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UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF | Free Download. UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions Are you an aspiring UNIZIK. On this page you can get all the necessary steps to obtaining your original UNIZIK post UTME past questions and answers. I will go ahead to give detailed. Are you in need of the complete pack of UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF (Nnamdi Azikiwe University) to prepare for the forthcoming exam?.

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Unizik Post Utme Past Questions Pdf

To arm yourself, you need the most current and updated UNIZIK Post-UTME Past Questions and Answers to succeed. Due to the number of. This book comprises of past questions and answers asked in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, (NAAU or UNIZIK) POST UTME aptitude tests for sciences. Welcome to unizik post utme past questions and answers/ guideline portal. As you well know, we are stuctured to ensure that our smart readers that applied to.

Account number Bank: Diamond bank. Once you have made payment, send the depositors name and phone number or email address if you're not on WhatsApp and the course applied to Once I can confirm your payment, I'll send you your copy. I wrote the UNIZIK post UTME screening test in , so I believe I am probably in the best position to give information, advice, and guide you through to securing your admission into this prestigious citadel of learning. I scored during my time and you too can do even better. You already know what that means. I also found out that the UNIZIK post UTME is totally computer based test and due to the limited number of computers to meet the huge number of candidates qualified for the screening test, candidates are admitted into the exam hall in batches. When I took the test in it was only 20 minutes to complete 30 questions. I bet you are overtly surprised. You will have to be fast to beat it. I didn't know anyone when I got admitted, though there a number of students who got admitted through recommendations. The staff and VC quota comes into effect.

It contains everything requisite for the actualization of your UNN admission dreams. Powerful Keypoints and Summary of Notes on each Subject. Bonus Tips and Success Quotes.

UNIZIK Post-UTME Past Questions And Answers PDF Download

Prophetic Prayers for Admission Success. In the Quick Subject Revision Aids, efforts were made to highlight some basic concepts of the subjects and to provide insights into the likely examination questions. The Bonus Tips provide you with those extra information you need to have an edge over others.

This is where our Past questions beat others. Use and HB pencil shade in your answers. Ensure that your shading in error is thoroughly erased.

Attempt all questions 4. Choose the suitable as the correct answer to the following questions.

UNIZIK POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

Pharaoh oppressed the Israelites because a He feared that they might join his enemies to fight him b The continue to give birth male children c The midwives did not kill the children at birth d He did not know Jacob and Joseph 3. Moses could not enter the promise land because he was a Too old to cross the border b Too busy preparing his successor c Did not give regard to God d Died in the wilderness.

Who said this? Where did Peter declare the messiah ship of Jesus?

Which of the following is not a condition for being a disciple of Jesus? Which of the following metals will provide the greatest shield against ionizing radiation? Detergents are better than soaps for laundry because a.

A number of pencils were shared out among Chike, Tunde and Ifeoma in the ratio of 2: If Chike got 5, how many pencils were shared out?

In , Ike was 24 years old and his father was 45 years old.

In what year was Ike exactly half his father's age? Send SMS 0. See more.. This contains questions for

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