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You find 35+ HP QTP / UFT Interview Questions and answers which is useful for Free PDF Download: QTP Interview Questions & Answers. Dear readers, these QTP Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you. QTP Interview Questions → Sanjay Kumar. Page 1. QTP interview questions. Testing interview questions. 1. What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro .

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Qtp Interview Questions Pdf

Top 50 QTP Interview - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. QTP Interview Questions and Answers for pdf 7 Apr 0 comments. Find us on Facebook. 1. Which scripting language used by QuickTest Professional. Download Qtp Interview Questions PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Qtp Interview Questions.

What is the latest version of QTP in the market? There are 2 types of variables 1. Built-in 2. User Defined. While Shared object repository is independent of action. We can associate the shared object repository to current test. What is the default object synchronization timeout in QTP? What do you mean by checkpoints in QTP? We can verify if particular property of the object has specified value in checkpoints. How to check which add-ins are associated with a test in QTP? There you will find the list of add-ins that are associated with the test.

This name would be used by the QTP to map the object nam corresponding description in the object repository.

Browser "Browser". Page "Guru99" H logical name of the object. Typically ,an object and its properties must be recorded in the Object Repository to enable Q action s on it.

Using descriptive programming , you do not store the object and its property values in the O but mention the property value pair directly in the script. The idea behind descriptive programming is not bypass the object repository but help recogo objects. Learn more about Descriptive Programming http: You can use the name property ex: Browser "name: OR We can also use the property "micClass". Browser "micClass: If you are still unable to record it is advisable install QTP and application, on the same machi 15 Explain the keyword CreateObject with an example.

CreateObject servername. The name of the application providing the object. The type or class of the object to create.

Top QTP / UFT Interview Questions & Answers

The name of the network server where the object is to be created. If yes how? We can switch. Here you have an option to choose. You can access object spy directly from the toolbar or from the Object Repository Dialog Box http: Why we cannot go for ordinal identifiers d Consider the following -. Code file extension is script. Almost all dialog boxes corresponding automation object which can set or retrieved using the corresponding proper the Automation Object Model.

QTP Automation Objects can be used along with standard VB p elements like iterative loops or conditional statements to help you design a script of choice. If parameterized, text output values will capture values appearing in each iteration which wo the run-time data table for further analysis. Step Generator enables use to Add Test Steps in your script.

Using step generator you can ad script without actually recording it. Su 5 check boxes in a page and I have to choose the 2nd one, how to do that through scrip. Watch a video of this example. Test Fusion Report , displays all aspects of a test run and is organized in a Tree format. It gives details of each step executed for all iterations. It also gives Run-time data table, Screen shots and movie of the test run if opted.

In QTP Exceptional handling is done by using a. Recovery Scenarios. Using On Error statement In Recovery scenario you have to define. Triggered Events. Recovery steps. Post Recovery Test-Run. Environment variables in QTP are of three types: Value "name" -- This will retrun name as Guru99 Environment.

Image checkpoint does do a pixel to pixel comparison but instead compare image properties destination url etc. Actions help make your Test modular reuse.

You can divide your script into Actions based on functionality like Login, Log. Functions is a VB Script programming concept and do not have their own Object Repository o Functions help in re-use of your code.

Top 50 QTP Interview Questions.pdf

Keyword View is an icon based view which shows test steps in tabular format. It also automa documentation for the test steps. Quick Test testing process consists of 6 main phases:. You also identify the environment and system confi to create and run your QTP Tests.

If you are using Quality can be automatically raised for failed tests in QTP. Learn more about Test Automation Frameworks. Where can I find and view this table? Data like parameterized output , checkpoint values , output values are stored in the Run-tim file which is stored in the Test Results Folder. It can also be accessed in the Test Fusion Repo 34 What is the difference between check point and output value. Check point is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with value for that property.

An output value is a value captured during the test run and can be stored in a specified locat Datable or even a variable. We use special characters such as a period.

Qtp Interview Questions And Answers. How to handle Java tree in QTP? Then you can record and work on a Java Tree object just like you would with any other object. How to give a ca ll to another action from one action? An action has both shared and local OR associated with it and both have the same object in them. In the test which one will be considered?

Explain different types of action in QTP? Action contains the number of steps to be performed on application to test the application. There are three type of action in QTP: — Non-Reusable action: it can be called by test only once in which it is stored. We can call external action but it will be available in read only mode we cannot perform any change to the External Action.

Are Shared ORs read-only? To open them in order to edit them you will have to open them from Object Repository Manager.

What is difference between Run time object and Test object? Explain Measuring Transaction? A transaction is collection of steps that we are intended to know how much time it take to execute. We can define the transaction by enclosing the set of steps with the start transaction and end transaction.

Explain different checkpoints in QTP? When we insert the check point in the test, then in keyword view checkpoint is added in front of current row and in expert view a checkpoint statement is added. That object is applicable to that test?

Or all the tests? No, the virtual Object you created will be applicable only to that test. Is virtual object supported in low level recording mode? Virtual Object will be supported only in Normal Recording. If created one virtual object? Next time I changed the window position will it work? No, It will not work. The application or window should be in the same position as it was at the creation time of virtual object. How u create new action in QTP? It will create a new Action. Is it possible to split an action?

Yes, you can split an Action. How u calling actions in QTP? U can call actions in QTP in 2 ways. They are i Call to Copy of an action ii Call to External action I created 3 actions in test suppose I want to run action 1 in single time, action 2 is 4 time what I do? Suppose you are using shared objects repository in your test and you want to split your present action?

QTP Interview Questions and Answers for PDF - AtoZ Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

You will have only one Shared Object Repository for all the actions. Your shared repository will never split into two. It will remain single. How can u pass value one action to another action?

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