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Heads up! Now is the time for mobile MMO RPG games for true gamers. Our review lists 5 top MMO RPG games you can ever find on the Internet. Find your favorite mobile games here.


• Our list is headed by an unprecedented guts busting racing MMO RPG Angry Racer, that will bring you in the world of hot racing and fierce crossfires. This game is a unique fusion of classical car racing with shooting combat game. It’s an awesome chance to enjoy both genres in one MMO RPG. It offers opportunities to upgrade your car in the garage to become even more notorious and deadly. Install a bigger cannon or a missile launcher to burn your opponents alive in their cans. If you’re looking for a good story – go for quests and events. Tired of restless racing battles? Go to the forum or chat and share your victorious experience with other gamers. So, newcomer, put your helmet on, get your guns oiled and engine run. Now start your car, get your hands on the wheel. Go for victory! Join us!


• Explore a stand alone fantasy world with Avabel Online. This a fine sample of an MMO RPG game in our review, so it’s definitely worth being reviewed, mainly due to its realistic gameplay and user-friendly interface. Enjoy real life fighting with underworld monsters, gain experience and upgrade your character to the top. Avabel Online combines real-time action with the enchanting steampunk setting. The action is going around a tower that you’re doomed to climb forever thrashing your enemies around. Don’t miss this release click on right now.


• Good news for WoW fans – Order and Chaos Online, another MMO RPG in our review today. Choose your destiny - join the battle as a soldier of the Army of Order or join the Horde of Chaos. For those who don’t wish to think much about movements, the developers made battle interface as simple as possible. On the other hand, you get a stunningly beautiful fantasy world inhabited by deadly creatures. Besides, a wide range of quests makes this MMO RPG really memorable.


• Today on our top mobile MMO RPG is another fine sample of brutal action from China – Armed Heroes, which roots in Diablo. This game offers an immeasurably huge world with fantastic scenery full of deadly creatures. It’s renowned for it’s realistic gameplay and a lot of opportunities for upgrading your character with skill lines. An intriguing non-linear storyline is something most gamers will appreciate in Armed Heroes – enjoy numerous quests which promise a bountiful loot. This game has an attractive option – automatic pilot system for your hero.


• The last, but not the least item in our review of top online MMO RPG games is Dark Legends - a child of Vampire: Masquerade, made in an obscure gothic setting. This vampire inspired game includes all genre clichés: raining blood, gore and exquisitely attractive world of the underworld creatures and blood sucking maniacs. That’s the time to use your silver bullets and UV-ray cannon. Qench your blood thirst with Dark Legends online MMO RPG. Now that you have studied our TOP-5, we are damn sure you know what to play right now! Just select one of these games – and play it non-stop! You will definitely like the game. Enjoy! We’ve worked for you!

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