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CAR Issue 02 supersedes Revision 1 dated 28th February Amendment to the validity of CAR approval in line with Rule B. This CAR is a requirement for maintenance organisations . NOTE: A CAR- approval is not required for the pre-flight inspection. CAR 1)When was CAR is introduced? CAR Rev.0 was introduced on 26th January CAR Issue 02 dated 8th October.

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PART III Chapter 9. CAR /AMC/GM: MORC – Removal of any reference to GCAA. Supplement. APPENDIX IV to CAR . Added “Table 1”. CAR to be harmonized with amendments to EASA and ICAO Annexes in a timely manner. 4. Reserved. However existing UAE GCAA approved CAR CAR IMPORTANT QUESTIONS DGCA - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CAR is one of the core parts of Civil aviation.

B may carry out maintenance 1. An organization shall appoint an accountable manager who shall 1. Ensure that all the recovery resources are available to accomplish maintenance 3. NDT comes under class of organizations 1. Specialized services 2. Normal services 3. Both 4. None 4. Internal audit of CAR organization 1. Twice in a year 2. Once in two years 3.

An organization having Max. Independent audit CAR sample check means 1. Sampling 2. Visual Inspection 3. CAR 21 3. CAR M Single engine helicopter used for commercial purpose is maintained by 1. Independent Audit for small organization should be carried out 1. Human Factors training procedure included in 1. Management 2. Maintenance Procedure 3. Quality System procedure MTCS 1.

Quality system procedure of MOE is 1. Part 1 2. Part 2 3. Part 3 4.

Part 4 For CAR small organization 1. Accountable Manager may be line maintenance manager 2. Accountable Manager may be line maintenance Manager or work shop manager 3. Accountable Manager may be Accountable Manager for one or more organization 3. All the above The independent Audit CAR the sample 1.

Repeat assembly or testing under sample check identifies finding 2. To access the knowledge of certifying staff Which of the following forms the part of MOE? Control of man hour plan verses schedule maintenance work 4. Part 0 4. Aircraft taking procedure, engine running procedure is given in which part of MOE 1. Part 0 2. Production Planning includes 1.

Scheduling the line maintenance work ahead to ensure that if does not interfere with other work 2. Consideration should be given man hour estimation preparation of work hangar availability 4.

CAR is applicable for 1. Large Aircraft fitted with Turbine engine 2. Multi engine Helicopter 4. AMO section 2 Series E Open rating in case of CAT. Components of twin engine helicopter is maintained by 1. CAR 3. CAR M sub part G 4. CAR sec-2 L X CAR sec-2 series E Approval Schedule for maintenance organization is issued in CAR 1. In case of CAR organizations, acceptance of nominated post holder is on 1.

In CAR organization 1. The certifying staff shall ensure the compliance has been met as per direction of DGCA 3. The certifying staff shall ensure that compliance has been met as per work package approved by DGCA 4. An organization which is located in whole or in part, outside India will only be granted CAR approvals in respect of such location 1.

If the DGCA, is satisfied that there is a need for such approval at that location 2. Quality Manager 2. Maintenance Manager 3. Accountable Manager 4. The minimum maintenance workload needed for commercial viability 2. The maximum maintenance workload needed for line stations 3. The aircraft base maintenance only 4. Where a CAR organization choose to appoint managers for all or any combination of the identified CAR functions because of the size of the organization, these managers support to the Accountable Manager 1.

Directly 2. Through base maintenance manager or line maintenance manager 3. Through workshop manager or Quality manager 4. At least half the staff that performs maintenance should be permanent employees to ensure organizational stability 2.

Contract staff that performs maintenance should be made aware of organization procedures specified in the MOE relevant to their duties 3. Engine 3. RAO 2. He or She also be a maintenance manager or workshop manager 4. DGCA form 3 is. Person carry out control color contrast dye penetrant test in accordance with 1.

