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Get Instant Access to PDF File: #a29a90 Coloring Dc Tp Vol 01 Batman Hush (Dc Comics Coloring Book) By Jeph Loeb [KINDLE PDF EBOOK. Access eBook Coloring Dc Tp Vol 01 Batman Hush (Dc Comics Coloring Book) By Jeph Loeb [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. (c) >>> page 1 of 7. Downloads PDF Batman: Hush, PDF Downloads Batman: Hush, Downloads Batman: Hush, PDF Batman: Hush, Ebook Batman: Hush, Epub.

Continuing from the last volume, the sto 5. Continuing from the last volume, the story begins when Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are attacked by Harley Quinn at the opera! Can I just say that this volume had really put me at the edge of my seat? I also loved seeing the developing relationship between Catwoman and Batman as Jeph Loeb truly showed Batman struggling with trying to trust Catwoman and how Batman has to learn to start trusting people despite what happened to his parents when he was a child. I loved Nightwing the best as he has a bright and hilarious personality and is usually there to comfort Batman whenever he was at his most vulnerable. I just loved the way that Jim Lee illustrated the lightning sequences in this volume as the lightning looks truly realistic and it really captured the intense mood of the scenes where Batman is fighting during the nighttime.

Sweet sixteen year old Robin posing for a magazine in just his mask and armored shorts was the perfect solution. There was no way Bruce had set up this interview without seeing all the questions they were going to ask me himself. What was he trying to get out of me? Did he really think this was a proper substitute for sitting down and having a conversation with me?

Batman: Hush, Vol. 2

My son? Thanks for your time, everybody.

I was fourteen and he was all by himself with a half empty bottle of cheap whiskey. I hid under the gap in the stairs and just watched him drink and cry until Alfred scooped me up backwards and carried me away. He was bound to run out eventually.

Lucky me. Uh, both, I guess?

Bruce should hire her. I wondered if he already had. And yet still, a fire of defense rages in my chest. He twists around in bed lazily to face him, propping himself up on one spindly elbow. He smirks up at me, predicting my next move before I can make it. I wince. Jason just shrugs, immunized to cruelty. Plus, it was a hell of an upgrade.

My last placement was a trailer park. That dad used to take me out to the port-a-potties in the middle of the night. I figured, if Bruce Wayne wants to fuck me, at least he has a pool. Got himself the perfect sad, damaged little boy to follow his every command, worship the ground he walks on. Jason thinks Bruce is some fucking knight in shining armor. I realize, only just in that moment, maybe he fucking is. Maybe he saw what was happening to Jason and cared.

Maybe he loves him.

Jason rolls his eyes. Pokes me in the chest.

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I laugh at that. I let him rub his chapped lips across my knuckles. Every word from his mouth is a hit of a heavy drug and I need him to give me more. He nudges his snub nose into my shoulder shyly. And I need him to want me, want me more than he wants him.

I need him to be mine. I stroke my thumb across his bottom lip. He closes his long lashed eyes. Boy Wonder. His hero.

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The power of it burns my tongue like the wrong side of a battery. He reacts to the sound of his name like a needle in his neck. He hates it, he wants me to say it again. I run my knuckles across his jaw.

I look down at my hands. I try to remember that day, the photoshoot, the interview, with more clarity. Jason bristles, shoulders still pulled back, his body is trained to react to danger. A trail of dark hair runs from his belly button down to the band of his boxers hiked up out of his jeans. His slender hips lift up as I wrap my fingers through the empty belt loops of his jeans and pull them down.

He boldens at my silence, kicking and stretching one of those long, tan legs over my lap. I wrap my wrist around his ankle and tug. He laughs, wriggles ineffectually, he loves being caught. He lets his fingers move the hem even higher, slides his hand down his bare stomach. I react before I think, grabbing hold of his wrist roughly, pulling his hand out of his boxers.

An even younger version of the boy in front of me, looking at those ridiculous photos of me with my shirt off, reading all the stupid shit I said, wanting me so badly he had to touch himself.

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He sits up, undeterred by the warning in my voice, practically in my lap, but at just the right angle to press his lips up to my ear. Jason presses his lips to my skin, hums against my stubbling jaw. I look down and see Jason kneeling between my legs, my hands in his hair, those pouty lips wrapped around my cock.

I groan. I let him be. I let him slide one hand down my chest, I let him undo my belt, my jeans, I let him slide his hand inside and palm the wet spot in my underwear, let him know just how good he is. I grab his wrist and extract it, lifting it up to my lips so I can kiss his bruised knuckles. I keep kissing his fingers. So good. He melts, of course, and pulling him across my lap is like spreading soft butter over warm bread.

I hold his face in my hands. I kiss his forehead, the tip of his nose, his lips. I let him kiss me, let him sigh into my mouth, let him be messy and inexperienced with his tongue. He shifts in my lap. I squeeze his hips and bite my lip and try to come to terms with the fact that nothing will ever feel like this. Like this. The budget, approved at the Oct. Item specifics Condition: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item including handmade items. See the seller's listing for full details.

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