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Eclipse Phase is a trademark of Posthuman Studios LLC. Some content . the text and artwork within this book under the following conditions. Eclipse Phase Firewall: Posthuman Studios: Books. But I've never really understood what kind of book Firewall will be. Of course, inside information about the organization Firewall is a given, but.

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Eclipse Phase Firewall Book

Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries, children's Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Firewall Game (4 Player). Eclipse Phase: Firewall - Firewall is a secret organization artwork from the book, and other extras, please check out the Firewall Hack Pack or. The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game is released under a Creative Commons had 4 source books (Core rules, Sunward, Rimward and Firewall) in hard prints.

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Just keep the incredible work, so I have more opportunities to give you all the rep I can. Thanks for your work. Two little question: If this game released under Creative Commons licence, may I translate some parts of it to russian language and release results in open access? Do you think about turn Eclipse Phase to mmorpg?

If you do so — please let us know! Thanks for the share. Great for free sharing. Thanks for hosting these files.

What is Eclipse Phase?

I want to look over it and try a one-shot to see if my group likes it. Looks fun. You do great work, thanks alot. Definitely gonna download after free download. I downloaded the core book and loved it so much that I bought the dead tree version. I love your work, and hope that life treats you well. Rob- Thank you for making these freely available! But your willingness to make them all available online is a strong selling point in getting a campaign together with my players.

Rob- one followup question: Thanks for the brilliant work and the visionary distribution method. The third printing looks great, by the way it seems thicker than earlier printings, too. The bookmark ribbons were a nice touch! You have an outstanding game on your hands and I will be downloading the hardcopies the next time I make a trip to my local gaming store.

But would it be possible for you to create a template blank character sheet?

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Chaz — You can find character sheets here: Thank you and the rest of the EP team for making such an interesting product and for your forward thinking approach to marketing. Too many companies treat the customers like enemies or parasites, but such activities are doomed to fail. A great business practice and a great customer.

You and yours have found both a fan and a loyal customer. Was very intrested when i saw this book in a hobby shop, found that you have released it all online. Rob,I believe I have bought paper versions of everthing, I appreciate being able to ave easy access to the electronic verson. I know I downoaed Panopticon, but there is no active link for it now.

Will there be one? Thank for a great game. Anders — the link above for Panopticon works. Thank you so much! It seems to stall a tenth of the way in? I just recently switched from D20 modern, to EP. And I have to say, I am in love with it. Even more so with the current economic problems so many people are facing. Bought the dead tree version at my favourite game store. Thanks for making this available to us poor folks!

Die Idee dahinter ist das der interessierte Leser sich das Buch herunterladen […]. I downloaded the.

PDF for the main rules a couple of days ago. Thank-you for trusting your readers. The setting is wonderful. And by the way, the illustrations are stunning. Thank you for the PDFs. I bought the hard copy and loved it.

Eclipse Phase - 1d4chan

Wanted to put it on my ipad and went looking for some pdfs and found these! This is amazing. I admit I donwloaded the corebook from some site on the Internet before learning they were available here.

As it is, I really dislike reading PDFs and this game line is so good and good-looking that I ordered several books in hardcopy format. Keep up the great work. Found this site looking for the quick start rules and come to find they full rules are up for free, plus tons of other content! You can be sure I will be supporting EP, if only for the fact that you guys offer it for free like this.

Easily the coolest RPG setting. You guys are a major inspiration for me as I make my own game. The sheer flexibility possible for characters you have created is incredible. Good luck for whatever you choose to do in the future. Your team and your work are truly a masterpiece to behold. I plan on offering a few copies of the PDF as Christmas gifts.

I saw this on rpggeek. Thank you so much. I absolutely rave about this game, and it is one of the best out there if not THE best. The support by the Company and the fans is just excellent a few other companies could learn from your example.

The system is damn near perfect. My friends and I are developing a d based, classless, post apocalypse RPG and i was rather concerned when i saw that there was one already out there so i checked out your book here to see if there was anything that i needed to change in my stuff. Fortunately ours is almost completely different. I just wanted to say that this game looks really great and its certainly something for you guys to be proud of.

