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Can I download PDF files using an ISBN? 7, Views How do I download an eBook from the ISBN on my hard copy book? 1, Views. Find books easily using ISBN, title, or author searches. Search using ISBN or ISBN ISBN is the acronym for International Standard Book Number. On most books, the ISBN number can be found on the back cover, next to the barcode. Books will have a different ISBN number for the softcover version than for the hardcover edition.

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Ebook Via Isbn

eBooks are any electronic or digital version of a book, pamphlet or any type of The Kindle .azw) eBooks which can only be read by Kindle devices, and ePub. An eBook tool to extract ISBN or Metadata form eBook and rename them by using ISBN database and Metadata I am very impressed by the eBook section. displays the latest uploaded books, you can search book title name or ISBN in the search box.

How do you get an ISBN? You have two choices. Buy one, or get one for free. Bowker is the sole provider of ISBN numbers. Source Bowker. The logical benefit of owning your ISBN number is that if you publish and make your book available on many retailers, your sales data will be cumulative. There is also a sense that you are in control because you can use the same ISBN on every publishing platform you use.

What is a separate digital publication? In order to reach the widest possible market, a publisher or retailer may make a particular e-book title available as multiple product options. Although the editorial content will be the same, if a specific device or software is required to read the e-book or different usage constraints that control user functionality are offered e.

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Each distinct product that is available must be identified by its own ISBN as it is a separate publication. Thus, a separate publication is normally defined by a combination of product form features or details and usage constraints. What if the e-books are all in the same format e.

If the different versions are in the same format and use the same DRM software e. Adobe ACS4 with substantially the same usage constraints and are interoperable on different devices or software, then a single ISBN should be used. If, however, the same DRM software is used on two versions but with significantly different usage constraints e.

Publishers often provide a single master file to a conversion service but may not always specify the different combinations of file format and DRM which the conversion service will provide to retailers. Unless it is also being made available to the public in exactly the same form as the master file i. However, you should assign separate ISBNs to each version that is subsequently generated by the conversion service.

If your legacy computer system requires an ISBN to identify a master file, then this should be kept as a purely internal identifier to avoid the possibility of several different versions carrying the same ISBN.

What about proprietary formats e. Amazon Kindle?

The "Publisher" field on your paperback's Amazon detail page will read "Independently published. It cannot be used with another publisher or self-publishing service. ISBNs purchased from Bowker can be used to publish titles in any language. You will not be able to publish your book if there is a mismatch.

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If you are reprinting your book, the title, author name, and binding type must stay the same. A new edition requires a new ISBN. It's important to some authors to provide their own ISBN because it allows them to choose their book's imprint of record. You wrote a book, you edited it, and you probably have your cover and pricing and marketing all in line.

There is nothing else left than to upload it and enjoy the well-deserved success.

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Or is there? Many people think that applying for an ISBN is like going to the dentist: a painful, unavoidable necessity. They push it into the back of their mind, try not even to think of it. What does ISBN stand for?


That very long number just under or above the barcode on the back of the book is designed following a very strict set of rules. ISBN was developed in , designed to make referring to books and different editions of the same book easier across the publishing world. It started with ten digit numbers, but since they consist of 13 digits so that they can be also read as barcodes. They can be assigned to books, audiobooks, even apps belonging to a book. And yes, you simply put in front of old ISBNs to make them 13 digits.

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