All Category B 3. He may be the accountable manager for more than one organization 3. Accountable manager is responsible for. As specified in MOE Quarterly 4. Category A 2. During major servicing 4. The responsibilities of Accountable Manager are 1. CAR M 3. Temporary fitment of a component in an aircraft without CRS for.

Safety Manager Demonstrate the basic understanding of CAR 4. National aviation regulation of state which line station is based 3. QCM 2. Demonstrate the basic understanding of CAR 3. Only 2 is correct.

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Maintenance of Large Aircraft 3. Ensure all resources available to accomplish maintenance in accordance with Maintenance on uninstalled components of airframe shall be carried out by CAR 2. After reaching to the main base 3. In CAR base maintenance manager. First Flight 2.

CAR organization involved in 1. DGCA requirements 2.

Category C 4. All of the above Unsalvageable are permitted to re. Twice in a year 3.

Work shop manager 4. Category D DGCA specified standard 2. Equivalent standard recognized by DGCA 3. Approval recommendation report Airworthiness review certificate 3. Accountable manager may the chief executive officer 2. When component is classified as non — serviceable.

Level II 3. Incase of small maintenance organistion Class rating A2 is 1. Organistion shall notify to DGCA. Organistion shall have available and use the necessary equipment tool and material to perform approved scope of work 1.

Accountable manager 4. The authorized release certificate is 1. DGCA 3. CA 4 Base and line maintenance of aeroplane of kg and below 2. Providing flying instruction 3. Regulatory authority of Manufacture 4. This record contain 1. Only 2 is correct Certification Authorization issued by 1. Level IV Organizations Quality manager 2.

Non compliance with CAR requirements which lowers the safety standard and hazard seriously the flight 1. Stored in a safe way with regard to fire. MTCS about the organization record 1. How to carry out the particular maintenance task 2. Level I 2. RAO 4. Level III 4.

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Computer back up disc.. Airworthiness approval tag is identified as 1. Manufacturer Both a and b 4. Any occurrence in the organization shall report by the organization 1. Scope of certification Authorisation 4.

Minimum age of certifying staff 1. Base and line maintenance of aeroplane of kg and above piston engine only 3. Manufacturer 4. During maintenance new defect or incomplete maintenance work brought to the attention of 1. Turbine engine aeroplane 4. According to CAR all maintenance organistion preserved for the period of 1. ALL the above Secure storage facilities are provided for components, equipment, tools and material.

Storage conditions ensure segregation of serviceable components and material from unserviceable aircraft components, material, equipment and tools. The conditions of storage are in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to prevent deterioration and damage of stored items. Access to storage facilities is restricted to authorized personnel All aircraft components, wherever practicable, should remain packaged in protective material to minimize damage and corrosion during storage.

The organisation shall have a maintenance man-hour plan showing that the organisation has sufficient staff to plan, perform, supervise, inspect and quality monitor the organisation in accordance with the approval.

In addition the organisation shall have a procedure to reassess work intended to be carried out when actual staff availability is less than the planned staffing level for any particular work shift The maintenance man-hour plan should take into account all maintenance activities carried out outside the scope of the CAR approval.

In the case of aircraft base maintenance, the maintenance man-hour plan should relate to the aircraft hangar visit plan as specified in AMC In the case of aircraft component maintenance, the maintenance man-hour plan should relate to the aircraft component planned maintenance as specified in The quality monitoring compliance function man-hours should be sufficient to meet the requirement of The maintenance man-hour plan should be reviewed at least every 3 months and updated when necessary Significant deviation from the maintenance man-hour plan should be reported through the departmental manager to the quality manager and the accountable manager for review.

Any organisation maintaining aircraft, in the case of aircraft line maintenance, have appropriate aircraft rated certifying staff qualified as category B1 or B2 as appropriate in accordance with CAR 66 or appropriately authorized by DGCA, and point The organisation shall maintain a register of any such B1 and B2 support staff. It is iisued by quality department of the organisation.