This is absolutely one of the best RPGs I have seen. I will be downloading the dead tree hard-copy in the near future. I downloaded and reviewed some of the material in the core-book and I am enthralled with it.

I plan to grab as many sourcebooks also as I can also. Keep up the great work at whatever you do. Only recently discovered the game and had picked up a Pdf copy, but as an old school gamer there is nothing like having a dead tree version. I downloaded the PDF and spent several hours reading through the background and system.

It is a bold step into the genera of transhumanism and I like the simplicity of the system that supports it. I like your method of marketing as reading the PDF convinced me to download a hardcopy. While PDFs are nice, I prefer to have a printed copy in my hands both for ease of reading and reference during play. Well done. I started out with a dead tree of the corebook.

I can form a group much faster than otherwise by getting everyone up to speed very quickly. I love the game and have all the hardcopy versions. I thank you for providing good pdf versions I can also keep and read on my iPad.

Eclipse Phase: Firewall

They will never replace my hardcopies I cherish but they are great to read in other situations where carrying the books might be prohibitive. You open source apes at Posthuman are the light of my life! You are beautiful, wondrous people. Thank you. A great big thanks to you! Got the core and all the supplements in HB. The game is absolutely amazing!

Warranty & Support

Top spot on my list along with Numenera. Please keep up the great work. What a awesome RPG and a fantastic theme: Game shop near my home still had 4 source books Core rules, Sunward, Rimward and Firewall in hard prints.

After looking at the quality of the books, I bought them all. Do you have a scenario that can be played alone? I just want to start a game to know better the rules before gather my people that play mostly fantasy RPG. Thanks for making these available. I prefer hardcover books and have bought every single one of them. I have 8 in total. Awesome art, great writing, excellent imagination, science, and vision for the future. I am so delighted with the huge hard SF background that I immediately shunt my searches!!

Eclipse Phase is now MY game!! As my bank account is not flourishing very well, I will download a book per month in its hardback for better reading sessions and to prepare my scenarios AND in its digital format for my iPad when I play with my group — much lighter than the whole HB collection!! Thank you so much to offer such wonderful RPG set online!!! Just bought the main book from site UK.

These will give me a good idea of what to download next… Awesome stuff. All of your GenCon games sold out instantly. I was trying to get my regular GM to sit in on an event. Yeah that happens every year. We added a bunch of additional games this year, but demand is high. Drop us an email at info at posthumanstudios dot com. Keeping the number of physical items down keeps logistics simpler, for faster and more accurate deliveries.

In , we ran a Kickstarter to fund Transhuman, a first-edition Eclipse Phase supplement. We delivered Transhuman before the end of We still have a few small electronic-only stretch goals left over from that project, and Transhuman backers have been recently appraised of their status. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Jump into Eclipse Phase with: Jump into Eclipse Phase using the Fate system with: The electronic PDF version of Eclipse Phase and digital versions of every single stretch goal that gets unlocked!

Stretch goals will be fulfilled after August Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, in full-color hardcover, delivered to your door, the delicious PDF, and all electronic stretch goals! Shipping cost will be determined prior to shipping, via Backerkit; Stretch goals will be fulfilled after August Core book in Print! All digital stretch goals!

And a USB key featuring every single Eclipse Phase first-edition book and plenty of room to add your second-edition books! And your character likeness used in a future Eclipse Phase book not EP2. USB key! At this backer level, we'll work with you to integrate your character, faction, location, or other non-mechanical item into Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, NPC File Volume 2, or another upcoming title. Subject to our final approval. Shipping cost will be determined prior to shipping, via Backerkit; Stretch goals will be fulfilled after October One print copy of every book, game, and trinket we produce starting with Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, until the end of One electronic copy of every book, game, and trinket we produce starting with Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, until the end of Apr 26, - May 17, 21 days.

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What is Eclipse Phase? Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Cover. Character Types by Mitch Malloy. Support Select this reward. Supporting the cause -- thank you! No reward Less. Estimated delivery Oct Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. All digital, delivered to you within 24 hours of backing! Estimated delivery May All yours with no DRM and no watermarking!

Estimated delivery Aug Stretch goals will be fulfilled after August Includes: Shipping cost will be determined prior to shipping, via Backerkit Includes:

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