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You would have to give up all else, I alone would expect to be your sole With these characters in mind, I wrote The Winner Stands Alone not a thriller, but a. The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel. The Winner Stands Al one Paulo Coelho Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa O Mary conceived without . The Winner Stands Alone. Home · The Winner Stands Alone Author: Coelho Paulo The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel (P.S.). Read more · Stands alone.

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“[Coelho's] special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once. The kind of spirituality he espouses is to all comers His readers often say that . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Coelho's latest blends spiritual allegory with The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel (P.S.) eBook: Paulo Coelho: Kindle Store. PDF - The Winner Stands Alone. The beloved, bestselling international author of "The Alchemist" returns with another haunting novel--a thrilling journey into our.

Ofertas PDF - The Winner Stands Alone The beloved, bestselling international author of "The Alchemist" returns with another haunting novel--a thrilling journey into our constant fascination with the worlds of fame, fortune, and celebrity. A profound meditation on personal power and innocent dreams that are manipulated or undone by success, "The Winner Stands Alone" is set in the exciting worlds of fashion and cinema. Taking place over the course of twenty-four hours during the Cannes Film Festival, it is the story of Igor, a successful, driven Russian entrepreneur who will go to the darkest lengths to reclaim a lost love--his ex-wife, Ewa. Believing that his life with Ewa was divinely ordained, Igor once told her that he would destroy whole worlds to get her back. The conflict between an individual evil force and society emerges, and as the novel unfolds, morality is derailed. Meet the players and poseurs behind the scenes at Cannes--the "Superclass" of producers, actors, designers, and supermodels, as well as the aspiring starlets, has-been stars, and jaded hangers-on. Somos a maior rede social do Brasil criada especialmente para quem ama ler. Baixe nosso app.

The first is based on structural elements which consist of ; character and charcterization, plot, setting, point of view, style and theme.

Those elements make unity and coherence. So that they form an artistic novel. The second is based on abnormal psychology, Igor Malev has experienced personality disturbance called antisocial personality disorder.


The symptoms of this disorder according to DSM-IV TR and ICD are ;1 deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure;2 irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults; lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt;3 callous unconcern for the feelings of others. He experienced sad childhood and also unworthy war in Afghanistan.

More information and software credits. PDF Halaman Depan 2. PDF Bab I 3. PDF Bab V 7.

PDF Daftar Pustaka 8. It is the thirteenth major book by Coelho. The book is roughly based upon the growing rise of what the author calls The Superclass.

The book loosely tells the story of several individuals: Igor, a Russian millionaire; Hamid, a Middle Eastern fashion magnate; American actress Gabriela, eager to land a leading role; ambitious criminal detective Savoy, hoping to resolve the case of his life; and Jasmine, a woman on the brink of a successful modeling career. Set at the Cannes Film Festival , the tale narrates the epic drama and tension between the characters in a hour period.

Igor, a man of extraordinary intelligence, has promised himself to destroy worlds to get his beloved wife Ewa, who left him for a successful designer, Hamid.

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