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Sandvik Coromant catalogues and handbooks. Download Sandvik Coromant's catalogues and handbooks as PDF or view publications online. Use the filter to. Nov 13, Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make your work easier. The new updated Main Catalog is now readily available for easy. ENG. Klas Forsström. President Sandvik Coromant. You can also find our products at: To order your new tools Tap catalogue.

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Catalogo Sandvik Coromant Pdf

Search in Sandvik Coromant catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Free download Sandvik Coromant catalog for General turning, Parting and grooving, Threading and other tooling solutions. Feb 19, PDF Catalog Info. Sandvik Coromant - Rotating Tools (EN) #Drill #Rotate # boring #mill #bore #turning #cut #groove #Sandvik Coromant.

List A-Z Turning tools For any application our turning tools control chips, tool life and vibration. This makes sure you stay in control, maximize your machining time, and stay ahead of the competition. It makes all the crystals in the alumina coating layer point in the same direction, giving inserts a new level of wear resistance and tool life. Go to the parting and grooving tools page A new dimension in parting off Challenge: Conventional parting blades suffer from high vibration-inducing loads across their weakest section. Solution: Rethinking of the tool design shifts the resultant load to the strongest section and dramatically reduces deflection and noise. We offer a variety of tools suited to different components, thread profiles and pitches, for both external and internal threads.

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Good chip control in most materials. Geometry -CM is an all-round geometry which generates low cutting forces. The G-tolerance ensures high indexing security. CoroTurn M tolerance For finishing and medium operations where a sharp edge is not a necessity. CoroTurn is available in a wide range of nose radii Q-Cut Geometry -5F for parting and grooving with a wide range of front angles to minimize pips and burrs. The positive insert shape combines low cutting forces with good edge strength.

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The screw clamping ensures stability and an unobstructed chip flow. CoroTurn The CoroTurn system is mainly used for external turning of small, long or slender components, and internal operations in hole diameters mm. CoroTurn will progressively replace the T-Max U system.

The system consists of inserts, boring bars, exchangeable cutting heads as well as EasyFix sleeves for easy clamping of cylindrical bars.

All bars have internal coolant holes with a coolant connector as an option. Because of the positive clearance angle and the fact that the inserts are optimized to have peak performance in their respective areas, they have a softer cutting action. This counteracts vibration, gives better surface finish and enables to hold close tolerances.

The inserts also have optimized chip breaking capabilities to ensure unobstructed chip flow. K N S H i per WHigh feed machiningCoromants productivity boosters, the highproductivity Wiper inserts for semi-finish and finish turning will half your cycle time and give twice as good surface finish.

Main catalogue released

Read more about Wiper inserts on page A For grade descriptions, see section K. The result? High quality threads.

See the complete solution Milling tools Whether you are milling flat surfaces, shoulders, slots, gears or complex 3D shapes, you will find the milling cutter you need here. Our efficient milling tools will give you a competitive edge and help you stay productive.

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Read the case Drilling tools Drilling is a critical operation carried out late in the production cycle when the component value is already high. It can therefore make or break your productivity and profitability.

Investing in drilling is an easy way to improve your bottom line. Here you can find drilling tools and solutions to help you achieve excellent hole results for a variety of machining conditions, materials and application types. See the whole story here Boring and reaming tools Boring is a machining process for enlarging or finishing of an existing hole. When fine boring, achieving excellent surface finish and close tolerances are the main goal.

Reaming is a finishing operation performed with a multi-edge tool giving high-precision holes with great surface finish, superb hole quality and close dimensional tolerances.

The complete package includes tools and NC-code generator. Our quick-change options will also increase your machine utilization.

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