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Zoology Study Material - Click Here. PG TRB - Tamil Study Materials. Tamil Study Material 2 - Click Here. Thanks to Adithya Coaching Centre, Kanchipuram. TNPSC Recruitment For Drugs Inspector, Junior Analyst Posts | TNPSC · Black Holes Are Not Just A Predictable Guess | Exam Notes · Clock Questions In . TNTET - Department Permission Letter (pdf) ஆசிரியர் PG TRB ECONOMICS UNIT 15 STUDY MATERIALS CLICK HERE .. FOR TRB ZOOLOGY ENGLISH CHEMISTRY TAMIL CLASSES contact Sri coaching centre Thanjavur.

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Trb Pg Zoology Study Materials Pdf

TRB Study Materials For PG Assistant Exam Zoology Volume 1. ₹ Descriptive study material for the PG Assistant Examination conducted by TRB. PG TRB | Zoology Study Material - Unit 7 | Thalamus - Tamil Medium )​ ​​; PG TRB History Study Material Unit1 - PDF Download - Click Here (MAT. New PG TRB - English Study Materials PG TRB & UG TRB Physical Education Study Material 13 [PDF Download] Zoology Study Material - Click Here. PG.

Ovale P. Malariae P. Structure and life history of Amphioxus Balanoglospus Ascidian and their evolutionary significance, vertebrate comparative anatomy; Integument, Brain; Heart and Urinogenital organe. Economically important vertebrates and vertebrate pests. Fishery resources of India. Unit-II: Biological Chemistry — Structure of atom valencies molecular and structural formula of biochemical compounds. Buffers Biologically important properties of water. Energy metabolism of carbohydrates.

Oxidative Physphorylation. Measures of central value — Average-Median-Mode-Measures of dispersion-Mean deviation-coefficient of variation-variance-Standard deviation and standard error. Correlation Types — Methods of studying correlation co-efficient of correlation — Regression analysis.

Linkage, crossing over, chromosome, mapping. Cytoplasmic genes and their expression.


Mitochrondial DNA its transcription code and translation, Population genetics Genetic organisation of a Mendelian population.

Hardy-Weiberg Law. Derivation of Hardy — Weinberg equilibrium.

Animal breeding and human genetics — Inbreeding outbreeding Heteriosis. Expression of Eukaryotic genes in bacterial cells.

TRB Study Materials For PG Assistant Exam Zoology Volume 1

Transfer of genes into Eukaryotic cells. Inborn errors of metabolism. Digestion, Digestive enzymes, digestion, absorption and assimilation of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

Intermediary metabolism, Respiration — Transport of respiratory gases by blood. Movement — Types of muscle cells, Ultra structure of muscle cells. Muscle contraction and types of contraction. Excretion of nitrogeneous products.

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Renal regulation of acid-base balance. Mechano-reception, Thermo-reception, Photoreception.

Central Nervous system. Autonomic Nervous System. Endocrine Interrelations.

Neure endocrine reflexes. Pheremones in reproduction.

Developmental Biology and Immunology-Gametogensis — Organisation of egg cytoplosm. Fertilisation-Biochemical and Electron-Microscopic studies, Partherogenesis-Cleavage and Metphegenetic movements — Fate maps — presumptive.


Organ forming areas — Formation of Primary organ rudiments — Gradients in the determination of organ rudiments — involvement of genes in developmental process — General Metabolism during gastrulation — Integration of gastrulation.

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