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People with chronic urinary retention can urinate. However, they do not completely empty all of the urine from their bladders. Often people are not even aware. – Urinate Now e-Book or PDF. 1. – Urinate NowTypical treatments, such as Gradual Exposure Therapy. Download PDF A person with paruresis finds it difficult or impossible to urinate when other people are Psychotherapy – a type of counselling that helps you deal with the here and now, and teaches problem solving.

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I remember very well the first time I found myself unable to urinate in a public bathroom I did not really know then and do not really know now. Take your time when urinating so that your bladder has an leaking of urine before you can get to the toilet when you Now do five to ten short, fast, but strong. The most common urine problems after radiation treatment for prostate cancer include: • The need to pass urine (pee) more often. • A feeling that you can't “hold .

To learn what your results mean, talk to your health care provider. Is there anything else I need to know about a protein in urine test? If you will be doing your urine test at home, ask your health care provider for recommendations on which test kit would be best for you. At-home urine tests are easy to do and provide accurate results as long as you carefully follow all instructions. References Hinkle J, Cheever K.

What steps can I take to feel better? How much should I drink each day? What liquids are best for me? Are there certain drinks or foods that I should avoid? Type: MP3 Time: Size: 2. Having problems when you urinate?

Listen to solutions from other people undergoing radiation therapy. Also, hear advice from Dr.

Painful or Frequent Urination in Men

Then talk with your own doctor or nurse to learn more. Miguel: Tip number 1: Drink lots of liquids each day. It's good for your urine to be clear or a pale yellow color. My doctor says that tells you you're getting enough liquids.

Most people find drinking about 8 cups of liquid a day does the trick. Of course, check to make sure that's the best amount for you, too.

Cara: Tip number 2: Water is wonderful, but you may want more zip in your sip.

Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections in Older People

I like water, but found it was hard to get enough water each day. I was glad to learn that Jell-O and soups also count as liquids.

To add some zip to what I drink, I have water with a little lemon and watered-down juices. Rodney: Tip number 3: Lose the booze. My doctor told me that wine, liquor, or even beer could really bother my bladder. So now I limit these liquids. Read now Why people test urine pH Because many factors affect urine pH, and because it can vary greatly, a doctor cannot diagnose a medical condition based on pH alone.

For instance, a pH of over 7 could signal a UTI or a different kind of infection. A doctor may consider urine pH along with other symptoms to make a diagnosis. They may also order a urine pH test to study the effectiveness of kidney stone treatments. Medications such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors acetazolamide aim to make urine more alkaline, so a doctor may take more than one sample to see whether the pH is changing.

How to test urine pH A doctor will look at the color and appearance of the urine. Sometimes, a doctor may ask for a "clean-catch" urine sample to prevent bacteria from entering the sample.

These bacteria are harder to kill. They cause illnesses that are harder to cure and more costly to treat. This increases the risk of complications. The resistant bacteria can also be passed on to others. – Urinate Now e-Book or PDF

If you get an infection from resistant bacteria, you may need more doctor visits and medicines that cost more. Some kinds of surgery can cause bleeding in the urinary tract—for example, prostate surgery and some procedures to remove kidney stones or bladder tumors. If you are going to have this surgery, you may need testing and treatment for bacteria in urine.

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