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The Art of Alice: Madness Returns offers a look into the artwork behind this reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece offering concept art, illustrations and. The Art of Alice: Madness Returns [R.J. Berg] on Since site houses a large selection of art and concept art books, I downloadd it immediately . The Art of Alice: Madness Returns is a video game art book. .. The book is great because you get to see the pre-production concepts along with notes plus.

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Alice Madness Returns Concept Art Book

Just in time for Madness Returns, Dark Horse and Spicy Horse The Art of Alice offers an intimate look into the stunning and terrifying artwork. The Art of Alice: Madness Returns is a page, hardback art book showcasing various artwork for Alice: Madness Returns. Released in May. Art & Game Info. Alice: Madness Returns Art & Characters Gallery Art Book Source. The Art of Alice: Characters - Promo Pictures - Concept Art. 1 2 3 · Alice.

Alice: Madness Returns is played from a third-person perspective. The player controls Alice for the entirety of the game for running, jumping, dodging and attacking. In combat, Alice gains a small number of weapons that can be utilized in several ways. Her primary weapon is the Vorpal Blade , a decorated kitchen knife. The remainder of her arsenal is somewhat akin to the benign and mundane items that take on a deadly quality in Alice's tainted Wonderland in the first game.

Madness Returns gives fans a peak into what it took to create the second game due out June 14, Please click for the full review. May 17, Yodamom rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amazingly dark and beautiful a treat for the eyes.

I found myself totally astonished by every page the details are just so intricate. The emotions drawn in the faces and scenery made the art work come alive. The coloring superb, drawing the eye where it wants.

This is my kind of coffee table book. Cet artbook explique la direction artistique du jeu et les choix des artistes. Apr 10, Laura Ruetz rated it it was amazing. I never completed the game because my playstation broke but for those not familiar, the game has striking visuals and concepts - from the animation, the backgrounds and the characters. The book is great because you get to see the pre-production concepts along with notes plus notes and photos of the completed game characters, scenes and backgrounds.

It is a fascinating look not only the game itself, but how the characters evolved and the notes from the various people involved. From how they settl I never completed the game because my playstation broke but for those not familiar, the game has striking visuals and concepts - from the animation, the backgrounds and the characters. From how they settled on a look for Alice, to the evolution of their London and Wonderland, you get in depth looks at the details, from small to large.

Even if you have not played the game, the artwork here is intricate and amazing. This book is an incredible experience for anyone who loves "Alice: I really liked the first game but this one just blew my mind with its brilliant, creepy, dark art design, incredible gameplay and insane characters. It's definitely one of my favourite video games so this book with 6 chapters full of behind the scenes of making it made me very happy.

Now I just want to stay up late and experience the game all over again! Jan 21, Laxerous Ross rated it it was amazing. Very good Art Book. Having played the game and being a fan of the art style I was immediately interested in seeing if there was an art book, which there obviously was.

Very high quality images and art on high quality paper. Gives insight into the designs of various elements of the game and creative concept art makes it a feast for the eyes. Jan 22, Kitten Foxx rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I absolutely loved playing the game s if you count American McGee's Alice I loved the work put into the backgrounds, the characters and the soundtracks.

If you thought the games were great, you'll think the book is a fucking masterpiece. I loved looking at the work they put into the backgrounds, characters and reading a bit about what it took to draw it all. If you're an art fan, and enjoyed the game you'll enjoy this book. Sep 02, Chloe A-L rated it liked it. Sep 15, Mya rated it it was amazing. Or maybe I should just put down my art supplies and stylus and never pick them up again because hoo boy I am humbled and depressed.

Jan 21, Fyre. Katz rated it did not like it. Mar 21, April rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is a beautiful side note to an amazingly spectacular game. Jul 08, AJ Zender rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fantastic concept art, with interesting logs of the production for the game.

Jun 29, Aparajitabasu rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'll say it though - I am an occasional gamer and not a big fan alice in wonderland or wizard of oz but got to say though I recently began playing the game Alice: Madness Returns and i'm loving it. Here is the book summary: Legendary game designer American McGee created one of the most visually arresting games of all time in Alice.

