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Amy felt a tiny snag of doubt, but she pushed it aside. She met Jake's could adopt a resolution 39 Clues (39 Clues, Book 5) (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers. The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1. Home · The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1. Downloads: The 39 Clues is a series of adventure novels written by a collaboration of authors, including Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, and David Baldacci. The books chronicle.

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Download The Medusa Plot - Gordon The 39 Clues - [Cahills vs Vespers 01] - The Medusa Plot - Gordon Korman · The Plot Against Pensions. Vespers: Book 1: The Medusa Plot, PDF Download 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers : Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Download 39 Clues: Ca. Download PDF The Medusa Plot (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 1), PDF Download The Medusa Plot (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs.

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It was especially true for Dan. But now that they were nally dating. It was 8: Shouts and cries from all around indicated that other students had been shaken up as well. Dan frowned. The impact knocked Evan out of his seat and dumped Amy on top of him. Her crush on Evan dated back to freshman year.

Smoke from burning rubber darkened the windshield. The bus driver slammed on the brakes. A split second later. Amy shut her eyes. Eastern Standard Time. The rush of adrenaline was something Amy had not felt for two solid years. The weapon hit the ground and slid under the tanker and out of reach.

As she kicked the gun out of his grip. She noticed two things immediately: The students scattered in terror. The attacker. The man took something out of the pocket of his ski jacket.

When the hand came up. They ran out quickly. He squeezed the trigger and soaked the. She was exhausting herself. He came after her again. The attacker reached for Amy with his good hand. She had been preparing for this moment since the end of the Clue hunt. To Dan? In the Cahill world. Amy kept them at bay. She landed two quick punches. What will they do to me? Dan stepped forward.

She obeyed without hesitation. The driver and passenger of the tanker. Evan tried to step in front of his girlfriend and was yanked roughly out of the way. But Amy was ready. That was enough for the three men in ski masks. When the students nally found their voices. He squeezed the trigger and soaked the three masked men from head to toe.

Then he looked around at the shocked and silent students. Cahill matters had rained down on them before — but never in front of dozens of neighbors and schoolmates. There was a deafening silence. They turned and ran. Nobody moved a muscle. In front of Evan! He registered shock. Brother and sister wordlessly agreed that there was only one thing they could not tell: Being scared to death was no excuse for revealing Cahill secrets. Cahill business was for Cahills only. Amy knew him better than anyone in the world.

It was their Cahill history coming back to haunt them. But the next query —the why — was not up for discussion. But since the Clue hunt. The police sirens brought everyone back from speculation and into reality. But one thing was certain — those men had been after her and Dan. Sometimes her brother was the same old Dan.

Not only were they the most powerful family of all time. They did not understand the reason for the attack on their school bus. Both their incredible success and their terrible misfortune stemmed from the same source — the 39 Clues. It had begun again. No one knew how many lives the Clue hunt had claimed over the centuries. Peace and harmony had never been the Cahill way. And this one would make the Clue hunt seem like a stroll on Boston Common.

Amy and Dan had united with young members of all the Cahill family branches to destroy the serum outright. It had to be in the thousands. The Clues had turned out to be the thirty-nine ingredients of a remarkable serum that delivered enhanced intelligence.

They had put an end to five centuries of madness. The miracle formula had touched o a bloodspattered quest to control it. It had been nothing short of war between the ve family branches — Lucian. The mere knowledge that the formula existed had turned the Cahills into ruthless murderers. Now the Clue hunt was over. The reality. No one should have such power. Yet Amy had always waited for the other shoe to drop. The transition from the Clue hunt to a regular high school had been a rough landing.

Back then. The only part of it that seemed one hundred percent natural was the way she felt about Evan. After about an hour. He was a living. According to Dan. Until this morning.

He had never heard the words Clue hunt. On paper. But for all intents and purposes. Evan was persistent. Dan was a dweeb. Two orphans.

Yet to him. Amy and Dan were raising themselves. He was probably right. He knew she was wealthy — the magni cent house and property spoke for themselves. Their current situation was more comfortable. Very little was ordinary about Cahills. Take my advice — hire yourselves some good security people. Detective Corelli had some advice.

