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The first issue of a new applied scientific journal entitled Methods and Objacts of Chemical Analysis ( has come out. The editor-in-chief of the new journal is Doctor of Chemistry Vladimir Zaitsev. The journal should ensure prompt publication of results of research. Encompassing all fields of chemical research, BMC Chemistry is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes articles on fundamental concepts, new. Directory of free full-text journals in chemistry, biochemistry, and related subjects. (1 year embargo)) [HTML, PDF] | Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

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The article was first published on 11 Jan Chem. Sci., ,7, · Download PDF Article HTML. To avoid chemical reduction of Ti(IV) in LISICON,16 a buffer layer must be placed .. esentations/StevenVisco-AlmadenInstitutepdf, Publication Date: March (Article). DOI: /joa ACS Legacy Archive. First Page · PDF[K]. PDF w/ Links[K]. Add to ACS ChemWorx.

A highly tunable visible-light-promoted reaction system for the radical-mediated functionalization of tertiary aliphatic C—H bonds of complex substrates has been developed. A new method for the alkynylation of aryldiazonium salts with TMS-alkynes via dual gold and photoredox catalysis is described. Oxidation of a protein cysteine thiol to sulfenic acid, termed S -sulfenylation, is a reversible post-translational modification that plays a crucial role in regulating protein function and is correlated with disease states. This review summarise the current stand and future perspective on synthetic peptide-based vaccines. A synthesis of the bioactive indolocarbazole alkaloid Kc staurosporinone via a sequential C—H functionalisation strategy is reported. Glycosylation of peptides is a promising strategy for modulating the physicochemical properties of peptide drugs and for improving their absorption through biological membranes. A metal-free C—B bond forming reaction of aryl halides under batch and continuous-flow conditions is described.

For all Lin, Y. Huang, W. Shih, Y. Chen and W. Priming is a valuable, facile and well-established technique used to enhance seed quality to achieve rapid germination, establishment of stress resistance and improvement of crop yields. Different natural and The occurrence of emerging pollutants like pharmaceuticals and related compounds in the aquatic and terrestrial environments is of increasing concern.

Ciprofloxacin is one of the pharmaceuticals which is activ Lychee pericarp is rich in phenolic and has good antioxidant activity.

Organic Chemistry Research (ORG.CHEM)

The effects of simulated gastric SGF and intestinal fluid SIF digestion on the contents, composition, and antioxidant activities of th To achieve this aim, the obtained materials were investigated by various techniques including Fourier transform in The calculated geometric parameters are in good agreement with the exper Mabkhot, Salim S.

Al-Showiman, A. Barakat, S. Kheder, Mohammed M. The morphologies of a diblock copolymer spherically confined within a homopolymer were investigated by using the static self-consistent field theory method. A homogeneous A - B diblock copolymer sphere was surround Dung Q.

Ly and Charalampos Makatsoris. A pilot study has being carried out at our laboratories, with international collaborators, to develop seven certified reference materials CRMs , which have matrices of mainly soil and biological tissues.

Abubakr M. Mangroves plants and their endophytes represent a natural source of novel and bioactive compounds.

In our ongoing research on mangrove endophytes from the Panamanian Pacific Coast, we have identified several b Mejia, Marco A. Proanthocyanidin PAC is a promising compound that has displayed its potent antineoplastic properties with a specific intrinsic pathway. This precise us to explore the phyto-preventive effect of PAC against c Methodology article. Measuring concentrations of metabolites of estradiol and progesterone in urine, instead of measuring serum concentrations, is common in research and also is used in patient care.

The primary aim of this study Mark Newman, Suzanne M. Pratt, Desmond A.

Curran and Frank Z. For the first time, the design and preparation of magnetic polyvinyl alcohol Fe 3 O 4 PVA nanocomposite film as a novel nanocatalyst was accomplished by in situ precipitation method. To enhance the catalysis activ Benzimidazole is a heterocyclic moiety whose derivatives are present in many of the bioactive compounds and posses diverse biological and clinical applications.

Benzimidazole agents are the vital pharmacophore Titanium dioxide TiO 2 is added in sunscreens due to its ability to absorb ultraviolet UV light. However, upon irradiation of UV light, reactive oxygen species particularly hydroxyl radical which can damage hu The utility of oxazole as intermediates for the synthesis of new chemical entities in medicinal chemistry have been increased in the past few years.

Oxazole is an important heterocyclic nucleus having a wide s Saloni Kakkar and Balasubramanian Narasimhan. Herein, we report the synthesis of metal complexes of vanadium with heterocyclic tetradentate ligand.

Asian Journal of Green Chemistry (AJGC)

Four N atoms of the heterocyclic porphyrin ring occupy the equatorial position and O atom of salicylic acid Two alkaloids, belonging to benzylisoquinoline alkaloids, were isolated from Annona squamosa. Adel M. Dihydrofolate reductase DHFR is an important target for antimetabolite class of antimicrobials because it participates in purine synthesis. Ghabbour, Abdelkader Zarrouk and Ismail Warad. This study was carried out to explore the potential use Joshua N.

Edokpayi, Stanley S. Ndlovu and John O. In recent decades, incorporating polypropylene PP within flame retardants has proved to be an effective method of improving the thermal stabilities of PP, but too much adversely affects the mechanical proper There are many molecules used as a drug carrier.

TUD-1 is a newly synthesized mesoporous silica SM molecule possess two important features; consists of mesoporous so it is very suitable to be drug carrier in Kamel A.

