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Mutant Chronicles Optional Rules (ENG) · Mutant Chronicles - Rulebook 1st Edition (38 MB ENG) · Mutant Chronicles - Rulebook 2nd Edition ( MB ENG). the coldness of the eyes and the serpent-like evil of his smile stopped Omi from looking like the caricature of a jolly, fat man. He looked like an evil parody of. Prepare for future war as we proudly present the Mutant Chronicles PDF Collection, featuring every book in the Mutant Chronicles RPG range (including the.

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Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full-throttle diesel-punk ride through a solar system beset by An overview of the major themes that are ever-present in the Mutant Chronicles setting. Conan: Conan Quickstart Adventure - PDF £ GBP. Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed - Core - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Venusian Apocalypse Campaign Parts I, II, III and IV (PDF) Dark Symmetry Core Book Savage Worlds Conversion (PDF) Mutant Chronicles Artbook (PDF).

Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full - throttle diesel-punk ride though a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion. With technology failing due to the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry, mankind must fight back against the Dark Legion hordes whilst dealing with in-fighting and conspiracy. Now, in this 3rd Edition of the definitive techno-fantasy roleplaying game, you can play during the early days of the Dark Symmetry, through to the brutal Corporate Wars. Simply contact us to get your discount! Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here.

Basic interplanetary transport is practical again. Across the solar system. On Mercury. In orbit above. For everyone else. Mishima launches a series of this new technology with Bauhaus. While successful. The Rift Drives allow a in a bloody series of skirmishes and brushfire wars. As a result. The corporations engage practical. Mishima quickly establishes total control over the planet. Many small outposts and especially orbital stations. Their antiquated and mothballed armadas are quickly refitted apart as old rivalries resurface.

The Fall Later on.. After twenty years of experimentation. Within hours Bauhaus and Mishima radio stations on Venus receive a distress call from the vessel. Imperial forces. Capitol is the first to begin Venus. The corporations escalate begin to interact with the gravitational forces of the planets.

To their disbelief. Durand the Dark Symmetry. Durand makes the assassin Initially the corporations ignore Durand. Alexander continue their operations. Demonstrating the power of the Art. All but ten the wars and the affliction that has crippled technology. He brings quickly establishes a following among the desperate and war. They put pressure on the leaders position and building its forces for the inevitable final battle.

In the end the greatest victor is Clan Bartholomew. One assassin the people to put their weapons aside and join his battle against makes a final attempt to complete his mission. Durand speaks of the unholy force at work behind corporations. During the height of the First Corporate War. Millions Murdoch.

He appeals to politicians. Clan flock to his cause as they see him perform his miracles. Nathaniel Durand. They are already known to the lowest of the low for running food kitchens.

Six months after delivering his ultimatum. Rising from its scarred surface is a vast complex of huge ancient structures.

Breaking of the Seal of Repulsion The great citadel led them on to its dark heart. As the Darkness. Realising they are losing the battle for popular opinion. From behind her. To ensure greater cooperation between the corporations. Durand condemns the plan to explore Nero and is supported by a consensus among the corporations.

The expedition members are floored by As humanity reels from this new stage in the war against the a sudden force as the touch breaks the Seal of Repulsion.

With peace finally achieved. The portal is surrounded by a spherical cloud of crystalline fragments. Chapter 03 20 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order The people cry out in terror. Clan Kingsfield secretly launches its Cardinal stands firm against the onslaught. From these Dark Citadels. After extensive Durand orders that a record of what has occurred be kept as exploration. Realising his visions are becoming are lost and all contact with them ceases.

Although the remnants of Clan Kingfield call for the rift to be exploited in secret. He draws the members own exploration vessel — The Wyvern — through the rift to Nero.

Durand accepts the appointment as the first Cardinal. Year of the Cardinal To celebrate this new beginning for humanity. Creatures of nightmare. Ever curious.

To ensure these records cannot be corrupted. From the light steps Ilian. On Luna. Those two somehow escape with their lives others within Imperial choose to bring its discovery to the attention and manage to launch their ship from the surface. Imperial Conquistadors discover a new rift. Naming the new church the Brotherhood. Over the next few The Imperial Conquistadors discover a long dead nightmare world. This pause allows the and on the surface of the planet. Those who fall in battle against the Dark cannot resist the Dark Legion.

As he dies. The two battle for days in single combat. The Venusian Crusade as they come to his aid: It is done. With Ilian. Apostle of the greatest army mankind has yet seen. Phobos and Deimos. Algeroth and Demongonis Appear As the corporate armies prepare to move to Venus.

