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ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. $ A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a game of space combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Throughout. From the Mongoose Publishers website: A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a game of space combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Is this only available in pdf?. A Call to Arms Star Fleet Book One Revision Two () - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Star Fleet Battles.

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A Call To Arms Star Fleet Pdf

A CALL TO ARMS: STAR FLEET. ACTASF TABLE OF CONTENTS. —Updated 28 Mar 12— Copyright © ADB INC. /MONGOOSE PUBLISHING LTD. PAGE 1. A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book Federation Ship Roster Card Pack - Often known simply as “the Federation,” this Watermarked PDF. A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book Orion Ship Roster Card Pack - Not an empire at all, but instead a network of criminal Watermarked PDF.

Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. Your Mission: A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a game of space combat in the Star Fleet Universe. Throughout humanity's space-age history the United Federation of Planets has explored the octant of space it is in, but has come under pressure from enemies who sometimes became friends. Other times, it was war! Now you can play out these confrontations on your tabletop with fleets from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire, or one of many other empires including pirates! From skirmishes with a few destroyers to clashes between large fleets, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is what you need to make your own history and test your own skills. You can protect convoys of civilian shipping. Choose to fight one of the included scenarios or create your own. You can even run a campaign.

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It's an old favorite and sadly absent lately However, I won't promise you when as we don't know that. It is in Federation Commander already with Booster It is called Communique and is available from ADB's website.

Thus Book 1 will have a set, all with the Book 1 cover on the the left. The Federation happens to be blue. That way it will be visually easy to sort your ship roster card pack. We are in this for the long haul. There will be lots and lots of ships!

Brian P January 23, pm UTC Indeed- I had just bought the ship cards from the previous edition when it all went south- Do I have to pay for an "updated" version of the same product? Unfortunately, you will have to contact Mongoose regarding any sort of credit for your old cards.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet - version 1.2

These ship roster cards are completely redone. We are offering the basic rulebook as a "pay what you want" version so as to ease the hurt of the new revision, but we cannot give away the cards.

April should bring us Decados and Hazat fighter miniatures along with game datacards. Then in May, quite a few ship miniatures are scheduled for release.

Existing Noble Armada miniatures have been reworked and will be available again all in metal this time. Fleets will be released for the main 5 houses and all fleets will get new ships, especially those originally released with only 3 ships.

Iron Wind Metals will also stop production of Babylon 5 miniatures at the end of June so get your order in before then to make sure you get the minis you want.

They will honor all orders placed before July 1st but any order after that date they will continue to take orders until their remaining stock is depleted or until the end of the year, whichever comes first. With new ship variants, admirals, scenarios and fleet lists, this book also includes the much discussed Fleet Command chapter, granting each race truly unique capabilities, such as the Drazi Attack Run, Shadow Merging and Abbai Minelaying!

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The Fleet Scale miniatures are smaller and designed for large scale space battles. The line will debut with 97 miniatures representing the major races in the Babylon 5 universe. Miniatures will be available for order starting Monday April 13th.

After several months of prep, we began re-releasing this fantastic line of classic Sci-Fi space ships.

Eventually, we planned to over-haul most of the existing designs. We have invested a good bit of time and effort into the line to date, hoping that the Babylon 5 miniatures license would be a long-time deal Unfortunately, a few days ago we were informed that, for various reasons, Mongoose Games has opted not to renew their Babylon 5 contract with Warner Brothers.

As our license is tied in with Mongoose, when their license expires, ours does as well. This is a possibility that we had known existed, as Mongoose was very up-front about things from the start, however we had hoped that circumstances would allow them to renew.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet - version 1.2

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. We discussed picking up the license ourselves, but for many reasons this will most likely not be possible either.

Therefore, as it stands we will be forced to cease production of the Babylon 5 miniatures at the end of June If this situation changes we will let everyone know - however, at this point that seems unlikely.

Iron Wind Metals now has the B5 minis available for sale, including remastered minis: Iron Wind Metals is pleased to announce that the 1st re-mastered Babylon 5 ships are available on our website now. For these exciting re-releases, we have re-molded and, when warrented, re-mastered the models from the original molds to return this great line to the quality it so richly deserves.

Any Babylon 5 items appearing on our site with a code number are re-mastered models. These will appear as they are done. Finally in the State of Mongoose post on their forums, Matt Sprange states: "From our point of view, interest in Babylon 5 has visibly declined in the past two years and, regretfully, we will not be renewing the licence in The space combat game set in the universe of Babylon 5 has too many fans for us to let it fall by the way side.

So, expect a new universe, new ships, and a lot of the core mechanics you have been asking for — including a solid points-based system! After several months of prep, we are ready to begin re-releasing this fantastic line of classic Sci-Fi space ships The Babylon 5 line of space craft is a wide-ranging and detailed line, and we at IWM feel that we can bring to the table our years of miniatures experience to allow us to raise the quality level of the miniatures to a higher plane than they have previously seen.

Eventually, we plan to over-haul most of the existing designs.

However, we are aware of the existing demand for these miniatures, and so want to offer as many ships as we can as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest quality level possible.

Therefore, our re-release plan for the line will go in several stages Step 1: We have returned to the roots of the Babylon 5 miniature line, contacting the original sculptor for the line, Behrle Hubbuch, who is re-mastering and re-working the ships from his original master molds, to return this great line to the level of quality it deserves.