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She promised to buy me the Assimil Czech method in full when my When I Googled the title, I came up with some free PDF download. There, I picked up a copy of Assimil "Tcheque sans Peine". Yes, I have decided to brush up on my Czech through French. I'll get onto the whys. Assimil-le..> , 14M aracer.mobi, , 20M. CzechAn-essential..> , M.

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Assimil Czech Pdf

Assimil learning material including books and aracer.mobi: Unfortunately Bulgarian; Croat; Czech; Russian. South East Asian. Chinese. I'm looking for the PDF + audio for the Brazilian Portuguese course. I have all the Czech, r/learnczech. Danish, r/ . Your best bet is using the Assimil e-methode, which is available for Brazilian for English speakers. Oh, well. Author of Assimil Language Courses, Assimil Language Courses (Learning Czech for French Speakers) / Book Plus 4 Audio Compact Discs.

When you finish the course, you will be able to read newspapers and novels with the aid of a dictionary, carry on a conversation, handle transportation issues like renting a car or riding a bus or train and rent a hotel room or make a reservation in a restaurant. If you would like to converse with your Spanish-speaking in-laws, the Assimil course is ideal because the vocabulary pertains to everyday topics. And you learn this "with ease" and with a great touch of humor. The course is never boring and requires only 30 minutes per day. No wonder that millions of people have learned a new language with Assimil. And so can you! In Depth: With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number of colloquial, grammatical and cultural expressions, you will be able, upon completion, to practice your newly-acquired language in a fluent, lively and effective manner. Travel Companion: Even before completing your Assimil courses, you will have acquired, with the first 20 or 30 lessons, enough of a base in the language to understand and start conversing at a level of effectiveness far superior to that supplied by phrase book or similar travel aids. A Review: Assimil is also an excellent tool for those who read the language already and want to keep up or improve their hearing and speaking ability. Experience: Since it pioneered in this field 60 years ago, and after millions of methods sold World-Wide, Assimil has always been at the forefront of Foreign Language Self-Teaching. Includes: comprehensive and progressive lessons exercises with answer keys dual language glossary grammar summary Because of the overall seriousness, thoroughness and caliber of the "Assimil with Ease" approach, Assimil has no match in the crowded field of self-teaching methods. Advantages of the MP3 CD: Listen to the lessons and exercises straight through or sentence by sentence Display the corresponding text simultaneously on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, notebook, etc.

Listen to the recording once more. Stop the machine after each sentence, and try to repeat it aloud.

Carefully read the comments several times. Examine the foreign sentences being explained. These notes are very important. Read the exercises. Repeat each sentence several times.

Assimil: Italian Super Pack

The exercises review material from the current lesson and from preceding lessons. If you have forgotten certain words, consult the English translation.

Examine the examples of sentence structure. They show how words and phrases are combined in the target language, which is not always the same as in English.

Assimil: German Super Pack

In practice, few students follow these steps exactly. The essential ideas are repeatedly listening to the audio while reading both versions of the text probably about 10 times in various combinations and taking the time to do the exercises and read the notes. Assimil encourages students to do one lesson per day.

Other students combine Assimil with Shadowing or Scriptorium. Yet others use it as an excellent supplement to more traditional approach or a core around which they gather their own curriculum.

Assimil experiment group log with a lot of experience concerning the method and individual courses as well.

FREE RESOURCE: Assimil 1957 Italian Without Toil

A video review by Arguelles. This includes a nice description of what he could do when he finished the courses. I think that I will add it to the buy list.. I found it, CT24 live , and it works. Harkins Once again, this is a fairly old course, ! I mention it because the audio files are available on the Celtie site.

Although, generally speaking, I afford particular attention to negative reviews on Amazon, I would tend to discount the few negative ones on this particular series. I am using this one, it seems pretty good to me. Quite dense too.

Assimil - The New French with Ease

That is, based on my experiences with Routledge Colloquial Polish, their Czech course is probably fairly thorough. It would probably take one to something approaching the A2 level provided one put in the necessary hours of study. I suspect that the negative reviews reflect the opinions of English-speaking students who are not quite aware just how much of effort is required to learn a Slavic language.

Furthermore, I would expect that the audio recordings would be delivered at a speed approaching that of native speakers and that this can seem like an insurmountable barrier for some beginners. PS: Routledge also publishes a Czech Grammar and, based on my experiences with their grammars for other languages, it is probably well-written.

I am not too familiar with Colloquial, but I shall have a look. Free audio is always a good thing, again.