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Steven Holzner is the award-winning author of more than books, including. Physics For Dummies. He did his undergrad. Half Girlfriend, his seventh book and sixth novel, releases in October Time magazine named him amongst the ' most influential people in the world' to devote his entire time to writing and making change happen in the country. Half Girlfriend book. Read reviews from the HALF GIRLFRIEND (HINDI) Once upon a time, there was a Bihari boy Rate this book .. (As I have ranted the whole story basically. I NEEDED .. Shelves: owns, pages. With all due.

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Half Girlfriend Full Book 100

Chetan Bhagat's books do both and more. -A.R. Rahman, in TIME magazine, on Chetan s inclusion in the TIME most influential people in the world The. Half Girlfriend [Chetan Bhagat] on She agreed to be his half- girlfriend. This is a book with the complete dialogues of a movie, sentence after sentence. site Best Sellers Rank: #, in Books (See Top in Books). Chetan Bhagat's book Half Girlfriend: free PDF version Download . If you still want to download, pay ₹ on Google play and get the eBook.

Plot summary[ edit ] Madhav Jha, a rural boy from Dumraon , a village in Bihar , comes to meet the author, who is actually Chetan Bhagat, and leaves behind a few journals from his half-girlfriend, who he believes has died. Chetan Bhagat calls him up the next morning to hear his story. He starts by describing his trouble entering St. Stephens , as his English wasn't good enough. Being a good basketball player, Madhav gets finally through sports quota. The rich and beautiful Riya Somani is a girl from Delhi , who is also selected through the sports quota. Madhav and Riya become close 'friends' due to their association with basketball.

Because he is a basketball player who is trying to get in the same college via a sports quota just like Riya. He offers her pointers during the game and thus starts the whole stalking 'love story. They become quick friends and we read more about how tall and pretty Riya is.

And how sweaty she gets when she plays basketball in shorts. And how she has basically the best eyebrow game Madhav has ever seen. Not once, there has been any distinguishing factor to her. Their friendship grows.

And the conversations grow even more bland. I have better conversations with my relatives than what Riya and Madhav have. Anyway, Madhav is in love with Riya. Riya of course thinks of him as her best friend. He tries to make her see him in more than a friend way.

And this is where the problem starts. Oh and why the novel is named Half Girlfriend. Riya is definitely "not comfortable" with his physical advances and yet he persists. This is from the book - " 'She stopped and glared at me until I let go', 'Madhav, please understand, I'm not comfortable with all this.

I didn't let go.

Half Girlfriend

You are hurting me. I want you. Now we come to the part of the very degrading and derogatory comment. The one making the rounds of the social network as I had previously said. You are using physical force on me.

And you don't help when you say "deti he to de yato kat le. Thankfully, the heroine has the common sense and dignity to leave. God help me I was skimming through the whole monotonous dialouges and the whole "Oh shit, saying that was a bad idea.

Oh and here's a gem. So Madhav now realizing that I have disrespected the girl, degrading her in the process, and she is obviously mad and doesn't want to talk to me.

So what will I do? Stalk her, Of course! In his own word, he justified stalking her because she wouldn't return his calls or reply or talk to him. Anyway, finally she agrees to talk to him. After he had stalked her to some changing room and he asked her to talk to her.

She hasn't, thankfully, forgiven him completely. But she wants to move past the whole incident understandably so. At No one is forcing her. She is dropping out of college. Because she is rich girl and she has a money to fall back on if doesn't wanna do a degree. She just wanna get away from her sexist relative. The irony, but okay. So she leaves for London marrying her childhood rakhi brother because he is such a great match.

And Madhav ends up sad, messing up all the interviews. Anyway he declines all offers and comes back to his village to aid hi mother run a school.

Lot of monotonous narration with Bill Gates making guests appearances. And Madhav running into Riya again in 2 years. She is divorced and hence available. And Madhav is as horny as ever. She teaches him English by making him read Chetan Bhagat novel. And she leaves him there with a Dear John note that went like - I'm paraphrasing, hey I'm dying of cancer. In 3 months. Sorry about not reciprocating your feelings. But now I love you. Dont try to find me. Marry someone and all. Ok bye now.

So then like the crazy stalker he is, he goes after her. I mean at least respect the dying girl's wish. But NO. So he goes back to her place. Tries to find her.