The Brotherhood is unable. A fleet of vessels rises up from On Venus. Massing that resist them. Fearful of an attack. Durand leads the battle Disease and Corruption.

Human forces. Algeroth whispers Huge. Muawijhe and Semai Return 53 YC: Fall of Nathaniel Durand As the war continues. Apostle of Madness and Insanity. Durand strikes down and sow discontent and fear among the beleaguered populations. Durand struggles back to the surface.

Cardinal Alexander Toth dies one year after the Dark Legion is destroyed. This war greatly weakens the spread. Their fury fuelled by the death of their beloved Cardinal. Saladin strikes 91 YC: With the battle for Venus a victory. In desperation. He raids is considered complete with the last Dark Legion citadel on the human settlements from his citadel for the next six years Graveton Archipelago on Venus falling. Neo Jersey. The Bauhaus millions of wounded and dead left by the war with the Dark Legion.

Capitol authorises the orbital bombing of corporation.

Cardinal Nathaniel Magnificus A series of plagues — quickly known as The Black Rot — sweeps through the population of the solar system. In 93 YC the Brotherhood completes its fourth cathedral on Mars.

Anyone discovered to be working with fleet withdraws to Earth. Chapter 03 22 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order Cardinal Pius Alexander II is inaugurated. Capitol Aero Bombers roar in to attack the Dark Citadel. After forty years of terrible losses. Known as Durand the Mad. The corporation is plunged into a desperate civil war. Wars of Attrition on Mars The Brotherhood further consolidates its power. Birth of Cybertronic facilities. The Neronian Heresy to call an uneasy truce.

In a desperate attempt to avert another corporate war. The Brotherhood and begins the development of advanced technology significance of this discovery is ignored as the citadel appears to and computer systems. Highly secretive. Some explore as far as Nero. Cartel forces and covert agents use their independence and knowledge of the corporations to undermine the war effort of all factions.

At the key moment of the meeting. The Second Corporate War begins. Chapter 03 24 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order The Brotherhood detects the Dark Symmetry at work. Cybertronic begins to construct new habitats. A New Citadel planetoids of the asteroid belt. They force the institution of strict rules of engagement to which the corporations are compelled to adhere. Cybertronic openly defies the edicts of the A new Dark Citadel is discovered on Mars by Capitol forces. The YC: Its society is still as insular as YC: Coup within Capitol when it was founded.

For the first time since the war with the Dark Legion. Cardinal Dominic routs Cybertronic forces and takes the Jovian moon as its own. This case had promised so much.

Seemingly military to abandon its plans for Earth. Whitestar is Legion War able to repulse attacks after a series of long and bloody battles. A new corporate board is unchanged since their defeat 1. After almost three decades with apparently no activity.

As the Capitol military is forced to withdraw. From this angle he could not see any wounds. Spurred on by old blood ties with Whitestar. Collins heard scratching on the ceiling behind him and over time.

It was a shambles and had been the scene of one hell of a struggle. The heat of passion was hard to sustain and. But he still hoped to land realised that whatever had killed Diana was still here. Raising his dim torch in one hand and his pistol in the other. As the Brotherhood Inquisitors. The wall nearest him was scarred with deep claw marks as if an angry bear had been let loose in the room. Diana He steeled himself. The thought was not a comforting one.

He had embarrassed a powerful family by revealing the rot at its Thanks to Alistair Collins. Hundreds of thousands lose their lives during the month long engagement. Later in the year Capitol launches a series of lightning strikes against Second Dark Earth. Although the initial strikes cause heavy losses. In addition to this. He had lost everything that day. He swept his torch around the room. Sprawled on the floor was the body of a young blonde woman in a torn red cocktail dress.

Bauhaus strikes at YC: The Dark Legion and its homeworld are shunted Mishima scientists. Those few who survive Legion absorbs what remains into its hordes of destruction. Dark Legion is finally stalled by an ancient race exhibiting strange mystical powers. The facility is abandoned. The struggle through the wastelands to seek refuge in Russia. But even as the Dark Soul was trapped. Whitestar technology seems less susceptible to the effects of the Dark Symmetry.

It is aware that Symmetry she is able to bestow great power on many emerging something terrible awaits in the Solar System. They knew it intelligent force has been working to bring down human was only a matter of time before the Dark Legion returned. Mixing with the still heavy levels that controls it — the Dark Soul — is imprisoned inside another of terraforming agents.

Capitol explorers on Mars discover the long eroded foundations of what must have been a series of vast structures. Though she is yet to take on a countless research projects over the coming centuries. The ruins remain The Dark Apostle Ilian is brought into being once more through a closely guarded secret amongst the corporations.

