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site's Choice for "copic marker case" This item:Copic Markers Color Swatch Book $ Add-on Item. Copic Marker I6-Skin Ciao Markers, Skin, 6-Pack $ This handy Color Swatch Book helps you easily keep track of which of the Copic colors you own and which you still need. Sized to fit in a pocket or handbag for. Download the Copic Color Chart, Various Ink refilling tips, and a variety of other Copic marker resources to help you learn techniques and manage your.

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Copic Color Swatch Book

This handy swatch book helps you easily keep track of the Copic colors you own — and the ones you still need! The Copic Color Swatch Book is perfect for. When I download a new color of Copic marker, the first thing I do (besides holding it I' m constantly updating my personal swatch book of colors with. Keep track of your marker colors with this handy swatch book! The color swatch book arranges all Copic colors by family, and lists the marker styles for each .

Product Tags Details This handy Color Swatch Book helps you easily keep track of which of the colors you own and which you still need. Sized to fit in a pocket or handbag for on-the-go convenience, keep this guide by your side. Never again will you have to stand in the store aisle staring at the Copic display, wondering if you already have a certain color at home. Printed on feather-resistant paper, this book provides your own personal, accurate color chart to refer to when choosing colors for your artwork. Keep track of all your colors Colors organized by family Sized: 7" x 3. When filling in your colors, use the provided back cover flap to protect the following page from bleed-through. For each color number in your collection, find the corresponding number in the book. For most consistent results, use the medium broad nib on a Copic, Sketch or Ciao marker and make one, even stroke in the associated box. For best results, one stroke is recommended for a true color representation.

Love ya girl!!! Welcome back to Copic Week! Every post this week has a Copic theme.

Copic Colour Swatch Book | Eckersley’s Art & Craft

Sound like fun? This size will get you 8 pages per sheet. I cut up 4 sheets to start with.

Next punch a hole in the upper left corner that fits your Ring. As you can see from this close-up of the dog photo, the grass is somewhere between G28 and G So, when I go to color, I will use a mix of those two colors.

Copic Swatch Book Tutorial

I actually want the grass a little lighter, so I threw some G24 into the picture first, then scribbled in G28 and G For the lighter gray on the dog, my color guide told me that C2 is a good match. This is a really handy quick reference, especially if you have a hard time matching colors to the Copic color spectrum, or if you only have a limited range of colors and have a hard time figuring out which will match the best.

Here is the finished picture. The original photo was taken by Chelsea Lowery, of her big dog, Rupert.

Copic Colors Swatch Book for 358 Color Marker 2012

But there is so much more that I want to experiment with and document for my swatch book, so off to Microsoft Word I went… I was originally inspired by a post nearly a year ago by Marianne Walker , where she showed two small charts of color combinations for E That thing just blew my mind!!

So I set out to create a system for documenting, inventorying and creating a monster swatch book that would capture this type of information and inspire me to try, and document color combinations that I like.

I created this Microsoft Word document and saved it to be compatible with Word , so hopefully it will work for many people. The margins are set to.

Copic Color Swatch Book

I print this out, 4 sheets to a page, for a nice quarter sheet display that can easilly fit into my swatch binder. You could print out one sheet to a page if you wish.

Just realize that there are pages if you choose to do it this way. Print it out on paper that you use for coloring.

I know it is painful to run that type of paper through a laser printer or copier, but it will give you results that are typical for the paper that you work on most frequently when coloring.

It is a worthwhile investment IMHO.

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