Using his "Royal" connections to make bank managers give him her bank details. Inquire in her work. Go to her house. He does not find her. Then he receives these mysterious journals of Riya where she basically provides with all the backstory because the the writer was too lazy to develop the plot. And oh hey view spoiler [ she ain't dead.

To which Chetan Bhagat asks him to mind his language. Let me just mention- Chetan Bhagat chapters are from the first person pov and so is Madhav's. And they just happen anywhere and you're like wait who's head are we in? Neither place is nice to be in. Anyway, view spoiler [ Of course she isn't! She just faked the whole thing to get rid of him in my opinion. Who wouldn't? Finally on the last day, he conveniently finds her while she croons You're beautiful by James Blunt.

And Riya just falls right back in his stalker arms. Because hey, dude stalked me from India to Manhatten. And he found me in Manhatten. When I dont even perform with my real name. So yes, I will sleep with him. All communicated with no words and all stares. Because writing actual meaningful conversations is soo overrated. Anyway, something more happened with the lines of 'happy ending I think. I am keeping that much out so that I haven't basically ranted the whole plot.

You pick the book and READ to know. Why should I be the only one to suffer?! All I know is I was happy, jubilant, ecstatic that this ordeal ended. AND the rant is over. I'm never picking up his book again no matter what my friends thinks. And CB fans who will say he makes people read, good for him. View all 17 comments. Aug 27, Ronak Gajjar rated it did not like it Shelves: Half Review - Full ka toh zamana hi noi hain!

Half Girlfriend

You cannot pick up a chocolate when someone has just mentioned a death. Why it always have to be the same cycle: You know what? For writing this trash out and misleading youth with these craps! View all 88 comments. Oct 02, Ankit Dubey rated it really liked it. I think Chetan Bhagat gets way more stick than he deserves.

The truth is, he writes and India reads. Most of his criticism stems from the purists or the "hard-core literature fans" who can't stand the fact that he is the most popular writer from India.

Yes, his writing style is nothing compared to an Ayn Rand, a Rohinton Mistry or a Khaled Hosseini, but someone who is selling so much must be doing something right. And he is. Bhagat always takes up issues which resonate with the masses. In Half Girlfriend, the protagonist is a Bihari guy named Madhav who has a hard time speaking English. Now what can be more common than that? I can envision thousands of youth in Bihar, who will never read "To Kill a Mocking Bird", but who will readily see themselves in Madhav and will have no difficulty in comprehending Bhagat's simplistic yet charming writing style.

The beauty of this process is, some, if not many, will start seeing reading in a different light and will become become readers for life Hopefully picking up books with more intellectual depth and profound life lessons.

This, I feel, is Bhagat's biggest contribution. The repeated references to Madhav's poor English is annoying at times, but almost every book has a phase where the reader fights within himself to either put it down or soldier along.

I chose to read on. And the book did hold my attention. Till the last page. I have read my fair share of classics and some have bored me to death. Half Girlfriend had me hooked.

Half Girlfriend was destined to be a box-office hit. Bad reviews be damned.

Its a charming love story. You will end up rooting for Madhav Well, if you don't hold a blinkered opinion of Bhagat's work, that is. There is the inevitable drama. Almost Bollywood like. But it is Chetan Bhagat we are talking about.

Will you ever dare to criticise Khaled Hosseini for describing the beauty of Afghanistan? Will you lambast Dan Brown for going into minute details of Roman Architecture? Well, no. You will just say that its their own style. This slightly surreal drama is Bhagat's style. And its good.

He has his own niche. It's a different story altogether that a new "generation" of young writers flourished in India after Five Point Someone, trying to imitate Bhagat's style and ended up hurting his already many times questioned reputation. Bhagat touches on the problem of rural education in India and the book also suggests ways to improve one's English.

The techniques may seem too raw for the average Goodreads user or a regular reader, but in truth, they are effective. A 15 year boy reading this book in Bihar will understand this more than you and I will ever will. Half Girlfriend is a very good read. A sweet love story. An avid reader can easily finish it in two-three sessions. It will be lapped up by India's youth. It is a bestseller for sure. Chetan Bhagat's legend becomes stronger.

I just hope that people digest the fact that he is a good writer who knows his strengths and sticks by them. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. You Sir, have all my respect. From a fan who has read enough books to not be classified as a "Only Chetan Bhagat books guy. View all 29 comments.