Saleh, Sharah A. Aldulmani, Nasser S. Awwad, Hala A. Ibrahium, Tahani H.

Quality Open Science

Asiri and Mohamed S. Chaenomelis Fructus is a type of traditional medicine used in China. At present, the quality standard of Chaenomelis Fructus is mainly based on the content of each component as a control index, lacking overall Isoxazole is an important pharmacophore in medicinal chemistry with a wide range of pharmacological activities. The present study deals with the synthesis and evaluation of antinociceptive potential of nine no Mendoza, Peyman Samimi, David.

The development of room temperature gas sensors having response towards a specific gas is attracting researchers nowadays in the field. Subha and M. Recent studies have suggested that aldose reductase inhibition preferentially inhibits the growth of cancer cells. However, the investigations of this issue are not many.

Mohammed A.

Khedr, Reem I. Al-Wabli, Maha S. Almutairi and Wafaa A.

Speed days to first decision for reviewed manuscripts only days to first decision for all manuscripts days from submission to acceptance 14 days from acceptance to publication.

Citation Impact 2. One-step templated synthesis of chiral organometallic salicyloxazoline complexes The general approach to the synthesis of metal complexes begins with ligand synthesis, followed by ligand reaction with metal salts to afford organometallic complexes.

Design, synthesis and biological profile of heterocyclic benzimidazole analogues as prospective antimicrobial and antiproliferative agents Nitrogen containing heterocycles are widely used and investigated by pharmaceutical industry, as they are important in discovery and designing of new drug molecules. Synthesis and evaluation of novel naphthol diazenyl scaffold based Schiff bases as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents against human colorectal carcinoma cell line HT In search of new antimicrobial and cytotoxic agents, a series of new naphthol diazenyl scaffold based Schiff bases NS1 — NS23 was efficiently synthesized by condensation of 2-hydroxy naphthaldehyde azo dyes with Utility of 5- furanyl p -tolyl -4,5-dihydro-1 H -pyrazolecarbothioamide in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with antimicrobial activity Pyrazolines show different biological activities.

Three new compounds with nitric oxide inhibitory activity from Tirpitzia sinensis , an ethnomedicinal plant from Southwest China The medicinal plant Tirpitzia sinensis has been used by the Zhuang ethnic people in mountainous areas of Southwest China to stop bleeding, invigorate blood circulation, and treat inflammation and wounds.

Synthesis, molecular modelling and biological significance of N - 4- 4-bromophenyl thiazolyl chloroacetamide derivatives as prospective antimicrobial and antiproliferative agents To combat the antimicrobial and anticancer drug resistance by pathogens and cancerous cells, efforts has been made to study the pharmacological activities of newly synthesized N - 4- 4-bromophenyl thiazolyl Molecular docking, synthesis, kinetics study, structure—activity relationship and ADMET analysis of morin analogous as Helicobacter pylori urease inhibitors Urease are responsible for several pathogenic states in human as well as in animals and its inhibition is utmost urgent.

Copper doped zeolite composite for antimicrobial activity and heavy metal removal from waste water The existence of heavy metals and coliform bacteria contaminants in aquatic system of Akaki river basin, a sub city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has become a public concern as human population increases and land d Docking predictions based Plasmodium falciparum phosphoethanolamine methyl transferase inhibitor identification and in-vitro antimalarial activity analysis The increased multidrug resistance among antimalarial drugs produces the urgency of potent anti malarial to combat resistant malaria and the malaria burden worldwide.

Pylori bacterium Plants have always played important role in treating human and animal diseases as a therapeutic agent for traditional medicine.

A facile and efficient synthesis of 1,8-dioxodecahydroacridines derivatives catalyzed by cobalt—alanine metal complex under aqueous ethanol media A facile and convenient method for the synthesis of acridines and its derivatives was developed through one-pot, three-component condensation reaction of aromatic aldehydes, 5,5-dimethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione, Lead optimization for promising monoamine oxidase inhibitor from eugenol for the treatment of neurological disorder: A novel synthesis, X-ray analysis and computational studies of Z -ethyl 2- Z dimethylamino methylene - 4-oxophenylthiazolidinylidene acetate as a potential anticancer agent 4-Thiazolidinone ring is reported to have almost all types of biological activities.

RSS Feeds. Chemistry World. Education in Chemistry. Open Access. Historical Collection. Themed collection Top 50 Articles of Organic Chemistry.

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You do not have JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. From the themed collection: Top 50 Articles of The article was first published on 11 Jan Chem. Dean Toste.

Challenges in Organic Chemistry. The article was first published on 10 Nov Chem. Edge Article Profiling the reactivity of cyclic C-nucleophiles towards electrophilic sulfur in cysteine sulfenic acid Vinayak Gupta and Kate S. Global challenges: The article was first published on 07 Oct Chem. The article was first published on 17 Dec Chem. Fox, R. Gilligan, A. Pitts, H.

Bennett and M. The article was first published on 21 Jan Chem. Perspective Glycosylation, an effective synthetic strategy to improve the bioavailability of therapeutic peptides Shayli Varasteh Moradi, Waleed M.

The article was first published on 29 Jan Chem. The article was first published on 01 Feb Chem. Hopkinson, Basudev Sahoo and Frank Glorius. Energy and Catalysis. The article was first published on 08 Oct Chem. Edge Article Access to a new class of synthetic building blocks via trifluoromethoxylation of pyridines and pyrimidines Pengju Feng, Katarzyna N.

Lee, Johnny W.

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