Eleven I'll say it though - I am an occasional gamer and not a big fan alice in wonderland or wizard of oz but got to say though I recently began playing the game Alice: Just in time for Madness Returns, Dark Horse and Spicy Horse studio invite Alice fans to take a journey through the wonderland of American McGee's imagination for a look at this magnificent and disturbing world.

With text by Madness Returns lead writer and executive producer R. Berg, and featuring an introduction by McGee, The Art of Alice offers an intimate look into the artwork behind this blockbuster interpretation of Lewis Carroll's enduring masterpiece. Before a game, movie or even anything new is about to be made or is in its stages of production the said team begins about it by brain storming new ideas.

Sometimes those ideas are not adopted in the final play but they pave the way for the final product. And the paged hardcover art book based around all that was involved with the creation of American McGee's Alice sequel proves just that. You can see crows with baby faces, Jack the Ripper with tentacles, Alice helping a mother giving birth to a load of kids gruesome concept , an angler fish with human legs, cow birds, steampunk-like contraptions, a Chinese Humpty Dumpty, flying pig snout, embellished pieces of weaponry, etc.

The many variations that were tried for the characters, and Alice in particular are just amazing - down to dress designs and hair styles.

Alice Madness Returns Artbook

I loved seeing the evolution of ideas and characters, different artists takes on things. The book is filled with gorgeous art work and makes the reader really appreciate just how much work and thought goes into the making of a game. Not only is the artwork absolutely breathtaking, it is also very iteresting to see the different renditions of things and to see how the art progressed as planning for the game evolved.

There is a whole chapter just on Alice and her dress and all the thought that went into how Alice would portray the game. There are chapters on the worlds and why they were decided on and how they were built. The developers went to great lengths to make sure scenarios from the first game are echoed and portrayed similarly in this game; it is apparent that this is the Wonderland Alice originally went to but somewhat changed.

The content is beyond incredible. The art in the book comes with blurbs about the piece from the artist or a producer, and it often goes into detail about the piece, why it was made, and what the goal for the piece was.

Most of the work is concept art, but they are of high quality. There is a lot of complete pieces with full color and depth. Not just sketches or storyboards which is common in alot of artbooks you get as preorder bonuses with games. The book is broken into chapters, with each chapter giving insight on an aspect of the game, such as pre-production or Wonderland locations. Each chapter has art pertaining to the theme.

So in pre-production, you see alot of the brainstorming and ideas that came up early in the game's development that ended up getting cut from the game. It's a real treat to see.

Even the design of the characters are in detail. All things said and done if you enjoy graphic novels and art books, are an Alice aficionado and love gothic, gloomy styling you'll dig this book for sure. May 17, Patricia rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved it.

I don't "do" Artbooks often, but this was amazing. Some months ago I met this guy. We were awkward around each other until we found something to talk about.

The Art of Alice: Madness Returns: R.J. Berg: Books

When he told me about the first Alice Game, I wanted to have it. Needless to say there wasn't any store that still had it in stock.

And of course this little punk wouldn't give his copy to me for a week or two. So, what was the first thing that I did when I got this Galley? Facebook, Twitter and ICQ. And he was so I loved it. And he was so damn pissed.

Make some screenshots, show me something, anything, puleaaase! D The real question is how do I review an artbook? So many that my expectations and my imagination are running wild. After the introduction by American McGee Oh, btw: Now I need to have the game even more! I can recommend the book to Alice-Fans as well as some of the Artbookfans.

It's worth the money and I already preordered the physical book and the Game, of course!

Art of Alice : Madness Returns [Hardcover]

Do you know those books that you dive into? You don't want to stop reading them, because they are so complex, the worldbuilding is so genious and everytime you look you find something new that you either love or hate or whatever. I'm so glad I'll have the game in June.

Another FF woulda killed me. Alice 2 is going to be so awesome. Oh boy. download the book, download the game, download the first Alice game. Die happy. May 27, Karissa rated it it was amazing. I loved the artwork from the first video game, American McGee's Alice, and this book goes into great detail on how the artwork was designed and detailed for the second game Alice: The artwork was absolutely stunning, it has a very dark overtone to it, and the explanations about artistic decisions that were made are engaging and interesting.

I am always a bit surprised about how much planning and work goes in I got an eGalley of this book from Dark Horse through NetGalley dot com.

