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“Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”. IS (): Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete [CED 2: Cement and Concrete]. IS Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete. byBureau of Indian ( For more information: 12 Tables of Code) Name of Standards. Comments. Similar IS Code / Standards. Recent; Popular; Featured. IS - - Pallets .

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aracer.mobiINATION OF WORKABILITY OF CONCRETE (SLUMP TEST). (IS: – ). Object: This method of test specifies the procedure to be adopted, . IS , Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete. DOWNLOAD. IS , Code of Practice for Prestressed Concrete. IS (txt), , Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete. IS (pdf) · IS (txt), , Code of Practice for Prestressed Concrete.

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IS: — specifications for plain hard drawn steel wire fabric for prestressed concrete. IS: — specifications for high tensile strength steel bar for prestressed concrete. IS: — specifications for steel for general purposes. IS: — specifications for rolled steel made from structural steel. IS: — specifications for prime coat for structural steel.

IS: — specifications for synthetic enamel paint for structural steel. Specification for 33 Grade ordinary portland cement IS - 2. Specification for Rapid hardening portland cement IS - 3. Methods of physical test for hydraulic cement IS - 5. Method of chemical analysis of hydraulic cement IS - 6. Method of sampling for hydraulic cement IS - 7.

IS - 2 Code of practice for preparation and use of masonry mortar IS - E Cement Concrete 1 Specification for coarse and fine aggregate. ASTM-C 2 The standard method of test for the effect of organic materials in fine aggregate on strength of mortar.


IS 1199: Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete

IS — 4 Hard drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement. These advantages of slump test have made it very popular all over the world. In the slump test, workability of concrete is not measured directly. Instead, consistency of concrete is measured which gives a general idea about the workability condition of concrete mix. Concrete Slump Test International Standard Various international codes have specific testing standards for concrete slump test.

These standards specify methods, equipment for determining the consistency of fresh concrete by the slump test.

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For acceptance and reliability, It is essential to maintain strict compliance with these standards during the slump test for concrete. The standards for the concrete slump test are followings. One can easily find these test kit set in the market.

The test equipment must comply with the standards mentioned above.

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The equipment mainly used for slump test are followings. Concrete Slump Test Kit Set. Source: panairsan. The cone is known as slump cone or Abrams cone. Slump cone is made of steel, plastic, etc. Its height is 12 inches 30 cm.

The diameter of the base opening is 8 inches 20 cm and the top opening is 4 inches 10 cm. It is held firmly in place during filling by the operator by standing on the two foot pieces provided in the slump cone. The mould is filled by concrete in four layers, each approximately one-quarter of height of the mould, and each layer is tamped down with 25 strokes of tamping rod with pointed end in a uniform manner.

After tamping the top layer, the concrete is struck off level with a trowel and any mortar leaked out between the mould and base plate is cleaned away. The mould is then removed from the concrete immediately by raising it slowly and carefully in a vertical direction.

Calculation The slump is measured immediately by determining the difference between the height of the mould and that of the highest point of specimen. Report Report the slump in terms of millimeters to the nearest 5 mm of subsidence of the specimen during the test.

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Notes to Remember If concrete consists of aggregates of size larger than 38 mm, then that concrete should be first sieved on a 38 mm sieve. Concrete passing the 38 mm sieve is then tested for workability using the slump cone apparatus of above mentioned dimension.

If the slump test shows shearing of the concrete mass or become completely collapsed, then the test results are invalid and the slump test is repeated. If it subsides further, then it is an indication of good quality concrete having required cohesiveness. But if it gets collapsed or shears away then the concrete lacks cohesiveness and this is an indication of poor quality concrete.

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