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Read Batman: Dark Victory () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Batman – Dark Victory (New Edition) (): In this new edition of the sequel to BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, Gotham City is overrun by. Batman - Dark Victory #0 - 13 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse.

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Batman Dark Victory Pdf

Get Free Read & Download Files Batman Dark Victory Jeph Loeb PDF. BATMAN DARK VICTORY JEPH LOEB. Download: Batman Dark Victory Jeph Loeb. EBOOK $PDF Batman: Dark Victory (New Edition) >>DOWNLOAD Click button below to download or read this book. Description In this sequel. Thank you for downloading absolute batman dark victory hc by tim sale artist jeph loeb 25 may hardcover. As you may know, people have.

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Alberto also took in his sister, Sofia, who barely survived an encounter with Catwoman in The Long Halloween and was confined to a wheelchair due to her injuries. Sofia nevertheless continued to manage the flagging Falcone empire. The "freaks" all working together As the Hangman's spree of terror escalated, so too did Two-Face's war with Sofia and her family. The collateral damage of the war included the parents of Dick Grayson , who was taken in by Bruce Wayne. Mario, who had an alliance with Janice Porter, was soon faced with isolation as Porter began a secret affair with Two-Face and was eventually slain by him.

At the same time, however, Two-Face saved Gordon's life when the Hangman tried to hang him on the Batsignal , stating that he wasn't the killer. The endgame of the battle came on the following Halloween; Sofia revealed that she was never disabled, and that she committed the Hangman murders, targeting all the cops, whether honest or crooked, who had helped Harvey Dent's career.

She then suffocated Alberto. She opened the gas lines and set Gotham City ablaze to smoke out Two-Face, who was hiding in the sewers.

Saved by Batman, Two-Face turned on Sofia and shot her to death. Robin joins Batman's war against crime Batman's secrets would have been laid bare to the team of criminals except for the timely intervention of Dick, who had been training in secret. In Gordon's office, he is talking and trying to persuade Janice to accept Batman, and she agrees, as long as he follows the law.

Another hanging, Sgt. Pratt with another note on his chest. All of the notes have come from Harvey's old desk as the D. During the "Hangman" killings, Bruce is also struggling with his relationship with Selina Kyle, so much so that she eventually leaves Gotham and only left him a note.

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Janice Porter has been shown meeting a mysterious man several times throughout the investigation, and it is eventually revealed to be Harvey. Another hanging is found, this time in front of Harvey's old house.

Officer Merkel is found with another note on his chest. Harvey, now completely taken over by his darker side, conducts his own investigation throughout the escaped criminals, questioning all of them as to the identity of the Hangman killer. Gordon is almost hanged on the roof of the precinct, but is saved by Two-Face who assures the men that he is not the Hangman killer.


Multiple attacks on organized crime by the Joker are perpetrated, and he eventually assaults the Falcone estate, attacking the members of the family before being apprehended by Batman. Another hanging is found inside the garage of the precinct. Batman adopts a young Dick Grayson as his family is killed during a mob sabotage, and he begins his training to be his partner.

During a police raid on the underground hideout of Two-Face, Batman assists Gordon and they eventually catch him. During all of which, Alberto is still hearing his father's voice telling him to continue his work.

He is eventually pushed to the point of almost committing the murder of his sister, but resists the temptation. Two-Face is put on trial, but escapes when the other criminals assault the court.

Batman – Dark Victory #0 – 13 (1999-2000)

Another hanging of a police officer, and Two-Face is still the prime suspect. Janice is kidnapped by the Joker and the Scarecrow , and when she argues with Two-Face, he kills her. They dump the body into Alberto Falcone's bed, to convince him he killed her. Finally, he breaks the facade and it is revealed that the Calendar Man had secretly placed microphones all over the house and manipulated him.

Batman investigates Mario Falcone's penthouse, and is almost hanged but frees himself due to metal braces to protect his neck, and attacks Catwoman.

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Saved by Batman, Two-Face turned on Sofia and shot her to death. Prior to the book's publication Tim Sale stated that he was very hesitant to join the project with Jeph Loeb.

Sale did not enjoy Robin due to him being such a massive contrast to Batman according to Sale. Sale also said Batman is far more of a loner and should not have a partner.

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But all the accusations that Sale made were insisted by Loeb to help make sense for Batman teaming up with Robin in the story. A prominent theme in the story is how the three protagonists of The Long Halloween now feel all alone.

Throughout the book Batman struggles with his fear of being wrong a side-effect to the Scarecrow's gas as well as being alone and refusing to be helped by Commissioner Gordon. Catwoman even slaps Batman when he shows no care for what might happen to Two-Face.

It is mentioned in the book that Dick is one of the only sources left of Bruce's humanity as he is slowly slipping from grace even with Selina Kyle's attempts. None known. This event or storyline is specifically related to Batman , or to members of the Batman Family. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Batman Storylines category. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The plot centers on a series of murder Contents [ show ].

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