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1-Sweet Evil - Wendy aracer.mobi KB. 2-Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins. epub. KB. 3-Sweet Reckoning - Wendy aracer.mobi KB. Read Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Sweet Peril book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anna Whitt, the daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, promised h.. .

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Sweet Peril Wendy Higgins Pdf

Fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series will be drawn to Wendy Higgins's sexy, thrilling Sweet Evil aracer.mobi Peril focuses on the battle betw. Sweet Evil 3-Book Collection: Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril, Sweet Reckoning PDF/ EPUb Book by Wendy Higgins. jdJ8kKFIole - Read and download Wendy. Anna Whitt, daughter of a guardian angel and a demon, promised herself she'd never do the work of her father--polluting souls. She'd been naive to make such.

Bass boomed through the darkened room where we all danced. Tonight, my place on the table was less about being in the spotlight and more about having the best view. Jay and Veronica were around somewhere. The events of that night had become a taboo subject. There it was—the whisperer.

All of it. I was like Speaking of talking dirty, there was a lot more steamy hot scenes in this book than in the previous one, which i was certainly happy about. I want one night to be alive.

With you. I need this. I need you. In fact, half the book is about them getting back together and forgiving each other for their mistakes and believe me there were a lot of mistakes when they were seperate. Overall Sweet Peril was an amazing read that i extremly enjoyed. Full of action and new truths that just hit you like a fist in the face.

There was lots of new, interesting characters that i fell in love with and can't wait to read more about. Definitely recommend this to Sweet Evil fans. View all 43 comments. I stand here as a woman of 28years old, crying like a friken lunatic because I need this book.

I think I am in need of serious psychiatric help! Hurry up hurry up hurry up! View all 3 comments. Jul 24, Monica: After reading Yes, three stars and you'll know why. I didn't feel like anything really happened or maybe it's just me but seeing Anna again was really refreshing.

She's changed but she's still like the Anna we met in Sweet Evil. Review is under construction. Anna looks so.. Look at her face and I never imagined her wearing black. Kaidan has a innocent look going on Dear publishers, Me and other lovely and awesome read After reading Yes, three stars and you'll know why.

Dear publishers, Me and other lovely and awesome readers read Sweet Evil and we really don't want to wait more than we usually do for Book 2.

Sweet Peril I really approve of this. View 2 comments. Apr 13, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Kai, ah, Kai Jul 24, Nyrae Dawn rated it it was amazing. Beautiful, well written, exciting follow-up to Sweet Evil.

I can't wait until everyone can read it. Oh and two words. Kaidan Rowe. Enough said ;. View all 9 comments. Jul 25, Danny rated it it was amazing. Read full Review at Bewitched Bookworms Heartbreak By the end of Sweet Evil we were up for a dangerous heartbreak as we all know wondered how Kai and Anna could be together, ever.

The whole story of Sweet Evil centers around 2 major important plots and one of them is definitely the epic love between the Demon Son and the Angel Daughter. Evil and Pure — how can they Read full Review at Bewitched Bookworms Heartbreak By the end of Sweet Evil we were up for a dangerous heartbreak as we all know wondered how Kai and Anna could be together, ever.

Evil and Pure — how can they be together? This is what we desperately want to figure out ourselves and I warn you know — tears will fall, hearts will break. And I am not just talking about Anna and Kai because my little heart just felt with them! And we must admire Anna strength and strong will because behaving like this feels totally out fo context for her. But Anna grows and I think we see a remarkable change in Anna.

She appears even stronger, more determined than ever and even goes totally out of her comfort zone. I cannot help but admire this girl!!

She combines perfectly her Angel and demonic heritance and becomes a little more edgy Sex on Legs or… Kai! Kai — sexy, dangerous and so sooo stubborn and with a heart he only opens up for Anna, how can we not love him?? Love and Danger …. I loved this part so much! It not only brought us to different places but also introduces a wonderful supporting character we all will love so much — Kopano — Son of Wrath who helps and support Anna on her journey!

What seems to be obvious from the synopsis is the introduction of a Love Triangle. You can only be pushed so much… right? This whole sequel was just amazing, full of love, passion, danger and heartbreak. Girls who easily cry just like me will most definitely shed a tear or two…. Personal Note: I can't begin to say how much this books means to me. Wendy named one character in one cute scene after 3 of us bloggers.

Me, Jenny and Tara and you wouldn't believe, but I had tears in my eyes when I read the scene I'm a blond girl , Daniela with an European accent!! I love Wendy!! Oh and View all 5 comments. Initial Reation: This book should never be a consideration, just a definite yes, yes, and YES.