You want full-time protection. Anybody would have done it. This looks to me like someone was trying to grab you kids for ransom. The police are going to give us a ride home. Amy frowned. They did not get one step inside the foyer before William McIntyre was upon them. I merely deduced from events around the world that an attempt might have been made to kidnap one or both of you. Fiske and Nellie are listed as our guardians.

In the backseat of the cruiser. Dan nudged Amy. Home sweet home. They traced her as far as Harrods in London.

And in Tokyo. At around the same time as the last known sighting of Fiske. Amy was profoundly shocked. Much more. Natalie Kabra was reported missing from her boarding school. Reagan Holt went out on a training swim in the Caribbean and never came back. All his belongings — including his cell phone — are still in his room.

Someone was kidnapping Cahills. They de nitely knew me. Now we know better. Ted and Alistair have been kidnapped! The word echoed through the large room. Her usual expression of calm control was gone. We fought them off. Sinead grew even more upset when the others just stared at her. With the practiced motion of a Wild West gunslinger.

Dan had his phone out of his pocket and was speed-dialing the mobile number of their former au pair in Paris. Now tell me something useful. Or why us! McIntyre took in their desolate expressions. McIntyre was back. Sinead was still trying to be reassuring. Nellie had been kidnapped. Amy had been only seven.

The lawyer stepped into the kitchen and a nervous silence fell in the parlor. Yet all the logic in the world could not diminish their growing dismay. She was in danger. A few minutes later. She was picked up by an ambulance that never reported to any area hospital. The sound grew louder and louder until the crystal chandelier began to buzz and vibrate. Out tumbled a wad of bubble wrap. Amy caught it before it hit the ground and began to remove the tape and unwind the plastic.

Then he removed the plastic cover and unfurled the canvas. As it settled its payload in a hedge of emerald cedars. Sinead produced a Swiss Army knife. The package was about the size of half a shoe box. Maybe we can tell something from. McIntyre detached it from the chute by cutting the strings with his pocketknife. He ran outside. Phoenix Wizard. I will release Reagan Holt. Congratulations on your escape from my team. Amy and Dan Cahill. Ted Starling.

Nellie Gomez. Interesting that Dan chose not to use his lighter. Alistair Oh. Natalie Kabra. There was a chime. After you succeed. Until then. A fundamental di erence between him and me.

Recipient unknown. If you do not arrive in Florence. She tried again: Must meet to discuss terms. You will hear from me upon your arrival in Florence. A centuries-old adversary shrouded in mystery. She pressed SEND. Vesper One Vesper. We hold only seven. O er to trade myself for hostages. Have a pleasant journey. If my instructions are not followed to the letter. If police are alerted. You do the math. Amy touched her watch. Five hundred years ago.

Not when there are lives at stake. Damien Vesper was not so interested in the good of humankind. The nature of his research. She could never think of the Vespers without reaching for it. It had become an instinctive reaction. Do you? Vesper One must believe that you two have captured the serum. What good does it do the Vespers if we go to Italy?

Or perhaps we never had it. They are ruled by a Council of Six. The lawyer shrugged. Amy brightened. Only one thing holds sway with us — the thirty-nine clues. You have to reach out to as many as you can to avoid chaos and panic.

The Medusa Plot (PDF) – The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers #1

Dan made a face. Amy had designed it. Gideon provided near-perfect reception on the three dozen high-de nition video monitors. Dan had petitioned to turn the space into an indoor paintball battle eld. Genuine distress from Ian Kabra. The dome. It was a working astronomical observatory keeping track o f Gideon. Blind rage from the Holts. The only interference: Tears from Leila Wizard.

Sinead was already working on solving that. Thirtysix screens. Vesper One said no police. I never heard of any Vesper! Amy tried to step in. A sixteen-yearold child. Amy fought valiantly to control the conversation and her deepening stammer. Not that he could do better. Nobody could. To unite bickering Cahills was like trying to make something out of pieces from a hundred different jigsaw puzzles. A global high-tech brawl was more like it — broadcast via private satellite to this chromeand-silicon dome so Amy and Dan could be shouted down from all continents at the same time.