Art of Alice : Madness Returns by R. J. Berg and American McGee (2011, Hardcover)

I am always a bit surprised about how much planning and work goes into the art for certain video games. Design-by-marketing can work, actually: you look at a lot of EA releases and they look great. DET: And yet, for all their input, the actual marketing seemed to diminish at launch. What were the numbers like? You know how important marketing is, and I do point fingers at EA just not giving us any marketing support at the final hour.

We swung by E3, and I think the game was coming out two or three weeks after. It was released in the same week as Duke Nukem Forever, if I remember. Duke Nukem had a huge presence at E3: a booth, ads everywhere, TV, billboards. Alice was nowhere to be seen at E3. We got that through social media as well: people were saying it was hard to find copies, that there was very low buzz.

Which is such a shame because you know how important that push is in the last few weeks. More concept art, this time by artist Julie Dillon, depicts the imprisonment of the Red King. What were its early attempts like? Wong: I guess surreal is this very subtle and disturbing thing, very psychological. To begin with [the team] drew very obviously violent things in a very straight way — gory, spiky, dripping with blood.

Or quite comical, whimsical things that were strange but a bit random, like blending two animals together. Chinese culture is only now graduating to this. And that was exciting. This studio can be put on the map and you guys can be part of that. You can do something no one else in your country is doing. Was there ever a question of adventure versus combat? We had our work cut out for us, really. We thought we could do it all: a great story, a great environment and great action gameplay.

It was really ambitious. But that does exclude people. Alice is what it is. We picked our battles. Some might dismiss fan art as amateurish or derivative. Wong: We wanted to put our finger on the pulse of why that first game had such resonance. Why were people still talking about Alice and making fan art of it ten years later? That sort of thing comes across in the fan art as well. The fan art emphasises character and strangeness and all this stuff.

Promotional artwork by artist Joy Ang. Pig's snouts, which make noise when the player is close, can be struck with the pepper grinder to reveal new paths. Radula rooms provide a short challenge to the player, which on completion grants a jar of paint; obtaining four jars earns the player another rose for Alice's health. Memories can be picked up that provide voiceovers revealing parts of the game's backstory.

Upon completion, the player can start a new game plus , letting them play through the game again but keeping all their weapons and upgrades from the previous attempt.

From the menu, the player can also review the memories that they have found within the game. Plot[ edit ] Within events of the first game, Alice Liddell, believing herself responsible for a fire that consumed her home and her family, escapes into a twisted version of Wonderland.

While held at Rutledge Asylum for treatment, Alice was able to conquer her doubts, and eventually was released from the ward. Madness Returns takes place in , a year after Alice's release. Angus Bumby, a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to help his child patients forget their memories.

Though she believes that she is fine, Alice still suffers from hallucinations of Wonderland. During an errand, Alice is struck by a hallucination and believes herself to be in Wonderland again.

Though initially idyllic, the peaceful land quickly becomes corrupted by the Infernal Train that rampages through it, leaving behind the Ruin, a force that attempts to stop Alice. Alice meets with the Cheshire Cat who affirms that it is some outside force, not Alice, that has caused this corruption, and urges her to seek out former friends and foes to discover the source of the Train.

Throughout the rest of the game, Alice briefly returns to reality between episodes occurring within Wonderland.

In the real world, Alice learns from the family lawyer that her sister, Elizabeth nicknamed "Lizzie" , was first to die in the fire, despite being the farthest from its source, and had been locked in her room.

Within the corrupted Wonderland, Alice attempts to learn more from Wonderland's various citizens, including the Duchess , the Mad Hatter , the Mock Turtle , the Walrus and the Carpenter , and the Caterpillar.

She is ultimately told that the Queen of Hearts still lives despite her defeat at Alice's hands before, though in a diminished capacity. At the Queen's castle, Alice discovers the Queen's true form, which resembles her younger self.

The Queen reveals that an entity called the Dollmaker has taken over the Infernal Train and is corrupting Wonderland. Returning to London, Alice starts to recall her memories of the night of the fire and realizes that Dr. Bumby was there. He is responsible for the death of her sister and her whole family. She comes to the conclusion that Dr.