Give The Sweet Evil trilogy a chance. The first book did not disappoint and imagine just how freaking unbelievable this one is going to be!?

Yeah, I know! I'm rooting for Wendy Higgins and all my favourite characters here: Get it, girl! My Review This book could have been better. I say this because Sweet Evil was the book that I pimped everywhere. I can't say that I will be doing the same with Sweet Initial Reation: I can't say that I will be doing the same with Sweet Peril because Wendy Higgin's second instalment wasn't as strong as her debut.

Sweet Peril takes off where its predecessor left and we're back with Anna and her daily Nephlim grind. She's got to work to keep her dad off of the other Duke's radar, turning the human population towards alcohol and drugs, but her heart isn't in it. Partly because she's half angel, and also because Anna's predominantly occupied with thoughts of Kaidan, missing him.

They are still trying to take down the Dukes and gather allies, but it felt like all that really mattered was how much Anna missed "Kai.

To be fair, she does take the responsibility of saving Neph and Humankind seriously, but the teen swoony romance could have been dialled down. They are in love, I get that, but it felt like their romance dominated most of the book.

I was looking forward to reading more of Kaidan and Anna, but with the way it was handled in Sweet Peril , I began to tire of their romance. It was like her life basically revolved around him, and one can only read about how smouldering a guy is before it gets to be enough.

There are issues with Kopano, as can be expected, as well as an interesting revelation that has to do with Neph and their badges, but in all honesty Sweet Peril had more to do with Kaidan and Anna not being together than anything else. I expected more substance, and even though we meet more of the other Neph, discovering additional information in regards to the prophecy, I wasn't as enamoured this time around.

The series is still fantastic, I love you Wendy, but I'm hoping that Sweet Reckoning will more than make up for where this book fell short. Sweet Peril is compelling, and while it picks up nicely from where the former left off, this book fails to deliver as emotional an impact as the first.

Jul 24, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ow Kai I loved being in Kai's head. We can see how much he struggles to be worth of Anna's love. I love his dirty but fun mind. It's impossible not love him! He is definitely my favorite male character and I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to this series. It can't end it just can't, Wendy! Merged review: Sweet Peril live up to its successor, Sweet Evil.

Anna's journey still rich, heartbreaking, passionate and funny. On this second installment we learn more about the Nephs' story, we got to see the characters we learn to love struggle with what they are, and witness the characters growth and make new friends. Sweet Peril is unputdownable!

I only stopped my reading to sleep. And the first thing i did when I open my eyes the next day was to go back to my reading. So, friends, I can't hardly wait for you all too experience this. And if you didn't read the first book yet, you don't know what you're missing out!

Thanks Wendy who provided a fan like me to read this incredible story before it came out: View all 15 comments. Jul 24, Taschima rated it really liked it. Sweet Mercy is what this book should have been called. I am not going to lie, this is a hot piece of novel. Be beware: But there are as many cons as there are pros, sad to say. Let's get the cons out of the way first. Big con? The "Traveling the world in search of possibly hostile Neph and eluding murderous Dukes seemed like a piece of cake in comparison to trying to be a good girl in the arms of Kaidan Rose" Holy damn.

The ending. I felt like the book ended not on a cliffhanger but on the wrong page. Like we needed at least pages more to settle the characters in the next stage instead of leaving us midway through.

Not cool. I didn't feel like my heart was being ripped away from me like the first book's ending but I also didn't feel like it was an ending.

Sweet Peril

Just, another chapter. Another thing was the plot a bit shallow. As deep as a kiddie pool. I can't lie, doesn't mean I didn't devour the novel I did but I can still point out where it felt short. The whole book's time span was a year and some months.

We went through Anna's senior year like it didn't matter, because I get for the story it didn't but it was still weird. How did this girl graduate anyways? Who knows with all the pretend partying she was doing and the not caring about her school life anymore. It all went by so fast, nothing of her "old life" was really explored. Her old friends were basically pushed to a corner and most of the time she was being all mopie about not having Kai with her though I can completely understand.

Which brings us to the PROS. Number one, front and center, being Kaidan. Hellooooo handsome!! Yes, that is my Kaidan too. The scenes between him and Anna are not for the faint of heart.

Sweet Peril

Let's give you a small, tiny, example: In that slow way he stalked forward until I was agaisnt the sink. The intensity of his face charged me, and I swore to myself I'd kill any creature that tried to come between us this time.

His hands reached out and gripped the sink on either side of my waist, and without a word his hot mouth covered mine. Which I was definitely not complaining about! I wanted to learn more about Blake, he is my second favorite. Maybe we could get a side story from him or something? God I hope so. All the old pals were here too, the twins, Kope, etc. I like all the side characters, they add a lot to the story. So yes Sweet Peril was a good continuation! It has it's flaws true, but you certainly get what you are looking for between the pages.

