It is titled “Killer Domains: Tools & Techniques to Find the Perfect Domain Name. The ebook has 55 pages, 30 of them for the content and 25 with the huge list. Killer Domains: Tools & Techniques to Find the Perfect Domain Name On this ebook you will find all the tools and techniques that I use, as well as a bunch of. Domain name selling for beginners: How to choose a killer domain name for $ and flip it for an Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Business & Money.

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Killer Domains Ebook

is written to help bloggers come up with great domain names but the same info could be applied to help domainers as well. Killer Domains. Discover thousands of eBooks, including new releases and the best collection of free public domain books, that you can read on any mobile device. Jack the Giant Killer by Percival Leigh. No cover Copyright Status, Public domain in the USA. Downloads, 20 Download This eBook.

It looks like all the good ones are already gone. The problem is that the success of a blog or website is directly connected to the quality of its domain. So what should you so, accept the fact that there are no more good domains left, and register whatever crap name you will be able to find? Not at all! With the right tools and techniques it is still possible to find great and available domains, or to find registered ones for sale at a price that will certainly be worth the investment. Some of the latest additions to it include TechCult. On this ebook you will find all the tools and techniques that I use, as well as a bunch of tips to make sure that you will not end up wasting time or money on the process. If you end up with a cool name for your next online project, it will probably be worth even more for you! That being said, if after downloading and trying the mentioned techniques you come to the conclusion that it is not the information you were looking for, just shoot me an email and I will gladly refund your money. Update: The eBook is not available anymore.

If you are re-purposing content directly from your blog, lift the text and push it all together into one document in an app such as Evernote or Google Drive to take a look at the text in situ and see how it all works together.

You may find that few edits are needed; just a few tweaks here and there to make the material cohesive.

Refer back to your chapter plan and step-by-step action plan to make that sure you are putting the content in the right places - It can be all too easy to become distracted! If you are reusing podcast interviews or video material, send the audios and videos to a transcription service such as Rev.

Work in a way that works well for you. You might find that you are someone who prefers to speak aloud your thoughts and your content, or to pull together articles and information from various sources.

New Killer Keyword Research Ebook! | SEO Book

Try dictating to smartphone or an app, and send in that dictation audio to be transcribed. You may find that you work in a really efficient and easy way if you are someone who likes to speak aloud their thoughts and finds it easy to discuss what they are thinking about.

You can then jump into a document afterwards and edit it to make sure it is all making sense.

You might also consider doing things like a webinar or a Live Hangout or Facebook Live where you can easily get interaction from your audience and your customers in real time; this might spur on some conversations which you can use to fuel the content of your eBook. Again, you can have these conversations and videos transcribed and edited to form the basis of your content.

Some of the latest additions to that portfolio are TechCult. If you end up finding a cool domain for your new website or blog, the ebook will probably be even more valuable to you. That being said, if after reading and trying to use the described methods you arrive to the conclusion that this is not what you were looking for, just shoot me an email and I will refund your money.

Update: The eBook has been removed from the market because I will be using the information that it contained inside a larger project. Daniel Scocco on April 21, am I hired a designer to do it.

Daniel Scocco on April 17, pm You know you can pay with any credit card and you dont even need to have a paypal account though right? Fern on April 17, pm Fern, sorry but right now only Paypal is available.

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Well, that is too bad. Fern on April 17, am Is there a way to download the book without using PayPal? I am boycotting them because of their unethical business practices.

Domain Flipping Secrets eBook

I have a Google Checkout account…or I could go old school and send you a bank check? Bill on April 16, pm Sssshhhh!

Seriously though, good luck with the ebook. Peter on April 16, pm Congrats on the launch of ebook Daniel.

Jack the Giant Killer by Percival Leigh

I might download it soon. Especially if you are in the game to make money. Most effective monetization strategies work almost exclusively with people visiting your website.