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emergency, remote monitor, push-to-talk ID, radio check, private call, radio disable. MOTOTRBO™. DGP™ 6150 / DGP™ 6150+ Portable Radios. DGP 5550 / DGP 8550 / DGP 8550. EX. DGP 6150 / DGP 6150+ 1. DGM 5000 Series1,2. DGM 8000 Series1,2. 1 requires Motorola Option Board (part #. PMMN4067 when connected with a DGP 6150 / DGP 6150+ (800/900 MHz) IS radio model and properly equipped with the battery NNTN7789 is certified for.

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Our DGP™8000 / DGP™5000 Series radios have expanded capabilities, like full color displays and . with DGP™6150 Series portables). PROGRAMMING. The MT1 series products are supported in the following. Motorola MOTOTRBO radios in analog mode only: Portables: DGP-4150, DGP-6150, DP-3400. Portables: DGP-4150, DGP-6150, DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600, DP-3601, XiR- P8200, XiR-P8208, XiR-P8260, XiR-P8268, XPR-6300,. XPR-6350, XPR-6500.

They are made from die-cast zinc and finished with red epoxy powder-coat paint complemented by aluminum colored stripes and markings. With positive pull-lever operation, one pull on the station handle breaks the glass rod and turns in a positive alarm, ensuring protection plus fool-proof operation. The up-front highly visible glass rod discourages tampering, but is not required for proper operation. Vigilants double action single stage GSA-M278 station is a contemporary style manual station made from durable red colored lexan. Standard Features Note: Some features described here may not be supported by all control systems. Check your control panels Installation and Operation Guide for details. Traditional familiar appearance GSA-M270 models feature our familiar teardrop design with simple positive pull action and sturdy die-cast metal body. One stage GA , two stage pre-signal , and double action models GSA-M270 models are available for one or two stage alarm systems. Intelligent device with integral microprocessor All decisions are made at the station allowing lower communication speed while substantially improving control panel response time. Less sensitive to line noise and loop wiring properties; twisted or shielded wire is not required. Electronic Addressing with Non-volatile memory Permanently stores programmable address, serial number, type of device, and job number. Automatically updates historic information including hours of operation, last maintenance date, number of alarms and troubles, and time and date of last alarm.

Designed for high ambient temperature operation Install in ambient temperatures up to 120 F 49 C. Issue 8 Application Typical Wiring The operating characteristics of the fire alarm stations are determined by their sub-type code or Personality Code. The alarm condition is latched at the station. The fire alarm stations terminal block accepts 18 AWG 0.


See Signature Loop Controller catalog sheet for detailed wiring requirement specifications. All wiring is power limited and supervised. As fires frequently cause power interruption, we suggest you discuss further safeguards with your local fire protection specialist.

The stations automatic self-diagnosis identifies when it is defective and causes a trouble message.

Motorola MDH55JDH9LA1_N Accessories

The user-friendly maintenance program shows the current state of each Signature series device and other pertinent messages. Single devices may be deactivated temporarily, from the control panel. Availability of maintenance features is dependent on the fire alarm system used. Figure 4. Figure 5.

Issue 8 Installation Single-stage Signature Series fire alarm manual pull stations mount to North American 2 inch 64 mm deep 1-gang boxes.

Two stage presignal 270P models require 1 inch 38 mm deep 4-inch square boxes with 1-gang, -inch raised covers. Openings must be angular.

Rounded openings are not acceptable. All models include terminals are suited for 12 to 18 AWG 2.

Edwards recommends that these fire alarm stations be installed according to latest recognized edition of national and local fire alarm codes. With, your hearing is always protected, but you are never isolated.

All microphones convert sound into electrical energy. Most MIC models are either capacitor electrostatic or dynamic electromagnetic types.

Electret MICs are the most commonly used microphones today, and are found in cell phones and laptops. Electret MICs are electrostatic, and use a diaphragm made from an insulating material that has a permanent electrical charge attached.

Motorola MDH55JDH9LA1 | Antennas VHF portable

They often have an extremely wide frequency range, and offer great high-frequency response. Dynamic MICs are electromagnetic, and use a lightweight diaphragm attached to a wire coil suspended in a permanent magnet field.

Dynamic microphones are most effective when working with loud sounds, as well as sounds that don t have a significant amount of high-frequency noise. They are also very robust, making them a good choice for tough conditions. Headsets refer to hearing protectors that house both hearing protection and communication systems, whereas muffs refer to a hearing protector that does not also offer an integral communication system.

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