Chapter 03 26 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order These chemicals start Drawing every ounce of suffering from each conquest. The hidden deep within the jungles of Venus. The child Nathaniel exhibits a close attunement to the Peter Durand.

Strange mutations begin to show amongst the population. The cults manifest greater power and influence. Based on the Immortal. He sees the true nature of the Dark Apostles and their citadels.

With communications down he rouses the faithful. Algeroth says a intention of using it to create an army that can finally defeat the few words. Peter believes humanity needs to be seduced by the power of the Dark Symmetry.

Finally he warrior. Nathaniel as a new figurehead. Peter Durand maintains a secret preparations for the dark days ahead. Dark Apostles. Peter locks himself away cybernetic facility on Cyaneus in the Asteroid Belt is overrun in the Venus facility and misses the signs of corruption that spread and the inhabitants killed. Semai on Phobos. An Imperial Sensing he is close to cloning Nathaniel.

After months of search they eventually find the vast petrified See The Dark Symmetry Campaign for more information. Clan Kingsfield is the first Nathaniel argue about their goals. Learning of a nearby. He is finally defeated in the ruins six years later. In the end. Shortly afterwards the Dark Legion old ruin. When the link is opened. When making a skill test based on Intelligence.

A player may have one or more ranks of expertise training with a particular skill. Chapter 04 28 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order Dice that show the Dark Symme- try Icon or a 6.

Chronicle points. When making a skill test using a skill with which a player has ranks of expertise training. A task can be affected by several other elements.

When asked the number of DSI you generate on a roll is irrele- to perform a skill test. Symmetry Dice? Dice Rolls A is a particular kind of six-sided die.

Most attributes for player sided dice and generates [1. This is true roll a. Much of the time. For example. Piercing 1 quality. Results of 3. Knowledge and Sciences are skills based on the Intelligence attribute. The weapon Each character is defined by eight attributes. Adam wants to roll 9 or less on at least one of the two d20s he will roll.

Higher attribute ratings reflect greater ability. A skill test is required when a character attempts a task where commonly abbreviated to DSI. When you rolls. Brand Barton successfully shoots a heretic with his Bolter heavy pistol. Attributes For example. The attack characters range from 6 to Results of 1 and 2 are counted normally. When rolling dice. The player rolls four six- Intelligence. Whether or not they are viewed as heroes. Since basic skill tests have the player rolling Player characters have access to a special type of resource called 2d The extra die is placed on the 1 face and automatically magnitude of effect.

A the number of successes generated is greater than the difficulty player can add an extra d20 to any skill test for one Chronicle rating. Players may have other opportunities to gain Chronicle points by achieving When a player passes a skill test. During combat. Adam given time. For many tests. Adam rolls 2 and 8 on his 2d Adam also has Sciences Focus 2. Both numbers are equal the beginning of each session.

When performing a skill test. As long as the skill during play: As a general guideline. Chronicle points may also be awarded by the GM during a session to reward players for good roleplaying.

Since players will be rewarded with additional Chronicle has generated a total of three successes. Other times. Adam adds this Momentum may allow a character to inflict additional damage.

If the an additional piece of information. Focus indicates the range on a d20 within which a player generates additional success when using the related skill. A player may download no more than three dice in this way. It is worth considering an important matter of pool. Here are just a few examples of how the players own to draw upon.

The player can download additional d20s to roll during a skill test.

NPCs cannot bank Momentum. Non-player characters. Chronicle point. Chapter 04 30 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order The nature of this cost is A variety of different game events allow the GM to add more tokens expressed in two ways. When a character suffers one or more Repercussions on a skill test.

A skill test may be too difficult for a player to comfortably generate enough successes. Over the course of a session. Non-player characters typically employ the Dark Symme- try pool in place of the numerous pools of resources that a player character can employ. This is discussed in more detail in Chapter The Dark Symmetry Pool. Response Actions in combat — cost one or more Dark Symmetry points. The Dark Symmetry pool reflects the growing threat of the terminology when discussing Dark Symmetry points early on.

By spending a Chronicle point. Someone less experienced might sounding Bauhaus name — Von Howl or something. Particularly powerful NPCs may require Dark Symmetry points to trigger some of their most potent abilities. For the moment. The test was only Difficulty 1. Symmetry Pool. He spots a few old drops of blood leading towards the filthy.

Easy pickings. They are just passing the time. The guy is moaning on the ground from the kicking they gave him. What do I hear? The GM can use Dark Symmetry points to bring a dormant issue to the forefront. Well… I rolled a 1 and a GM is to manage the various NPCs the players may encounter. Lurking at the sewer junction are three Croaks. Senses talent.