Anna wasn't as much of a good girl, which was a plus. Kaidan was as devastatingly gorgeous, and Wendy made half the book a big make out fest. What more can a girl ask for?! Guilty pleasure? Perhaps, but I am enjoying every second of it. My last wish: Smart fellows!

Dreams do come true! I say that if the publishers don't pick up this book for publication and if they don't they are being the less bright crayons in the box the author should self publish it, if anything.

I'll sure as hell download it and I am sure a lot of other people will too just don't leave us hanging. View all 7 comments.

Nov 05, Victoria Scott rated it it was amazing. There are very few trilogies in which the second book is as strong as the first.

Even fewer where the second book blows the first book to kingdom come. I don't know how you do it, Wendy, but stick a fork in me--because my ass is spent. View all 6 comments. Aug 21, Lucia rated it really liked it Shelves: I was amazed by writing, captivated by story and mesmerized by characters. This book is about love and hatred, hope and despair, sins and humanity. Sweet Peril is much more than just ordinary paranormal story.

Without exaggerating I can say that this series is definitely the best one when it comes to fallen angels or angels in general stories! My Kaiden: My Anna: Anna is not this naive girl we knew in previous book anymore. Story is set couple of months after events in Sweet Evil , Ann I was amazed by writing, captivated by story and mesmerized by characters.

Story is set couple of months after events in Sweet Evil , Anna is under constant supervision of demon whisperers and she is forced to work for her demon father - she had to become the famous party girl and temp people into commiting sins.

Is she happy about it? Of course not, but if she wants to live, she has no other choice. Under weight of guilt and responsibility, it is visible that our little Anna matured up. And I have to admit I love this new version of Anna even better. Even after prologue itself, it was clear that this sequel was destined to be more dangerous and depressive than previous book in series.

Things were still not looking good at all for Anna and Kaiden or other Nephs.

But even those tiny dots could make a difference - especially when they came together. I grasped that thread of hope and let it lift me. But no matter how much he tries to pretend, it is visible how deep his feelings for Anna are.

Kaiden is great character. He has hard life, he has none saying in it, but he still tries to be better person even though it seems there is no hope for him to reach happiness. He is admirable and inspiring person. Also, even though this is YA series, it has some serious sexy hot feel into it. And I blame it all in a very good way on Kaiden. He is just irresistible, sensual and incredibly attractive boy. However, besides Anna's and Kaiden's personal turmoils, Sweet Peril reveals plenty of new info about fallen angels or Nephs and overall it is pretty adventurous story.

You will never be bored, on the contrary, you will always be on your toes while reading it. Sweet Peril felt like a very mature read to me considering it is categorized as YA genre. Author never idealized characters or life itself and showed negative sides of it in quite believable way even though this is paranormal series we are talking about. And I loved everything about it, there was no single moment I would feel annoyed or bored.

Kudos to the author, I seriously cannot wait for final instalment of this trilogy!!! View all 37 comments. Jul 25, eileen rated it really liked it Shelves: After the big kaboosh that was Sweet Evil, you expect Sweet Peril to be even a bigger kaboosh, or at least not fall prey to Second Book Syndrome. Luckily, Sweet Peril did all of those things. Anna Whitt, our protagonist, resident nice, innocent girl, is surprisingly not what I expected her to be. Yes, I read the first book and I got a fair glimpse of who she was as a person, but her innocence act eventually started to make me want to gag and spit.

I mean, who's really that nice, full of empathy , and innocent? Also while being the daughter of the Duke of drugs and alcohol? I can understand her wanting too remain with all morals intact, but the way she acted over the littlest things Anna constantly went on about how she needed to be good and how she couldn't be any different from her usual pure self.

Oh my God, please give me a break. These days, the odds of a teen being that perfect is unheard of. Especially when she's in love with a guy like Kaidan.

Aside from that, everything else was phenomenal. Kaidan, especially. Can I just gush and gush and gush over how fantastic he is as a character? He's your typical bad boy, and he is such a grapefruit. No, you didn't hear me wrong. He is a grapefruit. I have an explanation though! Because I had just eaten a red grapefruit and finished Sweet Peril moments before, my mind was a little cloudy. As I was thinking of how I could describe Kaidan to a friend, grapefruit just popped into my mind so I used it.

