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1. Basic Editing. 2. Editing a Little Faster. 3. Searching. 4. Text Blocks and Multiple Files. 5. Windows. 6. Basic Visual Mode. 7. Commands for Programmers. 8. Vimbook OPL - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. vimbook. /keybase/public/krrishg/Books/ Download Raw. This file was signed by: krrishg. Krrish Ghimire. Using the Keybase filesystem. # OSX open.

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Vim book errata This is an unofficial list of mistakes for the first book on Vim. Don't be discouraged by the number of items. Most are just small mistakes that don't interfere with understanding how Vim works. However, there are a few errors in examples, which are quite annoying. You can find information about the book itself here. If you order it from this page, a percentage of the sales will help poor children in Uganda! Some items are included from the official errata list. These are marked with -official-.

VimEditor < Codev < TWiki

Or in Vim terms, it pops a tag off the tag stack. This is used by the help system to define a tag hyperlink destination. Chapter 7, Commands for Programmers, explains tags in detail. To get help on a given subject, use the following command: :help subject To get help on the x command, for example, enter the following: :help x To find out how to delete text, use this command: :help deleting To get a complete index of what is available, use the following command: :help index When you need to get help for a control character command for example, CTRL-A, you need to spell it with the prefix CTRL-.

By default, the help system displays the normal-mode commands. For example, the following command displays help for the normal-mode CTRL-H command: To identify other modes, use a mode prefix.

Using a Count to Edit Faster 13 When you start the Vim editor, you can use several command-line options. These all begin with a dash -. To find what the -t command-line option does, for example, use the command :help -t The Vim editor has a number of options that enable you to configure and customize the editor.

If you want help for an option, you need to enclose it in single quotation marks. To find out what the number option does, for example, use the following command: The following table summarizes the special prefixes. Table 1. In the other figures the slash also has to be removed.

Other special characters are the backslash, dash and ]. There is no reason to insert the backslash either. Because of the line break the space goes unnoticed. Just like the last but one sentence above the figure.

Editing Macros

They should be the same character in the same font. The text has a double quote before the equal sign that shouldn't be there. A double quote at the end is missing for both callouts. This should be: You can also use the command "1P.. They should all be the same. It's not clear that the [ and ] are not to be typed. It should be count with italic style, like it is used elsewhere.

The space is not included. In many items: "and the space after it", "and spaces after it" and "and the following space" should be "and all the white space after it".

Page , Figure The ones indicating a full tab should all be the same length. It should be different in that a Tab typed after the X never inserts spaces but a real Tab.

Page , The :retab Command error: The third sentence must be deleted, it's a copy of the first one except that "tab stops" turns into "tap stops". Page , figure Page , Comparing Two Files minor: "in the window you want to move and move it" is wrong. It probably should be "in the window you want to move". Should either use quotes for all three items or none at all.

This wasn't mentioned before and it isn't an operator. Both numbers and names are recognized. It should explain the use of a backslash or leave it out.

These should not be bold. It should be mentioned that these have a special meaning. Also "on" and "off" have to be upper case. The figure should have an example with some of the mentioned letters in the first column.

There is no relation between mapping and the 'suffixes' option. The trailing slash is optional. With the slashes added it doesn't check for a whole word.

It belongs as a separate section below "Miscellaneous Commands". Change "ka" to "kx". Also, in "the distance between the left edge of the editor and the right side of the screen" the "left" should be "right".

The 'icon' and 'iconstring' options should be bold. The explanation is incomplete, it only says what the author experienced, not how it works or how it would work on another system.

Vim book errata

This should mention that the name of the menu is used as the name of the icon. And Vim actually checks for a file first, so that you can overrule the builtin icons. The item should be for "Initial uppercase letter and lowercase letter somewhere inside". That line should be bold, while the following comment should not be bold. The line starting with Note: should have a line break after "associated with", so that the double quote is at the start of the next line.

They are to be used after a command like ":edit" or as an argument to the expand function. This section doesn't really belong here. It's not a good example, the loop will be infinite as soon as the first "if" statement is true. The line should be replaced with: execute 'echo "Arg" index "is " a:'.

The arguments of the function are also listed. The line in the listing below the "while" line is wrong, it should be equal to the function listing halfway the page.

Change "the equivalent of" to "similar to". There is also a Japanese translation of the first edition. This book is task oriented.

It is about pages. The slightly different syntax of Vim patterns can then be found in the Vim help files.

I also reviewed the text, hopefully all vimbook opl have been corrected. Want to add to the discussion? No idea on how to fix, unfortunately. Vimbook opl the page on the publisher site about this. Although the book is copyrighted, I have been told the code examples can be shared, with some restrictions.