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Between the Lines book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Delilah is a bit of a loner who prefers spending her time in t. Between the Lines is a young adult novel co-written by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer, her daughter. The novel was published on June 26, by Simon. Book lovers in particular are likely to get a kick out of the blurring of the lines between character and reader, fact and fiction. Fizzy fairy-tale fun. Kirkus Reviews.

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Between The Lines Book Between the Lines (): Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer: Books. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr Fifteen-year-old Delilah likes nothing Similar books to Between the Lines; Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. In fact, there's one book in particular she can't get enough of. If anyone knew how many times she has read and re-read the sweet little fairy tale she found in the.

Internationally bestselling author Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer team up to create a story about a girl who crosses the border between reality and fantasy in a perilous search for her own happy ending. What happens when happily ever after. Delilah hates school as much as she loves books. In fact, there's one book in particular she can't get enough of. If anyone knew how many times she has read and re-read the sweet little fairy tale she found in the library, especially the popular kids, she'd be sent to social Siberia. To Delilah, though, this fairy tale is more than just words on the page.

Although I personally found Delilah to be a less compelling character than Oliver, she does grow on you as the novel progresses. Oliver was a fascinating character from start to finish.

I love reading about quick-witted characters. They communicate both in the beginning and while trying to get Oliver out of the book.

Additionally, when Delilah gets written in they have time together in person, but really, the book is a set-up for the relationship to develop later off-screen. Like Delilah herself, the romance grew on me. The way it was set up seemed more organic and less forced, especially when Delilah points out that she is only 15, and that maybe they should try dating before talking about marriage.

Between the Lines ยท by Jodi Picoult & Samantha van Leer

The romance seemed a bit rushed, but it was still really sweet. I found myself caring about the characters and hoping that they would all get a happy ending.

Not to give any spoilers, but it is a fairy tale. If it was made into a movie, I feel like both Picoult and Van Leer would have to be involved in a very serious way, to make sure that their vision translates well.

When nothing seems to work, Oliver pulls Delilah into his story. Delilah realizes that as much as she wants to be with Oliver, she wants her life at home as well.

Off the Page

Oliver's magician friend returns Delilah to her world. As a last resort, Delilah decides to talk to the author of Between the Lines. Between the Lines, a fairy tale, was the last book she ever wrote, but she is most famous for her best-selling thriller books. Delilah goes to Jessamyn's house and asks her to rewrite the ending. Jessamyn says she can't. She urges Delilah to call her mom, but invites Delilah to stay for the night since she's so far from home.

Delilah meets Edgar, Jessamyn's son, who is the spitting image of Oliver. Edgar loves to play video games and feels all he's ever done is disappoint his mother.

Between the Lines

When Delilah learns Jessamyn's copy of Between the Lines is still on the computer that Edgar uses for playing games, she and Edgar rewrite the ending.

Edgar trades places with Oliver, becoming the fairy-tale character, while Oliver becomes real at last. Christian Beliefs None Other Belief Systems The book in which Oliver lives contains fairy-tale magic, with characters such as dragons, fairies and trolls. One character brings to life whatever he paints on his canvas.

Another knows a spell that shows the future.

Between the Lines: A YA Book Review About Fictional Characters Coming to Life

Mermaids cast spells that allow their victims to breathe underwater. Delilah suggests to Oliver that maybe Jessamyn wrote the book because some higher power, such as fate or destiny, compelled her to do so in order for them to meet. When a powerful wave of magical pandemonium breaks out in Oliver's world, Oliver's canine friend, Frump, becomes a naked human.

Authority Roles Delilah's dad left for another woman.

Mom worries about Delilah because she doesn't have many friends or hobbies. She sends Delilah to therapy when she sees her obsessing about a children's fairy-tale book.

Author Jessamyn Jacobs created Oliver to be the type of young man she hoped Edgar would become. Delilah's nemesis is the most popular girl in school, Ally McAndrews. Before long, Delilah and Oliver forge a bond neither have experienced before, and they begin to fall in love. Between the Lines garnered several achievements on the young adult fiction market. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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