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You want an OTA link!!!! Here it is!! jad Enjoy AM Like 0 Postid: So i need a independent OTA link or files to install it to my device. Please i would really appreciate the help. I need site reinstalled on. solution that provides Documents To Go v OTA Link For Blackberry Devices. Travel BlackBerry Wallet Documents To Go site Twitter for Blackberry v [OS].

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Ebay Ota Link

Search, watch, bid, download, pay or publish a listing right from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Stay connected to everything that's important to you on site from. You'll need to be aware of site's link policies when trying to use their site as a marketing August 5, Printer Name: To Come P1: OTA/XYZ P2: ABC. 2 days ago So how about two neat Xiaomi gadgets from site? 6 May. I don't understand why you dont share the chinese link - this is impossible to find.

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What OTA USB Unit to Look For, For a Hopper/Sling

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More Description. You have to have Python installed on your system typically native on linux, not on Mac or Windows. Version 3. Use the installer Windows: You'll need the esptool. No biggie. The one in the generic ESP install does work Alternately, the new-and-improved esptool.

Supreme Court rules states can force online retailers to collect sales tax

Works nicely, as of this writing The new install does not overwrite the Oak's original information; it creates new entries for the Oak-as-ESP Don't hesitate to install the new package Backing up your firmware after install: If powering the Oak independently, you don't need to connect either power-out pin from the adapter to your Oak. I don't - you'll only need to disconnect the power source to power-cycle your Oak, which you may do frequently.

And if you're using more than 5V on VIN, you should not - the higher reverse voltage could damage the adapter On Windows: Note the COM port used. These remap the ESP pin definitions to our Oak equivalents, with a caveat: The new versions are P1, P2, etc. I no longer have to remember which maps to which! You may have to update libraries that are no longer compatible with the ESP core.

Board selection: It's rebooted into run-program mode, not bootloader mode. Disconnect both the adapter and your power source from the Oak either one provides enough power to keep it turned on , and reconnect. Remember to specify a baud rate when initializing, i.

I just had to manually upload the binary, i. See https: Anything pertinent that I've missed? Now, on Serial over OTA: Lovely, once you get it to work. Notes thus far: From the command line, ping your IP - this should work. If it does, the problem is probably mDNS packets - either your router's blocking them, or your PC isn't processing them.

Use Task Manager or msconfig to check that it is running. I've found that selecting the espxxxxxx network port is sufficient You may see a "missing 'runtime.

No Answer" message on your next upload - the OTA protocol has to be installed to be ready for it One thing I haven't figured out yet - whether I can get Serial. So - feedback very welcome. Paul, Thanks for this post and all the effort and detail that you obviously put into it.

Also, thanks to Brendan nog3 for his description of how to remove Oak from Particle. At a point where this becomes even less stable, I'll will most likely give this a go. I'm not dissing Particle but I never use their dev environment and only post a few bits of data there from my operational Oaks.

Largely, this is due to the lack of not sure if this is still true a means to log data. I'm a fan of Thinkspeak. Others may have their personal favorites but I find the ability to keep historical data useful. So again, thanks for bringing this solution to our attention.

PeterF Hero Member Posts: Paul, I would also like to thank you for the writeup Like exeng, I'm still using Particle on my Oaks bar one, a ESP Arduino OTA guinea pig , but haven't programmed them in a while, so could quite quickly decide to jump ship should they start being 'lil s You just have to remember to add the OTA.

You could always Serial. Will probably have use some form of logging if you want that functionality, else, stick with hard-wired serial. Good observations - thanks for the additions!


I also noted Erik's Kickstarter update acknowledging the issues with Particle. I also found that after a 2 to 3 month break from Oak use, I could not even log in to Particle Dashboard. Rather than spend time trying to recover my account at Particle, I decided to follow Brendan 'Nog3' Halliday's tutorial.

Changing from Oak/Particle to generic ESP code with serial and OTA updates

Hi, I was a backer for the Oak by Digistump kickstarter campaign, when it happened. I had already bought a Spark Core now I guess it's called Particle Core and hadn't done much with it, and for the price tag, once I found out about the Oak, I was on board.

I followed Erik's journey with the Oak and received my order when the time came: By then, I was already fiddling with ESP and ESP modules and nodeMCU, which in spite of not having the cloud infra-structure set up, were really cheap to download and as entertaining and a learning tool as any.

After about an hour of failing to set it up with the Particle Cloud, I found an email message from Erik mentioning some possible issues with the particle registration process and the available alternative firmwares that could be loaded on the Oak. The email contained nog3's instructions on how to set up the ESP Arduino firmware, pretty much like the initial post in this thread, so I set everything up - since I also wanted to try out something other than nodeMCU.

I have to say that the ESP Arduino project on the Oak has been a very positive experience so far, I got my Oak to register and publish timed messages to an MQTT broker online with SSL by updating the new sketch over the air fairly quickly and I'm willing to dedicate more of my time to this alternative. This is something that not even the original Oak firmware has allowed me to do, so far.

That said, and getting back to the Oak and Acorn, would it be fair to say that when compared to the ESP dev kit or generic ESP module respectively, it would just be extra cash for no real added value at the moment? I must admit that I didn't check the differences between both hardware implementations, so please feel free to correct me on this and if you also feel that in spite of the noted issues with the cloud platform, this solution is still worth the money extra over the ESP, please note that too.

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