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Semiconductor Cross Reference Book [Engineers of Howard W. Sams & Company] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This completely. NTE ECG Semiconductor Technical Guide and Cross Reference Book The 14th edition of this technical guide and cross reference is designed to give engineers . To make electronic component downloadr and engineers find substitutes earier, Hotenda Technology specially developed electronic components cross.

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Semiconductor Cross Reference Book

A Semiconductors Cross Reference Guide for NTE. Semiconductor (Transistor, diode, IC) Cross reference. Semiconductor X-ref Book 5th Edition. NTE Cross Reference Manual Book 15th Edition · NTE Cross Reference Manual Book 15th Edition. Part #

Although sold individually as well, you save money when downloading as a set. Order yours today! Part No. The transistor spec manual is a must for every electronics technician. You will find complete specifications on most Japanese transistors manufactured under the "2S" system. Closeout Price Part No. Determining the correct cross is simplified by referring to our Transistor Sub Spec Manual. Be prepared the next time you need to substitute. When a transistor is unavailable for whatever reason, an equivalent transistor often can be substituted. Containing complete, up-to-date listings of the information you need, you will save valuable time by having your own copy on hand.

Moore's decision to sole-source Intel's chip played into the company's continuing success. The development of the micro-processor by Intel, : The micro-processor represented a notable advance in the technology of integrated circuitry.

A micro-processor miniaturized the central processing unit of a computer, which then made it possible for small machines to perform calculations that in the past only very large machines could do.

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Considerable technological innovation was needed before the micro-processor could actually become the basis of what was first known as a "mini computer" and then known as a "personal computer".

Moore handed over to Andy Grove in By launching its Intel Inside marketing campaign in , Intel was able to associate brand loyalty with consumer selection, so that by the end of the s, its line of Pentium processors had become a household name.

Slowing demand and challenges to dominance in [ edit ] After , growth in demand for high-end microprocessors slowed. Competitors, notably AMD Intel's largest competitor in its primary x86 architecture market , garnered significant market share, initially in low-end and mid-range processors but ultimately across the product range, and Intel's dominant position in its core market was greatly reduced.

Litigation[ edit ] Intel had also for a number of years been embroiled in litigation. US law did not initially recognize intellectual property rights related to microprocessor topology circuit layouts , until the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of , a law sought by Intel and the Semiconductor Industry Association SIA.

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In and , AMD brought further claims against Intel related to unfair competition. Regaining of momentum — [ edit ] In , CEO Paul Otellini reorganized the company to refocus its core processor and chipset business on platforms enterprise, digital home, digital health, and mobility.

In , Intel unveiled its Core microarchitecture to widespread critical acclaim; [41] the product range was perceived as an exceptional leap in processor performance that at a stroke regained much of its leadership of the field.

Later that year, Intel released a processor with the Nehalem architecture. Nehalem had positive reviews.

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Web Search.. Powered by;. The purpose of the Cross Refererce Guide is to assist you in searching for a part on our linecard by the manufacturer which is similar in function to products of other companies.

These comparative listings have been checked for accuracy. SRI cannot, however, accept responsiblity for changes, typos, errors, or omissions. The products listed as crosses are recommended starting points for searching for an equivalent-part.

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