True, there had been some Cahill cooperation at the end of the Clue hunt. But it had come from the younger generation — Sinead and a handful of others. For example, Hamilton Holt was trying to keep his volatile father from going completely berserk. Ned, an Ekat like his sister, was providing useful information. Then there was Ian. In fact, you could depend on Ian to be a total bonehead about ninety-.

Now, however, seemed to be one of those rare moments when he could be depended upon to act as an ally, not an adversary. His sister was in danger, and he would do anything to aid in the rescue effort. But if the younger generation was willing to nd ways to work together, the older Cahills were as stubborn as mules. Dan looked over to McIntyre, who was watching impassively as Amy floundered in front of the entire family.

Make up your mind! Are you kowtowing to this Vesper or are you looking for the hostages?

That question — a speci c inquiry about strategy— jolted Amy out of her helplessness. Maybe she lacked the nerve to shout down her squabbling relatives.

But when it came to what needed to happen now, she knew exactly how to respond. We have no choice. The safety of our hostages depends on that. Ian, will you help her? First, to gure out where the hostages are being held so we can rescue them. Second, we have to answer the biggest question of all: Who are the Vespers and what do they want?

As horrible as these kidnappings are, they could be just the beginning. Especially since they seem to know an awful lot about us. She used to hate public speaking, he marveled. She still hates public speaking. Yet here she was, persuading the unpersuadable. She was almost scary—and somehow weirdly familiar.

The Medusa Plot

It came to him in an instant. She reminded him of Grace, their enigmatic grandmother — aviator, explorer, adventurer, and Clue hunter extraordinaire — the most in uential Cahill since Gideon himself.

It was a shock to see it emanating from his sister. But Sinead and Ian will keep you posted from here. Wish us luck. We are all Cahills, and we are under attack.

She sighed tremulously. You cannot expect to erase ve hundred years of mistrust and animosity in a ten-minute conversation. But it was dark and silent. Amy shook her head. Ian Kabra stewed in the backseat — and not entirely because his sister had been kidnapped and he was in danger of missing his ight. They were poor now — better get used to it. Wherever she was right now.

Their mother had disowned them. Ian recalled a huge bear of a man — someone who should have feared nothing and nobody. Natalie liked it even less. He felt a pang. Her whole life was shopping and luxury and comfort.

She was his little sister and she was in danger. That kind of luxury was not for him and Natalie anymore. Their reduced circumstances were probably more of a bother to Natalie than the fact that she was being held hostage. Chicken feed. Now it made perfect sense. How else would it feel to be in the hands of enemies. His index nger trembled as he punched in the number he had not dialed in more than two years. He regarded the cell phone in his hand.

Yet when Ian had looked through the one-way glass. If the Tomas had cracked under the pressure. There should be people to care when something bad happens to you. Not really. But now that Mum had disowned them and Father was out of the picture. How alone. Natalie was his whole family. It was funny. How scared she must feel. Ian felt pretty alone himself — about to cross an ocean to the company of former adversaries who were not quite friends. And their cat. Only for Natalie.

What a poor connection! I had two children. You could help her! If I become involved in anything other than that. I confess it was di cult at rst. The driver passed back a tissue. Take it easy on Kabra. When you care enough to send the very best — explosives. On second thought. Only—how are we going to get it through airport security? Could come in handy against the Vespers.

Amy hugged Sinead. It works with knockout gas. Amy smiled warmly. He was. At only eleven.

The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1

But Dan had assured Amy that his new friend was. He was gone again. It had been like that ever since the end of the Clue hunt. He had no friends. Atticus was two years younger. He lived with his father and older half brother in Boston.

Although Amy had spent most of the last two years preparing for this moment. Like today — threatening to light three gasoline-soaked men on re.

Whatever that meant. Dan had met him online. She caught a glimpse of her brother in the side mirror. Dan climbed into the back. His face was expressionless. Amy worried about Dan more and more often lately. Would he have lit that fire? Her cell phone interrupted her troubled re ections. She realized instantly who it must be. The gate at the edge of the property swung open automatically, and the big Lincoln roared onto the road.