The base maintenance manager is responsible for ensuring that all maintenance required to be carried out in the hangar, The line maintenance manager is responsible for ensuring that all maintenance required to be carried out on the line including line defect rectification is carried out The workshop manager is responsible for ensuring that all work on aircraft components is carried out The quality manager is responsible for Monitoring the quality system includes requesting remedial action as necessary to the accountable manager specified in In respect to the understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues, all maintenance organisation personnel should have received an initial and continuation human factors training.

This should concern to a minimum: Newly directly employed personnel working under direct supervision may receive training within 6 months after joining the maintenance organisation.

Human factors training may be conducted by the maintenance organisation itself, or independent trainers or any training organisations acceptable to DGCA. Additional training on fueltank safety should be given 11 What is the difference between certifying and supportive staff?

The only difference is that support staff cannot hold certification privileges when performing this role since during base maintenance the release to service will be issued by category C certifying staff.

For the issue of a limited certification authorization; a the commander or flight engineer should hold either a valid air transport pilot license ATPL , commercial pilot license CPL. The authorisation should have a finite life of twelve months subject to satisfactory re- current training on the applicable aircraft type. A one-off authorisation should only be considered for issue by the quality department of the contracted organisation 13 What are the maintenance tasks which can be carried out by pilot?

In the case of base maintenance of aircraft other than large aircraft should have either 1. GM Familiarisation with basic maintenance procedures, to give additional technical background knowledge, especially with respect to the implication of systems malfunctions, and to train the applicant in maintenance related to the Minimum equipment list MEL.

The theoretical knowledge instruction consists of hours and includes the following elements: Airframe and systems 2. Electrics 3. Power plant and emergency equipment 4.

Flight instruments and automatic flight control systems Practical skills training provided by an organisation approved under CAR is given which includes 35 Hours practical experience in the following subjects: The staff records shall contain: This does not mean that the quality department should run the record system.

The organisation shall retain the record for at least three years after the certifying staff or support staff have ceased employment with the organisation or as soon as the authorisation has been withdrawn. Certifying and support staff shall produce their certification authorisation to any authorised person within 24 hours The minimum age for certifying staff and support staff is 21 years to be authorised The organisation should hold copies of all documents that attest the competence and recent experience for the period described in Continuation training is a two way process to ensure that certifying staff remain current in terms of procedures, human factors and technical knowledge.

Continuation training should cover changes in relevant requirements such as CAR, changes in organisation procedures and the modification standard of the products being maintained plus human factor issues identified from any internal or external analysis of incidents. Continuation training should be of sufficient duration in each 2 year period. The content of continuation training should be related to relevant quality audit findings and it is recommended that such training is reviewed at least once in every 24 month period.

All components shall be classified and appropriately segregated into the following categories 1. Unserviceable components shall be maintained in accordance with this section.

Unsalvageable components are classified in accordance with Material both raw and consumable used in the course of maintenance.


Components referred to in point Components which have reached their certified life limit or contain a non-repairable defect shall be classified as unsalvageable and shall not be permitted to re-enter the component supply system unless certified life limits have been extended or a repair solution has been approved according to CAR An equivalent document to a CA Form 1 may be: A a release document issued by an organisation acceptable to DGCA.

B a release document issued by an organisation approved under the terms of a DGCA maintenance bilateral agreement. All necessary data to fabricate the part should be approved either by DGCA or the type certificate TC holder or CAR design organisation approval holder, or supplemental type certificate STC holder; Items fabricated by an organisation approved under CAR present in repair manual may only be used by that organisation in the course of overhaul, maintenance, modifications, or repair of aircraft or components undergoing work within its own facility.

The permission to fabricate does not constitute approval for manufacture, or to supply externally and the parts do not qualify for certification on CA Form 1. It is not acceptable to fabricate any item to pattern unless an engineering drawing of the item is produced which includes any necessary fabrication processes and which is acceptable to DGCA.

Adequate records should be maintained of all such fabrication processes including, heat treatment and the final inspections.

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