I let my eyes get used to the They can almost taste their next hit! As Trooper type NPCs. Dark Symmetry points for the scene ahead. And… I got a One of the key functions of the a 10 or less. They were paid to pick up an old man by a stranger with a weird.

The GM has the opportunity to spend the points in the Dark Sym. There are detailed guidelines in Chapter The Dark Stephane: With my gun ready. In a way. I listen at the edge of the tunnel.

The GM has decided that there are three zones present in this scene: With your Awareness score of 8. Do you want to Dodge? I get a Dark Symmetry point if you do.

A third figure is taking a drag Repercussion. Their turn. He rolls an 18 and Observation test. Of course. Difficulty 1. I line up a gloom. One penalty on his action. He hits… in the right leg for… 5 damage. Chapter 04 32 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order I use that with my Quick Survey talent to get a 5. Rolling 2d20 for the attack… a Symmetry points left. I roll being noticed.

You sneak forward. The remaining ganger fires back.

I then spend two Momentum to add an extra 2 damage. Hands up! Typical… GM: I get to re-roll one of those because of my Stephane: It takes two Momentum to hit a secondary target.

Can I see anything yet? So a second ganger is hit as well. Remind me to Dodge next time. You approach undetected.

Another ganger drops to the GM: Make another Observation test. You can just make out a couple of figures hunched over someone lying GM: Seven wounds! The first ganger is blown backwards and slides GM: Good enough.

Expertise 3. One success. The other heretics did likewise. Andrew knew just how to provide that. I get… You have indeed — the last ganger is filled with holes from a hail of bullets.

Those people were fools. Just like in business. Dark Symmetry points rather than inflict a Complication. He nodded at the unshaven waiter. Your shot ricochets from the filthy concrete walls. The missing person is curled up on the floor. Some people fall into heresy. The Dark Lord had gifted him with impressive abilities and given him his own cell of heretics to do with as he pleased.

They blabbed inconsequentially to each other about pointless trivialities. I roll… a 1 incompetent! Not only did he miss. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the smartest guy in the room. Unlike the others. You free the old man. Turns out they were everywhere if you knew how to look. He walked in and. It had not taken long. It took mere moments for the screaming to begin.

The gas silently filled the room. It smelled like victory. The law will get you in the end. The scent of rubber filled his nostrils. He looked at his fellow diners. This was Thanks to Andrew Rogers. He leans Stephane: I pull out my medkit.

Others had their sights set much higher. I burn a Reload for my the bodies for evidence. So he sought out heretics here in Luna city. Quietly laughing to himself. With Focus 2.

He leans against the wall. Agility governs Acrobatics. This section discusses the key features that define a character. Intelligence governs Education. They are: The life path is broken into player decisions. For humans. Mental Strength. Skills and talents Mental Strength are further explored in their own sections. Close create the characters you want through spending points or letting Combat. Along with Physique. If the player has been given a Signature Skill.

The hand-eye coordination. Coordination The first time a skill is awarded to a character it should be governs Piloting and Ranged Weapons. Observation and Thievery. Along with Strength. Attributes and their related skills are described below. Some human attributes of wounds he can withstand. Each character in Mutant Chronicles is defined by eight attributes. Physique Higher attribute numbers reflect better ability.

Awareness governs specific effect dependant on the table they are rolling on. Strength or creatures of the Dark Symmetry. Physique is a rating. Each attribute has a rating that measures its magnitude or quality. Strength governs Athletics. Each Life point has a senses: Before each decision. Personality governs Lifestyle Intelligence.

Mental Strength governs Willpower. Decision Four: Determine environment. Earnings Rating. Gain Attribute Decision Eight: Final customisation.

That If the same talent is awarded a second time. A player may spend Life points to raise an Attribute by one point for each Life point spent. Later increases through experience can be assigned Elective Skills. Option to spend combat damage and influence. List character traits and. You must begin with a Primary Career. Option to spend one Life point and regain up to two Life points. This should be starting Attributes.

Spend one or two Life points to pick the result. Mental Wounds. May convert up to two Life points for two extra Chronicle Life point to pick the result points. Option to spend one to eight Life points to raise below.

Mark age as 16 and increase Decision Two: Determine birth faction. Option to spend one or two Life points to pick May spend one to three Life points to reduce cost of entry. Signature Skill. Roll for career event after each to pick result. Gain Attribute bonus. Update Earnings Rating. Further Life points maybe converted to assets or new Skills.

During character generation. Option to spend one points. Option to be unemployed languages. Gain two Chronicle bonus.

Using the Point download Personality.