Oct 23, Srikari rated it liked it Shelves: Am I crazy? P I was so confused as to how i was going to review this book because i had mixed feelings. But i can say one thing for sure, this was the only book by Chetan Bhagat i could stand!! He comes from a "not so royal anymore" royal family from the state of Bihar. Bihar is one of the most backward 3 stars!!! Bihar is one of the most backward states in India and is generally looked down upon by many.

Since he lived in Bihar most of his life his english is pretty screwed up and I for one am not the judgmental type when it comes to not knowing english, and i also thought this book was better because of this detail. SO when he goes to New Delhi, for college to the best college in India actually he is made fun of for his spoken english.

This is where he meets Riya, a tall, Beautiful girl who just like him plays basket ball for the collage team. They get talking and eventually become reallllyyyy close. But wait there is one problem, according to her it was just friendship but according to him it was just LOVE, hmmm not the first time you have seen a guy friendzoned.

It was her fault as well, even if the guy u friendzoned kisses u and asks to for more u say "NO. Riya does, she leads him on. She makes him hungry for more and she goes to his room after playin basket ball cuz she wants a nap! He goes to apologize but she tells him that she was getting married to her family friend Rohan. Just when i was like The book actually got better and better. Madhav though not fully recovered from his heart break , goes back to his village to help run a village school which was started by his mother t provide free education to the poor.

He meets divorced Riya again and she offers him help with his english as he had to make a speech for BILL GATES who was coming on a visit to India for sponsoring organisations working for the society's betterment. He needed a speech that convinces Gates foundation to provide him the grant. It dealt with major issues that India faces today and how we can achieve anything with determination and hard work.

Book Review: Half Girlfriend a Romantic Novel by Chetan Bhagat

It really touched me, how much of suffering ppl in Indian villages face, especially the kids. He gets the grant and when he looks around for Riya she disappears leaving him a letter saying she has lung cancer and that she has only a little time left and not to come look for her.

He is hear broken again. Also at the end I figured out that the "not knowing english" was just left there hanging in mid air. I thought this aspect ,if it were made use of in a more substantial way would have made it a little more interesting. So the book wraps up with a happily ever after. He gets the girl, he gets the kid. YAY ME! View all 14 comments. Oct 26, Manan Puri rated it it was ok.

A portrayed as loser guy: Check 2. A girl supposedly out of his league and one page dedicated to the introduction her looks: Check 3. Guy's love at first sight because of smell of her perfume or any random reason: Check 4. His pursuit in his head to get her to his bed: Check 5. Girl eventually falling for him after incessant attempts for 4: Check 6.

One page dedicated to the love making: Check 7. Weave a story around Check 'Friends with Benefits' or "I can walk Englis' is a more ap 1. Check 'Friends with Benefits' or "I can walk Englis' is a more apt title for the book than Half Girlfriend, which might have happened because CB picked any two random consecutive words he saw on the first page he opened.

This time, its a screenplay waiting for Deepika Padukone to accept the girl's role and the movie can kick-off to make cr. Just when you think the 'twists' in the plot can't get any more miraculous, CB comes up with another one which can give randomness another random beating.


He even randomly praises his brilliance as a writer for, wait a sec In the end, CB's popularity is at that level where he can tell his detractors "Padta hai to pad, warna kat le"!!! View all 3 comments. Nov 06, Nikhat Hetavkar marked it as gave-up-on Shelves: I've read every Chetan Bhagat book if we can call those sentences lumped together a book only to argue with my friends as to why I absolutely depise his writing.

So again a CB novel arrives on the market. And every social media page is flooded with my friends I may have to disown them after this exclaiming "Chetan Bhagat - My favourite author" "The best author" and likewise idiotic comments. After flipkart taunting me for weeks, I finally decided to pick up the book and form a well devel Hah. After flipkart taunting me for weeks, I finally decided to pick up the book and form a well developed opinion about the hate this stupid title with its smug announcement of its bollywood movie along with the book release inspire in me.

Thankfully this time I did not actually download the book. I borrowed it from a friend. I looked up to see my bookshelf staring at me and obviously judging me. I dont have a hyper active imagination for nothing Nope, I decided. Life's way too short to read shitty books like these when there are so many great books I still need to read as my shelf reminded me not so gently.

Just plain NO. Life's way too short. And I am not picking this book up again even if it means never getting to correct moronic idiots in their rant about the brilliance of CB. I am DONE. May 28, Nu-Jahat-Jabin rated it did not like it. View all 4 comments.

