean that maintaining a bull on a farm may be dangerous.

Also, because of the relatively larger size of adult males than females, natural mating is more likely to result accidents and injury to either the cow or the bull than is artificial insemination.

Reduced disease transmission Natural mating allows for the transfer of venereal diseases between males and females. Some pathogens can be transmitted in semen through artificial insemination, but the collection process allows for the screening of disease agents.

Collected semen is also routinely checked for quality, which can help avoid problems associated with male infertility. Artificial insemination has some potential drawbacks, however, that must be considered. First, it can be more laborious. Male animals instinctively detect the females that are in the correct status for conception. With artificial insemination the detection work falls on the responsibility of the farmer.

Poor detection results in decreased rates of fertility.

King’s Cross | Dishoom

Also, increasing the number of offspring per male has selective advantages only if the best males can be accurately determined.

Otherwise this process only decreases the genetic variability in a population. Increasing the number of offspring per male always reduces the gene pool. The benefits of more intense selection must be balanced against the negative effects of decreased variation. Source: www.

Improper AI techniques can negate all other efforts to obtain conception.

The Italian’s Suitable Wife

Semen must be deposited within the tract of the cow at the best location and at the best time to obtain acceptable conception rates. Early methods of AI involved deposition of the semen in the vagina, as would occur in natural mating.

Those methods are not satisfactory. Fertility is low and greater numbers of sperm are required. Another method which gained popularity was the "speculum" method. This method is easily learned, but proper cleaning and sterilizing of the equipment is necessary, making it more impractical to inseminate than with the rectovaginal technique which is the most widely used AI method today. In the recto-vaginal technique a sterile, disposable catheter containing the thawed semen is inserted into the vagina and then guided into the cervix by means of a gloved hand in the rectum.

The inseminating catheter is passed through the spiral folds of the cow's cervix into the uterus. Part of the semen is deposited just inside the uterus and the remainder in the cervix as the catheter is withdrawn. Expulsion of the semen should be accomplished slowly and deliberately to avoid excessive sperm losses in the catheter. The body of the uterus is short; therefore, care should be taken not to penetrate too deeply which might cause physical injury.

In animals previously inseminated, the catheter should not be forced through the cervix since pregnancy is a possibility. Since research data show little variation in conception rates when semen is placed in the cervix, uterine body or uterine horns, some people recommend incomplete penetration of the cervical canal and deposition of semen in the cervix.

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