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed - Core Rulebook.pdf

The Lifepath will take your Life points to use. Check prerequisites for entry. No attributes can start the Life Path greater than 6. Select Starting Attributes. Determine derived stats: Signature one to eight Attributes. Determine education. Gain skills. Gain the result. Summary of Lifepath Decisions Decision Six: Determine Primary Career. You could take the same skill multiple times from one maximum training.

Roll for adolescent event. Gain Attribute bonuses. Option to spend one Life point to re-roll or. Decision One. Decision Three: Determine social status. Iconic Career. Gain attribute bonuses first career only. Determine starting wounds and one or two Life points to pick the result. This will give them enough to get exactly character through a series of events that will determine his the role they want with two Career Phases. A character begins with all characteristics an all or nothing change — all players either generate Agility.

Lower attributes to phases in total. Gain two Attribute bonuses. If you are freelancer. Being under the radar of the corporations. All citizens receive supplementary rations and plan.

Corporate Based on your heritage or faction. Roll on Heritage Table. Chapter 05 36 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order Possession of handguns and shotguns is legal. If you roll 4.

The decision must be made now and the points assigned to You are part of one of the major corporations. If you roll 1. This Example Corporate Laws and Interests skill gains an additional rank of training. This reduces uniforms as befitting their station.

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition FREE Quickstart

Possession of any equipment with this quality is illegal as the item is stolen. Under The Radar Talent Possession of other weapons requires a permit. When legally downloading any item criminal or microcorp employee you get the listed skill and one skill manufactured by your own corporation. See the beginning of this chapter. Any benefit outlined in future supplements in each of these skills. By necessity.

In addition. Mick decides that he wants a tough shooter type character. Attributes now — you cannot choose to delay this choice until later. Penalties start with fines and end with summary execution.

Decision Two. You get one rank of training Rating and Cost by one. Right of adoption. This over your lessers. As an Imperial. Luna Patois Thievery. Imperial and Luna Patois. After one request.

Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry Campaign - Modiphius | Mutant Chronicles |

He gains three assets. Luna Patois Sciences. He then rolls again. The talents received in this section are specifically related to the benefits of being part of your particular faction. Any Whitestar citizen may offer his children to the Tsarina in full knowledge that they will be raised in the appropriate fashion. Luna Patois Lifestyle. You are subject to the rigid social structure of the Mishima corporation. Luna Patois Ranged Weapons.

Luna Patois Close Combat. All citizens receive the right of access to subreality. Luna Patois Select Thievery or Education. Mick rolls a 4 on the Faction Table. He then clansman as a trespasser. Whitestar Survival. No clansman can charge any other clansman for air both Ranged Weapons and Pilot. Luna Patois Mechanics. You have both the power of life and death In addition. He also marks down that he is trained in languages. You have family You have obtained You have a relative Your family has Your corporate Your clan is debts and history a gang member in an underground extensive ties mentor is involved in the with a Triad.

A contact within Three business A noble favour A contact in A contact working You have been Mishima that you cards from has been granted another clan or for your former given proof that have blackmail contacts in random to your house.

A of a basic survival extensive assets. Either one will grant a favour for the evidence. Your is of equal status to change your investigation. Gain one asset.

While not enhancement. Gain as a contact. Chapter 05 38 Jenner Diogo de Souza Ananias order If you download down to you. Gain a favour corporations One Using this favour secretly owes you begrudgingly has committed and an enemy.

For movement who to the criminal connected medical labs a one asset debt. Is this going to be free forever? If you have this will you still need the page core rules?

It will be available only during the Beta test period and is based on the current Beta rules which will be changing before the launch of the core rules. Of course the quick play does not include character generation, the full Dark Symmetry pool, equipment, sanity and terror, corruption system, creatures, powers, all the setting info and much more.

If the beta rules are already available what does the role of lead writer for Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion entail? Lead writer for the Dark Legion involves developing all the storyline around the Dark Legion force itself, the foul Dark Soul, the Dark Apostles and their Heretic cults, the worlds they come from, their powers and equipment.

I liked the thought of investigating morbid ritual slayings in the back alleys of Luna. I also came up with a host of new dark creatures. And now I get a chance to make some of these concepts a part of the new edition. As the timeline has been expanded there is now the possibility to play just as the dark symmetry rises.

So I get to present a more subtle side of the Dark Legion and the Symmetry as well as the more overt aspects such as the citadels and Nepharites. And a lot of time have also been spent on fleshing out all of the Apostles, adding new and different creatures and motives. There is a lot of tension between Ilian, the most powerful of the Apostles, and her brothers.

This is also a concept that is being addressed and it will be fully explored in the Dark Soul. Want to take part? Not too late? Grab your free copy of Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition now. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. You are here: Explore these posts. Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links.

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