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Pricing Course Lesson 9 – How to double your rate without scaring off your client That shift in mindset — from expense to investment, freelancer to consultant, cheap Next week, I'm going to send you a PDF cheatsheet that you can use to . Here's something to ask yourself “Why do some freelancers charge thousands a week, and others $30 an hour?” The most successful freelancers out there. (Double Your Freelancing Rate and The Blueprint), Troy Dean. (WPelevation), Ramit Sethi (Earn1K, Successful Triggers and. Dream Job), just to name a few.

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Double Your Freelancing Rate Pdf

Double Your Freelancing Rate. A short guide on how to raise your freelancing rates by delivering more to your clients by Brennan Dunn. It's available at. page “Double Your Freelanding Rates” PDF eBook. Worksheets inside the eBook. Lessons on how to price your services. $ $ Save 61%. Lifetime access to Double Your Freelancing Rate. Includes page actionable eBook to guide you through the course in PDF, ePUB, and Mobi formats.

Like with anything, it takes time. But if you work at it and are OK with experimenting, you will be able to charge significantly more without scaring off your clients. I thought this made for a fine living, and I also thought this was right. But as my company grew and I began to learn the strategies I covered over the last few days, two interesting things happened: I became more successful. My company grew from being just me to 11 full-time employees and a few million a year in project revenue.

I think the price for the value you get is reasonable if you put the lessons into action.

But do be aware that the price is quite high, as well. I would like the ability to download a PDF version or something like that.

Double Your Freelancing Rate | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

That to me is a little bit annoying just because you gotta remember login details. Which I guess fair enough concern with an info product as opposed to a software, but it still be nice to be able to have a version where its all in one sort continuous PDF or something like that.

But look moving on to the conclusion, overall, Double Your Freelancing Rate where do I stand on that?

It is expensive. Versus going to a Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat and stuffing your face and then getting home and feeling like crap. Value and price, all day long. What Brennan Dunn has done here is actually created a system in which you can see the value.

Even though it is an expensive product, the value is there. You could spend that on something else. But if you are seriously interested running a freelancing or consulting business, then yeah I do think this product is worth it.

If you look at the most successful consultants and freelancers there often ones who charge pretty high rates. Usually, the people who fell like they can only get by on price, are the one who struggle. They burn themselves out. You want to be working with clients who recognize value who are willing to pay for that value.

And I Double Your Freelancing Rate does an excellent of getting you in the state you need to be in mentally and in terms of real actionable strategies you need to get there. If you want to run a successful freelance or consulting business I do recommend downloading it. But we all know that value and price are two different things, and this product certainly delivers bucket loads of value for anyone who is seriously interested in increasing their consulting or freelancing rates.

If you want to focus on making a good living from working with high value clients, then this course is worth a look. I'm a digital marketing consultant by trade I help businesses become more profitable through effective marketing. Through my "day job" I have exposure to many tools, courses and services for online marketing. My goal is to provide honest, detailed reviews of tools for digital marketing experts whether you're freelance, in-house, affiliate marketing or whatever.

If you want me to review a product you've made, or ask me anything about my reviews, then email info samfrost. Your email address will not be published. Business Development. Double Your Freelancing Rate Review Original Audio Version. Price by value. Quantify how much value you create for your customer, use that to justify your pricing.

Don't be afraid to charge. The higher priced version had higher conversions. A high price signals that a product or service is worth more. There are two factors to consider: The experience is important. Are you a professional with a clear plan of action or are you swayed whichever way the wind blows? Having a clear plan of action and being responsive earns more respect.

The economics is just as important. Can you earn your clients more money?

Double Your Freelancing Rate Review 2019

How you structure transactions is also important. You can charge hourly, daily, weekly, or by a fixed fee. Fixed fee projects are dangerous, the scope can grow quickly. Clients may not know exactly what they need and will ask for large numbers of revisions. Clients have two types of budgets: Constrained budgets are determined by factors like money in the bank, department's annual budget, and tolerance for risk.

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Arbitrary budgets are determined by prior research clients do for the "going rate". To get a premium rate, freelancers need to move beyond commodity of their crafts. Dunn uses the example of a restaurant owner who wants a new website. Instead of focusing on technical terms like CMS or Google Maps, focus on the experiential and economic factors. After your client answers these questions, put together a roadmap of tasks ordered by those with most immediate value to the business.