Oct 03, Umesh Kesavan rated it did not like it Shelves: I thought Chetan Bhagat can't get worser than " Revolution " but after reading his latest novel , Revolution feels like a better book. So,looking forward to his next novel so that I can feel that "half girlfriend" is a better one.

View all 6 comments. Oct 29, Priyanka rated it did not like it. I quote:: But I felt something deep inside, strong enough for my heart to say, You have to talk to this girl Actual rating - HALF star So the story goes like this: Read the book at your own risk.

Knowing that you will never be able to "un-read" it. Knowing that you could have spent that time reading something else I would suggest reading a user manual, it at least makes sense.

Why is it that people can't get over the "A guy and a girl can never be friends" crap? Also, this book is wrong on so many levels! Why would you do something even after the lady repeatedly says 'No'. It is never a yes. I can't believe the author who claims to be a "feminist" could write something like this.

Chetan Bhagat has fallen to new found lows to write a book only in hopes of making it into a masala blockbuster movie. View all 5 comments. Aug 12, R. Bisht rated it did not like it. Even if you don't want to read Rushdie or Jhumpa Lahiri there are select few who write contemporary, interesting stories! I'd personally recommend Zero Defect if you want a fast paced, and thought provoking read. There is also a lesser known among indians book Shantaram though not written by and indian author is an interesting contemporary book set in Mumbai.

So, open your mind and read something better for change ; Dec 03, Pooja rated it did not like it Recommends it for: My enemies. With all due respect, only Half Star. Dec 03, Navaneeta rated it did not like it. The sense of achievement that fills me up as I move to mark this book as "I am finished" is enormous. I am finally, actually finished with Bhagat and his scripts. You see Chetan Bhagat and I go back a long way. Bhagat was like this cool guy with whom I can be myself when we met with Five Point Someone.

Those days when I was immersed in the sadness of Velutha in the backwaters of Ker The sense of achievement that fills me up as I move to mark this book as "I am finished" is enormous. Those days when I was immersed in the sadness of Velutha in the backwaters of Kerala or fighting a losing battle with Sydney Carton in the streets of Paris or just dying in the quarantined city of Oran, Ryan and Hari seemed like the best friends just waiting for me out there.

I felt obliged to read each book that Bhagat wrote. As he kept writing, our relationship changed. I became more of an elder sister indulging little Chetan's "i-am-so-proud-of-myself" moments.

His criticism of Rushdie made me cringe as did his "superior" opinions regarding boring old vultures engaged in English literature. Gradually little Chetan became the most influential person in free India after Ekta Kapoor. I watched his decline growth with amazement. Someone somewhere had said something stupid about how it's impossible to fool all the people all the time or some such nonsense, yet look at this wonderful literary entrepreneur who just keeps on surging ahead, breaking all the taboos!

People today are reading more than they ever did!! I guess as a science and management student, Bhagat internalised and based his empire on Einstein's famous premise about human stupidity. Through his works, he propounds this basic tenet again and again. Here's one for Science; take that you English Puritans! As to Half Girlfriend, well, the girl is sexy and hot in her shorts. She is equally sexy and hot in salwar-kameez.

She is even more disturbingly hot when she's sick in bed. She is immensely alluring in a saree. She is sleazier than a Honey Singh song when in a dress. She is of course very beautiful and sexy and hot. She is a girl. She doesn't want to have sex despite being so sexy and hot. I think her name is Riya. That's redundant. She has wonderful legs limbs. The End. View all 7 comments. Oct 26, Shoa Khan rated it did not like it Shelves: Chetan Bhagat has over-exploited way too many stereotypes in this book.

The stuff about girls giggling senselessly at just about anything a rich guy says is especially repulsive. Aug 11, Vaibhav Anand rated it did not like it. I haven't read this, nor do I intend to. Funny that Goodreads allows people to rate books that haven't even released.

View 2 comments. Oct 07, Aastha Swaroop rated it really liked it. It is one of those books you just pick up and then cannot put down. Mainly because you want believe in it.

You want to believe that such love still exists.. I love how Chetan Bhagat writes. He does not care about using heavy vocabulary like most of the Indian authors which personally breaks my interest in reading because referring a dictionary every second line is no fun.

He relates to today's youth and his stories tota It is one of those books you just pick up and then cannot put down.

