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NEWS ROUND-UP. India Inc expects economy to grow at percent next fiscal. FinMin sees improvement in economy. More in this section. NEWS?” project. The actual report has been prepared and written for Ifra by Prof. Dr. Robert G. Picard and Dr. Cinzia Dal Zotto from the International Business. Business news and analysis. Covering financial news, economic issues, stock market data, local business, business policy and more.

Although most of public. The New corporate reputations among the public. Although most agenda-setting responds closely to the salience of issues on research to date has analyzed an agenda of the media agenda. The lead story on page by the Gallup Poll and the volume of news one, front page versus inside page, the size coverage in the weeks immediately preced- of the headline, and even the length of a ing these polls. In Pamplona, Spain, Canel, mention on the evening television news is Llamas, and Rey found substantial a strong signal about the salience of an correspondence between patterns of news issue, person, institution, corporation, or coverage and the public agenda of local any other object that is in the news.

Safeguarding the financial system from evolving risks Financial stability supports innovation, prosperity and sustainable growth.

Open Banking gives consumers more control over their data. But authorities need to address concerns around liability and operational resilience.

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Market based finance has bought welcome diversity and choice in funding options. But possible vulnerabilities around liquidity mismatches and investor behaviour need to be understood and managed, particularly following a decade of ultra low interest rates. Chapter 7. Safeguarding the financial system from evolving risks pdf 8.

Enhance protection against cyber risks The financial system is a constant target for cyber criminals. Regulators and the private sector need to maximise their efforts to keep up with this dynamic threat.

Cyber penetration and simulation exercises to explore vulnerabilities and encourage firms to build greater resilience will be essential.

The key part missing in the UK cyber defences today is an industry response to a data wipe at an institution. Building a strong model for data recovery should be a priority for industry.

US Sheltered Harbor is a useful concept to explore. Finance can help businesses manage cyber risks, build resilience and recover from incidents through wider access to cyber insurance products.

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But to become widely adopted, cyber insurance needs richer datasets. Chapter 8. Enhance protection against cyber risks pdf 9.

Embrace digital regulation Markets have been made far more transparent in response to the financial crisis. Wang setting is concerned with the salience of the used an experimental design to attributes of those objects. When subjects were They also describe each of those objects. For each object on among subjects not exposed to the stories.

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Wanta of attributes. Daily decisions by the public agenda.

The proliferation of corporate rank- butes is especially obvious in an election ing systems worldwide, including such context.

Examples of substantive attributes Fombrun, In the language of include ideology and issue positions, com- agenda setting, companies making the list petency, experience, or personal traits are prominent on the media agenda and McCombs, Lopez-Escobar and Llamas, more likely to be prominent on the public Both are absorbed by the public.

The all.

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This leads to a second- an object from the perspective of the level agenda-setting proposition about the object. However, Iyengar and Simon, This departure from the all companies and their executives, not just results found in a wide spectrum of politi- the companies explicitly mentioned in cal communication settings clearly calls for these news reports.

Both the sub- about corporate reputations is grounded in stance and tone of their attribute agendas that larger body of evidence. Conversely, the explicitly linked to the president Krosnick more negative that media coverage is for and Kinder, ; Krosnick and Brannon, a particular attribute, the more nega- ; Iyengar and Simon, The agenda-setting German public Kepplinger et al.

Although opinion about. Oil prices rise on global production cuts APR 15 - Enough mansplaining: Money, money, money: Don't miss out on the latest news and information. Follow us: Taxation BIR expects tax amnesty to boost collections April 15, Columnists Watch out for these consumer stocks April 15,

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