McIntyre slammed on the brakes. The Lincoln screeched to a halt perhaps half a foot from a terrified figure frozen like a deer in headlights. Amy leaped out of the car. Are you all right? It was such a cartoon gesture that she smiled in spite of herself. How cute was this guy, even when he was being a geek? It only boosted her regret at having to lie to him.

She could see Dan in the back, smirking at her through the tinted window, enjoying her discomfort. McIntyre tooted the horn. She looked pleadingly at Evan. And now — nally — everything was perfect. But there was a plane to catch and lives at stake. And Evan — awesome, wonderful Evan — had to fall to the bottom of the priority list. This time I really will. Next stop: Logan Airport, en route to Florence, Italy.

And then what? Worse, she was still hungry. The twentytwo-year-old punk rocker ran black-polished ngernails through black-and-orange-dyed hair, which did nothing to soothe the pounding behind her blackshaded eyes. Nellie sat bolt upright and looked around.

Ted Starling sat on a straight-backed wooden chair, staring at nothing with sightless eyes. All five wore baggy jumpsuits. Sterile white walls; no windows; high air vents, well out of reach;. Or in some kind of bunker. Food comes in through that dumbwaiter in the corner. She got up and began to prowl around. The main area was surrounded by small bedrooms containing bunk beds.

She walked over and banged on the dumbwaiter. I want to talk to the guy in charge! All you get is a sore throat. Lack of physical activity made all the Holts that way. Nellie thought she might know. Synchronized kidnappings from di erent places around the world. An organized, coordinated operation, all the victims Cahills. A buzzer went o inside the suite. It was so loud that all six captives grabbed at their ears and winced in pain.

The main door whisked open and a new arrival was deposited on the floor. Reagan ung herself at the opening, but she was a. Reagan ung herself at the opening. The panel slid shut. Nellie rushed over and knelt beside the new arrival. On one end hung a child-size jumpsuit. It was the most comforting thing she could think of in a situation that was far from comforting.

I thought they were only kidnapping Cahills. She bounced o. The buzzer ceased. It all came back to Dan. It was still boring. She was usually a nervous wreck. Amy was out like a light. Not that all the preparation in the world would have stopped those seven kidnappings. The Clue hunt was history. Amy and Dan ew rst class to Florence — sleeper seats. It was the same old story—long trips. No such luck. It was part of the new Amy—along with martial arts.

But if things got really terrible. I should at least get some use out of it! Why not whip up a batch. Problem solved. Amy would never let him do it. He might have slept. Actually taking the formula. Dan had a photographic memory that was one hundred percent reliable.

But before he could get any real rest. She was convinced the serum was bad news. From there. Who could predict what the Vespers were really up to? Some things. But there was one copy of the recipe that could never be eliminated. It was imprinted on his engrams. She stared at the screen for a moment and then handed it to Dan. The picture was captioned by only two words: They were on the ground in the transit lounge when the electronic chime sent Amy scrambling through her backpack for the special Vesper phone.

It showed a photograph of a stark white. To behold something that was uniquely hers made the loss feel fresh again.

And Fiske! Even Alistair. It was seared and blackened. He felt a twinge of emotion. He could see his sister blinking rapidly and knew she was having the same reaction. Maybe something in the picture will tell us that. When he looked away from the screen. Not even her fellow Madrigals? But there are several entries marked with the letters VSP that might be about the Vespers. The computer beeped as the upload completed. Saladin has been messing with me. Ian Kabra appeared on the screen.

A moment later. Dan was surprised. Lucians were masters of cunning and calculation. All that was in the past. They had been absolutely ruthless during the Clue hunt. So why was Ian saying nice things about Vesper One? Look it up yourself. She glared at him with the impatience of the frazzled. She fumbled to unfold a huge road map. The Jewel of the Renaissance. File folders containing every scrap of Cahill knowledge on the country of Italy were piled in her lap or on the seat beside her.

When we check in to our hotel. Until we get the next message from Vesper One. One Cahill will die. The consequences of failure will be the same. Welcome to Florence. It means public squares! You now know that our guests are well treated. Eeny meeny. I kind of thought he was going to make us give him your watch.