Then estimate complexity. Ask the client to determine which task to include in this contract to fit their budget. Negotiate on scope, not on your rate.

Copy is the most important thing on a website. Sell to your clients using experiential and economic factors instead of technical details. My good friend Tom Schwab created a course.

So if you go to onlinecoursecoach. He really walks you through the steps of finding your ideal target audience, how to find the right podcast to be on, getting booked, getting listeners back to your website, and his proven 6 step method. He had some donkeys, my girls love petting them and actually riding one of his donkeys. I could go on and on.

But go to onlinecoursecoach. So find those industry experts, find those websites, find even the podcasts or other resources, Youtube channels. So I made out for it with affiliate sales. My cut was 6, So that was a great deal for me and I was happy and that really got me off and running with selling that course. How do I sell it? Now there are other 3rd party solutions. However, they all come with a monthly fee, a percentage, or both.

So some of them might be a hundred dollars a month or , or So are you willing to give that much up of your sales? So Michael, I hope that helped with your questions.

I think the ticket, I think you can get them for , , something like that dollars. But anyway, congratulations to Adam Leech who won the free Fin Con ticket giveaway. This course is fantastic. I downloadd it. I started reading it on the plane the other day when I was flying to do some work at a conference and I found myself almost highlighting every page.

So some of the things that Brennan talks about are the mindset that you need to take. Even his background and how he got into this Double Your Freelance Rate course is really interesting.

So for those of you that do client work, this is something I highly recommend. Brennan Dunn addresses that in his course and a lot in this podcast.

So Brennan, thanks so much for being on the Online Course Coach podcast today. Brennan: Thank you, Jeff. Yeah, thanks for having me. Jeff: So Brennan, what was your background before you started diving into building online courses?

Brennan: So the first company I really started that was successful was an agency. And I kind of got bit by the bug of wanting a lot of customers, paying a little bit instead of a few customers paying a lot.

So I exited the agency to start a software service company called Planscope which being an engineer that was what I thought was the only really acceptable alternative besides consulting.

Double Your Freelancing Rate

And the interesting thing that happened was I got a lot of people through the support channels. And this was my first product which is called Double Your Freelancing Rate which is all about pricing and proposals and things like that, but it was just an ebook.

And then I release the second version a year and a half ago which was … or is a course. I just got here out of people writing me and asking me questions and responding to them at first manually and trying to come up with themes and creating products around those themes.

Jeff: Yeah, now why did you go from that original ebook for the Double Your Freelancing ebook into a full pledge course? Were people asking for it? Was there a specific reason? So with the redo I not only redid all the content and like I mentioned expanded it by adding bunch of stuff.

But I added a 2 month accountability, really just an autoresponder. But what it ended up doing was it would walk each person through the book, the book part of it at least, the book part of the course, section by section, theme by theme, a few days in between each with follow up, like of like additional context and insight into each theme along with the worksheet that the purpose of it was to apply what you just read to your business.

So I started doing this which from like a do it once and forget about it sort of thing. Jeff: Now was there this long process or a process of finding that title of Double Your Freelancing Rate? Did it just kind of happen or did you? Brennan: It actually used to be called … it actually used to be the headline of a sales page, cause I wrote the sales page first before I even have the book. So when we think of Ave Maria or whatever. Who is it for?

And then if you have this and you do this before, you actually have a product. Is it 2 versions or more?

The first was just the book, second is … and the second actually has tiers. Jeff: Yeah, I had Keith Perhac on the show recently and that one of the things he talked about was the benefits of tier pricing.

And so we had in depth discussion, he was awesome. Brennan: And depending on how you price it can kind of channel more people toward a certain tier. And the high end includes so much more. Where there mistakes made? Or did you stumble across things or get consulting or how did you … what are some things you learned as you have that course? It is a lot more high touched. But this Double Your Freelancing Rate is evergreen, meaning you can download it anytime.

But more importantly by really learning like, actually talking with people and asking them where did you, first of did you … end of the day did you get anything? Has your business, have you received a return on investment? But by kind of forcing them into remembering their download by emailing them literally every other day it really increased the results that people were getting which is obviously what matters most.

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