Because that particularly grapefruit was red, like the color of Lust, which is Kaidan's sin. In addition, grapefruits are sweet yet kind of sour, which is exactly Kaidan's personality, if you translate those qualities into human traits. Sweet Peril is the perfect read for those who are fans of romantic tension. With a character like Kaidan, who's hot and sexy and can drive a girl mad, you can't really expect any less can you?

Sweet Peril (Sweet, #2) by Wendy Higgins

The scenes between Anna and Kaidan are both hot yet totally adorable. Although you don't see Kaidan until at least halfway through, Wendy Higgins has a way of successfully transitioning you to that part without losing too much of your interest.

Then when he actually shows up, you better get some fans ready for a swoon overload. It's enough to take in moderation, but you still crave it whenever you can't eat that food.

Which is exactly what you could call Kai. A guilty pleasure. Oozing with romantic tension, a hot YA book boy, and everything that made Sweet Evil fantastic, Sweet Peril doesn't disappoint in the slightest. Fans everywhere will enjoy Wendy Higgins' latest novel. View all 65 comments. Jul 24, Meli rated it it was amazing. I am literally hyperventilating about this Jul 24, Andreea Pop rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has a freaking cover!

And I absolutely adore it! Jul 24, Anushka rated it it was amazing. Oh Sweet Lord!!!!! I can't believe it! I want him now! Why, oh why so late? I liked Sweet Hope. But Sweet Peril is nice too! Can't wait for the book anymore! Awesome cover Wendy! Hats off! I like the darkness, sort of foreshadows a lot.

Aug 15, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: We have unfinished business, Kai. To prove how hooked I am, I give you Nov 20, Caru rated it really liked it. I loved it!

In Sweet Evil, she was so innocent, but in this one, we see a whole different side of her. We see this party girl that's so kickass and can defend herself. She's not this weak, naive girl anymore. This Anna is strong. I loved her. Kaidan is as charming as ever, if not even more. I Rating: In this one, he's not so scared and he realizes a lot of things and opens up instead of keeping everything locked in like he did in the first novel.

He's probably my favorite character in this series. I tried to warn you, but girls never listen. Got your innocence insured? Prepare to curl your toes. I've got a one-track mind. At the bottom of the fridge were two trays of Jell-O shots. Well, hello there, I said, pulling them out. I had no idea where the party host was or if the trays were being saved for something in particular, but none of that mattered.

I held up the blue beauties and said, Jell-O shots, anyone? They all hollered with excitement like I was their hero.

✓ Reviews Sweet Peril (The Sweet Trilogy, #2) PDF by Wendy Higgins – webfide.com

Designated drivers reached for shots. Curfews were forgotten. It hurt to keep a smile on my face as I watched the spirit work.

The party had begun. I woke with thumping behind my eyes and a dry mouth. I reached for the half-full water bottle by my bed and was chugging the contents when the events of last night floated to the surface of my sluggish memory. A beer bong. A drunken kiss in the bathroom between me and some random guy. People getting sick in the bushes outside. A guy from school, Matt, wrestling his keys from me and stumbling to his car with his girlfriend, Ashley.

I bolted upright in bed and clutched my mouth to keep from spewing the water. Oh, no. Matt drove. Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. With shaking hands I grabbed my cell phone from the nightstand. With a ragged exhale, I slid down from the bed and hit my knees, leaning my forehead in my palms.

I hated this—this life of being a Nephilim. When a night of partying with Anna Whitt resulted in tragedy? It was hard to believe I lived a blessed existence in comparison to other children of demons. My father was a good guy, but he sure played the role of bad demon to perfection. Feeling steadier, I rose and went to my dresser, taking out a small black-handled dagger.

Patti found the thing gruesome. I began a therapeutic round of throws, using memories from the past half year to fuel me. Rahab has issued an order for all Neph to be under watch until further notice.

Your father is also under investigation. Good luck to you, daughter of Belial. My entire junior year had been sucktastic, especially the second half. I went from being an honor roll student to barely squeaking by. I retrieved the knife and aimed again. I had to constantly remind Patti not to show affection, and it broke my heart. And so it went around the body.

Fear and trauma had taken their toll. I used to hate my tear ducts—thought tears made me weak. Somewhere in the world my father was busy keeping up his facade as the Duke of Substance Abuse. Grueling, hard-core lessons that defied my peaceful instincts. In the eye. If only Kaidan could see me now.

No word from Kai. In the deep recesses of my soul, worry threatened to reach up and pull me under. He could be dead for all I knew. I had my choice of defense maneuvers I could have studied. My instructors wanted to focus on Judo grappling and hand-to-hand combat since I apparently had the flexibility, strength, and endurance for it. I wondered what he would think if he saw me aiming for the throat and hitting it dead-on. Would he be proud or appalled?

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