So far. Your task: In the U zi Gallery. The long U-shaped structure was originally a mammoth o ce complex — the word uffizi meant offices in Italian. We have to nd a way to give him what he wants. To stand in its narrow central. Hard experience had taught her that the biggest danger often lay in those factors that could not be prepared for. At best. By the mid-eighteenth century. In those days. Big deal. Visitors seemed to be everywhere.

The museum was one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

Dan was not impressed by art galleries. And those were just the visible features. Today it housed — bar none — the greatest collection of medieval and Renaissance art anywhere.

Another concern was the crowd. The only thing that attracted her attention was the security —guards. A gallery map directed them to the third oor—the Caravaggio room. The eyes were wide and staring. It was somewhat smaller than most of the works in the room — a round canvas mounted on a wooden shield about two feet in diameter. It was impossible to overlook.

They saw it instantly. It looked so real and had so much depth that it was like a disembodied head coming at you with evil intent. The shield was mounted on the wall rather than hung like a regular piece.

If they ever got that far. Between the guards and the video surveillance. They were silent for a while. The only possible cover was human — hiding in the midst of a crowd. Amy scanned the space for blind spots. It had a narrow metal frame. Dan found his voice rst. But crowds are made up of people. There were two uniformed watchmen in the Caravaggio room as well as two security cameras. I heard some guy snatched one of those naked baby paintings.

Your thief would never get out. Each artwork has its own weight sensor. Maybe yours was the night robbery. If a piece is removed. An art class arrived — a teacher with a dozen or so students carrying portfolios.

Dan sidled over to one of the watchmen. They established themselves on various benches and began to sketch. At the U zi?

They broke in through. This entrance was undoubtedly linked to the security system. There seemed to be no quick way out before an alarm would trigger a lockdown. They remained in the Caravaggio room a few more minutes and then explored possible exits from the museum via elevator or stairs. So escaping up rather than down was not an option.

At night the U zi is a fortress. Where there are no guards there are motion sensors. Not even a little moth could get in. Once outside. When they examined the door that provided access to the rooftop sculpture garden. Break the whole. Amy spotted small wires. Solve one at a time. Break the whole operation down to individual problems.

Cora Wizard. Camera ashes exploded. The throng went berserk for ten solid minutes. The door of the jet opened. Behind a row of riot police. More speci cally. Hamilton turned serious. The young man turned and raised the at visor of hi s Wiz-Up Tour baseball cap to reveal the grinning features of Hamilton Holt. Amy and Dan paid no attention to their famous cousin and his usual hip patter. The Wiz used to be like that—until Gangsta Kronikles. Dan took a step backward.

The shock was almost as powerful as it had been the day before at the U zi. You break the picture down to squares and reproduce them one at a time. You can do a lot with digitization these days. The other two are just as fly. We only called you yesterday. Back in the day. I think. I can see why. Why anybody would want a train wreck like that was beyond Hamilton. Then again. He took note of the mounted security cameras.

Hamilton Holt peered through the glass into the gallery. The streets of central Florence bustled with commuters on their way to jobs. God bless America.

From the pocket of his coveralls he took out the glass cutter and pressed it to the lower part of the.


Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, thought they belonged to the world's most powerful family. They thought the hunt for 39 Clues leading to the source of that power was over. They even thought they'd won. But Amy and Dan were wrong. One by one, distress calls start coming in from around the globe. Cahills are being kidnapped by a shadowy group known only as the Vespers.

Now Amy and Dan have only days to fulfill a bizarre ransom request or their captured friends will start dying. Amy and Dan don't know what the Vespers want or how to stop them. Only one thing is clear. The Vespers are playing to win, and if they get their hands on the Clues. Editorial Reviews Fortunately for us, there is no rest for the weary Cahill kids.

Teenagers Dan and Amy are back with the beginning of what promises to be another abundant round of fun: six book-length adventures, two secret card packs, and a dynamic interactive website. The Medusa Plot places you in the midst of a fast-breaking search for clues involving mass kidnappings, a devious, mysterious group, and one immovable deadline. Vespers Book 1 The Medusa Plot. Feb 18, - The 39 Clues Cahills vs. Posted on February 18, Even the Bible and.

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