Written for Boot Hill but usable in Aces & Eight's. Created by J.L. Hicks, 62k, v. 1, Jan 5, , PM, Kelley-Anne Crane. Ċ, aracer.mobi Aces & Eights, the Aces & Eights logo, Showdown, Shot Clock and the Kenzer and Company logo are the open range lies the Shattered Frontier of the Aces & . Fellow Aces and Eights fans, Kenzer has finally put up a PDF of the FULL rule Personally this RPG caught me by surprise, I love the Western.

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Aces And Eights Rpg Pdf

Aces & Eights: Player's Guidebook (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link] everything players need to ready their characters for the Shattered Frontier! Combat. Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top PDF Remove Search Term Search. Hottest Non-Core Books, Aces & Eights, PDF. Items 1 - 12 of 12 This PDF contains everything you need to bridge your copy of the Guns are at the heart of any good western rpg, and Aces & Eights is no.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of this award-winning game's release, we're sending the world back to the Shattered Frontier for more trail dust, lead and action. We've designed this Kickstarter to let all western fans belly up to the table and claim a stake in the action. What is Aces and Eights Reloaded? This new edition will be leathered if you choose Gunslinger! There are no levels and dozens of professions from which players can choose and even change as opportunity presents itself. At each stop you can further develop skills and abilities used while following those professions. What is the Showdown game? It will run approximately 48 pages. Hard copy version comes with one Standard Shot Clock and two silhouettes.

Aces & Eights: Reloaded, a Wild West role playing game

Anyways, a good start, I think the players are really waking up to the possibilities and see how fun and exciting it will be. I think I also did a good job of getting them the right feel for the time, between the period pictures and document I showed or gave them.

So I think we are all going to have a lot of fun exploring life in the Old West in the Montana Territory.

Oh yeah, the same reason in the last game that I hit twice in the first combat, and then missed every shot the rest of the night Now, just no one focus too much on my scar I hate to have to brawl with my new friends and then make them buy me another beer as an apology! I know if it happened to me when I was 18, I would in turn be shy about it around ladies, and prickly about it around guys that I didn't know.

I may have jacked something up Can you show exactly how skill buying with a high learning benefit works? For me say with my wisdom of 15 learning bonus of 4 and animal herding skill cost of 1. How does that work out? I know on something like camouflage cost of 6 it reduced the cost for initial buy down to 2. However, I may have messed up on those skills where they are less than the learning bonus Sorry about messing it up OK, so you have a skill learning modifier of 4.

For skills lower than 5, this means you will have to buy the skill multiple times, because you MUST always spend at least 1 BP to acquire a skill. So to calculate, recall that each buy increases the cost of the next buy by 1 BP.

Aces & Eights: Reloaded RPG

So for you to buy any additional skill that Wisdom applies to, it must be one of the listed relevant attributes for the skill your buying, and cost you at least 1 BP. So in this example, you have to buy Animal Herding 3 times. So for you, you subtract the 4, so 3 buys will have a final cost of 2 for you, and meet the 1 BP cost minimum required.

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PDF - Aces & Eights

Create Content for your Favorite Games. This handy. It is based on historical data and is easy to use. It also incorporates the games boomtown price inflation as well.

Another excellent tool from Kevin J. Aces PC Creator v2.

New Aces & Eights 2e | RPGnet Forums

An amazing excel spreadsheet that lets you generate every facet of your character. The original maps of Black Horse by master cartographer Craig Zipse.

The are a little bit different that those in the main Aces and Eights core book. The maps in the book edited out the railroad tracks to keep Black Horse as a small struggling town. Who knows, the original maps could actually reflect Black Horse in the future when the railroad comes to town.

The names on the buildings are different as well. The maps are copyright by Craig Zipse.

A good, old fashioned, set of random tables to determine how much cash a given person is carrying. Created by J. A very ingenious do-it-yourself wheel to keep track of the current count in your games. It can be read on both the player and GM sides simultaneously. A simple tool that does an awesome job. Created by Larsthegreat. Montana Handouts. Some period documents for campaign handouts from a game set in Montana.

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