He relates to today's youth and his stories totally reflect that. Do not read this book if you are one of those who read to add to their literary shelves Ayn Rand or Khalid Housseini Oct 07, Vineet rated it did not like it Shelves: Throughout the novel, Bhagat mesmerizes you with careful written description of things.

Thank you for telling me. Also, they are downright hilarious. All the scenes are so overdone in books and cinemas of the past that you feel they are plagiarized, like girlfr Throughout the novel, Bhagat mesmerizes you with careful written description of things. All the scenes are so overdone in books and cinemas of the past that you feel they are plagiarized, like girlfriend is reading but the sun is on her, so you block the sun, girlfriend removes a rice grain from your face so you put more grains on it.

The dialogues, The dialogues are so unengaging. Every dialogue is followed by the meaning of it. I mean if someone is concerned, happy, sad, anything, you should be able to make it out with his dialogue.

Bhagat is so unconfident in his dialogues that most of them are followed by what the dialogue meant, he throws it on your face, look he is concerned now, look he is hurt now. Also, I think Bhagat self assumes that he is the voice of this generation and he raises all sorts of issues through this book.

These issues, go nowhere, nothing is further mentioned. And why this title? Just because Riya says this once, we get this title? This title is like the click-bait headlines we see online, a marketing gimmick, so you get curious. Not even a proper meaningful para. In the end, this book is lazily written with a single objective that it is picked by some movie producer.

It feels like a screenplay, nothing else. As a book, it is so poor and devoid of content, filled with the most generic of description. The detailing that the book uses are so stupid, like when Madhav is on the station, he tells us he ate puri-aloo. Yeah, so what? Is it a essential thing to say?

This review was edited to be spoiler-free. To read my full review, head over to- http: May 20, Amit Mishra rated it liked it.

This is the story of a poor guy and a rich girl. The boy falls in love with Riya but she told to me believe that I can not be your girlfriend only I can be your half girlfriend.

And from the story begins. In a nutshell, It's a romantic novel that has a certain twist and turns but ends happily as all Inidna movie does. His writings are not different from the script of an Indian cinema. However, the novel exposes the hypocrisy of our society.

How essential English has become in a country where the This is the story of a poor guy and a rich girl. The malaise of self-praise might be looked down upon in the world of literature, but for this bard, it has only reaped benefits.

His books have nearly always sold like hot cakes, putting every other new release to shame in the week-month-year it hits the shelves. That he is the average Indian's Shakespeare is a fact beyond debate. Bhagat has chosen his target audience and knows how to please them, be it with crass Hindi one-liners that get him applause from the frustrated lot or explicit lovemaking - Chetan-corrected to sex - scenes to hold his readers in awe. Hell, people have even discussed his sex scenes on public platforms, raising the question why other Indian writers hesitate to write these scenes unlike ' that in Chetan Bhagat's books '.

Bhagat's books that have been made into films, post the success of Aamir Khan-starrer 3 Idiots, have mostly performed well at the box office. But 3 Idiots had Bhagat's Five Point Someone only as the germ; the result, after going through director Rajkumar Hirani's hands, was anything but the book. Half Girlfriend, so you see, already had ancestors who ensured that the film is watched. Many people, who read Half Girlfriend the book, made their way to the theatres to watch the big-screen adaptation.

Aashiqui 2, of course, was a superhit given that the film made it past the Rs crore mark in India and helped establish Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor as proper actors, both of whom had dabbled in films earlier sans much success.

After Aashiqui 2, Suri gave the country Ek Villain. The film, with Shraddha Kapoor as the female lead yet again, did wonders for Mohit Suri's box-office credibility, even after the Hamari Adhuri Kahani-sized dent. Therefore, when it was announced that Mohit Suri was getting on the director's chair for Half Girlfriend, a lot of people had a lot of expectations from him.

Some even hoped that the director might be able to better the story of the book Half Girlfriend, a la Rajkumar Hirani with 3 Idiots.

But alas. Watching the movie Half Girlfriend made many people point out how even Chetan Bhagat's book was better in comparison to the film.

Soon, they zeroed in on Shraddha Kapoor. A filmmaker friend back then, associated with the Ek Villain team, told me, "Shraddha was roped in because she has a 'vulnerable face'. The fact that she had just delivered a crore hit, goes without saying, added to her market value.

That was In the four years since then, people have been able to feel for this 'vulnerable face', even as others break pen after pen criticising Shraddha's lack of talent.

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