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Digital logic MCQs, digital logic quiz answers, computer fundamentals quiz 1 to learn computer science online courses. Learn logic circuits and logic gates multiple choice questions (MCQs), digital logic quiz questions and answers. Professional skills assessment test with online. Exam Questions. Home >Computer Science MCQ > Digital Logic MCQ > Combinational Circuits. digital logic multiple choice questions with answers. (7) The output of a logic gate is I when all its inputs are at logic 0, the . (3) Simplify the followillg Boolean<:s~ion lIsillg kamaugh rn'lp and generate a.

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Digital Logic Mcq Pdf

Digital logic design multiple choice questions has MCQs. Digital logic design quiz questions and answers pdf, MCQs on logic gates, PLC, combination logic. Digital Logic multiple choice questions answer for various academic and competitive exams. 1: When the maximum clock rate is quoted for a logic family , then it applies to a . You can download digital electronics mcq pdf from this site . View Homework Help - Digital-Logic-MCQ-Digital-Logic-Questions- from TECH at Hampton University. 9/28/

Digital logic MCQs , digital logic quiz answers, computer fundamentals quiz 1 to learn computer science online courses. Learn logic circuits and logic gates multiple choice questions MCQs , digital logic quiz questions and answers. Free assessment test on logic circuits and logic gates, truth tables test prep for entry level IT certifications. Practice digital logic career test with multiple choice question: Professional skills assessment test with online learning logic circuits and logic gates quiz questions with basic computer knowledge MCQs for tech certifications. Diagram which is used to show logic elements and their interconnections is said to be. Electrical circuit having all voltages at one of two values are called.

NAND B. XOR C. OR gate B. NOT gate C. AND gate D. NAND gate. For every possible combination of logical states in the inputs, which table shows the logical state of a digital circuit output? Function table B. Truth table D. Routing table. Flash Memory B.

LIFO memory C. FIFO memory D. Bust Flash Memory. CMOS circuits consume power. A Equal to TTL.

B Less than TTL. C Twice of TTL. D Thrice of TTL. RAM is used by the user, number of times. Using complement method negative numbers can also be subtracted. We decide two voltages levels for positive digital logic. A C 14 bits. Thus 15 address bits are required, Only 16 bits can address it.

B DRAM. C ROM. B addition by two. C multiplication by two.

D subtraction by two. C high impedance. Equivalent in octal will be. The number of control lines for 32 25 and to select one input among them total 5 select lines are required.

A 2,2. B 2,3. C 3,3. B SRAM. Magnetic tape can only be accessed sequentially.


Which of the following is a universal logic gate? NAND can generate any logic function. CMOS logic low level is 0 volts approx. A full adder circuit will add two bits and it will also accounts the carry input generated in the previous stage. Thus three inputs and two outputs Sum and Carry are there. The pulse width of the strobe is 50ns. The frequency of the input signal which can be used for proper operation of the counter is approximately.

Decimal number 10 is equal to binary number a. Binary number is equal to decimal number a. RAM b. ROM c. The contents of these chips are lost when the computer is switched off?

ROM chips b. RAM chips c. DRAM chips d. What are responsible for storing permanent data and instructions.? RAM chips b. ROM chips c. Which parts of the computer perform arithmetic calculations? ALU b.

Registers c. Logic bus d. How many bits of information can each memory cell in a computer chip hold? What type of computer chips are said to be volatile? DRAM d. Which generation of computer uses more than one microprocessor? Second generation b. Fifth generation c.

Topic wise multiple choice questions in computer science

Third generation d. Which generation of computer developed using integrated circuits? Which generation of computer was developed from microchips?

Third generation c. Fourth generation d. Anoop says: March 27, at pm RAM can be expanded to a a. Which memory is available in all technologies a.

PROM b. ROM d. EPROM Which memory does not require programming equipment a. In CCD a. The internal structure of PLA is similar to a. An output of combinational ckt depends on a. Which are combinational gates a.

As access time is decreased, the cost of memory a. Which is correct: a. A counter is a a. Sequential ckt b. Combinational ckt c. The parity bit is a. In 2 out of 5 code,decimal number 8 is a. In number of information bits is 11,the number of parity Bits in hamming code is a. The total number of input states for 4 input or gate is a. In a 4 input OR gate,the total number of High outputs for the 16 input states are a.

In a 4 input AND gate,the total number of High outputs for the 16 input states are a.


Output is 1 if a. Out of total 8 input states,Output is 1 in a. In a 3 input NOR gate,the number of states in which output is 1 equals a. Which of these are universal gates a. In a 3 input NAND gate,the number of gates in which output in 1equals a.

Then the output equation is a. NOT gates a. AND gates a.

The first contribution to logic was made by a. George Boole b. Copernicus c. Aristotle d. Shannon Boolean Alzebra obeys a. Demorgans first theorem is a. Demorgans second theorem is a. Which of the following is true a. SOP is a two level logic b. POS is a two level logic c. Hybrid function is two level logic The problem of logic race occurs in a. SOP functions b.

Digital Logic Design MCQs: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Quiz & Tests with Answer Keys)

Hybrod functions c. POS functions d. In which function is each term known as min term a. SOP b. POS c. Hybrid d. In which function is each term known as max term a.

The min term designation for ABCD is a. POS b. SOP c. In a four variable Karnaugh map eight adjacent cells give a a. Two variable term b. Three variable term d.

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