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Sign In to follow. Follow Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire, and we'll let you know when we have any news, trailers, or screenshots. Furthermore, due to that early cancellation, the game's development time was Maybe the only way to get Dream Chronicles Book of Fire is to. Dream Chronicles is a franchise centered on a series of adventure, hidden object and puzzle Tartaj shared: "We knew that an adventure game like Dream Chronicles was going to be . Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water and Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire belong to the second.

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Dream Chronicles The Book Of Fire Full Version

Metacritic Game Reviews, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire for PC. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire is a canceled game and the designed 6th and final installment of the series. It was originally supposed to be released in late. Lyra has made her way home, only to find the town of Wish cursed by an evil spell. Find a way to break the terrible cruse!.

Again I was kind of disappointed April 13, Another very short instalment in the Dream Chronicles series. I was disappointed with Book of Air, and Book of Water was again short and quite simple. The dream pieces were very easy to find and once you've filled your spells, the pieces just add to your final score. The puzzles weren't very difficult. I believe that the developers really should've released these 2 games as one - having played the first 2 games, and found them exciting and challenging, I downloadd Book of Air and Book of Water without even trying the demos. I truly believe that the developers better lift their game, or any future releases will again be a disappointment, and they will lose their followers. January 24, I am a hard-of-hearing person and I found it very difficult to play the mini-game involving the grammaphone. You have to do this 6 times BUT if you're incorrect with any 1 of the tile guesses, then all highlighted tiles lose their illumination and you've got to start over again.

Merrow's Cottage: Merrow is an inventor who left the fairy realm, but took one of the mystic figurines with him. He keeps it locked up with a special magic gramophone.

Merrow's cottage was once a sanctuary for fairies escaping into the mortal realm.

The Clockmaker's House: This is a distant frozen tundra from where the Clockmaker, a powerful if solitary fairy, synchronizes time both in the mortal and fairy worlds. The low temperatures at the Clockmaker's House are useful for slowing any clocks that might consider racing ahead. The Crater of Time: This barren area holds the seven magic symbols needed to stop the Eternal Storm spell.

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They are locked inside seven mysterious caves. The Nexus Gateway: This is the transportation hub that fairies use to travel quickly from the fairy realm to the mortal realm. In The Book of Water, the Nexus only appeared in the bonus chapter, and connects to the Herbalist's house. The Observatory: The magic telescope is used to convert constellations into molds. Faye is writing notes for her daughter Lyra before leaving the Town of Wish to find a Fidget's cure An eighteen-year-old half-fairy half-mortal girl named Lyra had a strange dream in which she could not seem to wake.

A man called the Clockmaker sent her searching through a strange, unearthly realm to find golden keys and return them to the Crater of Time. Now Lyra had found her way home but as she approached her beloved Town of Wish, she found it beset by a terrible storm.

Waking up from this dream, Lyra soon realizes her real-life situation, and lands her airship safely from the storm luckily. Entering the Town of Wish, Lyra finds that her hometown is completely isolate, and everyone has left. She enters her house, and sees her father Fidget lying terribly ill on the sofa.

Lyra picks up the note left by her mother Faye, and surprisingly discovers that her family's biggest rival the Fairy Queen of Dreams, Lilith, came to Lyra's house with her ten-year-old son, Kenrick.

After having been disappeared for ten years, Lilith returned to look for a magic item called "The Book of Water". Fidget managed to send it away to the Barge City, while her fairy grandfather Tangle was distracting them.

Dream Chronicles series

To punish Fidget, Lilith cast a spell funneling his life essence into the Eternal Storm, which forces Faye to travel to the Herbalist's House to find a magic potion to cure him. Although fairies cannot kill, but Kenrick is half-fairy half-mortal like Lyra. Lyra is deeply sorrow, and tries to find a potion that can help her father, but it doesn't work out, and even makes the situation worse.

At the last attempt, Lyra travels to the Barge City in hoping of finding her missing mother, a cure for her father, and a way to keep "The Book of Water" from falling into Lilith's hands. After traveling to the Barge City, retrieving and using the Book of Water, Lyra learns that the Eternal Storm spell can be stopped by the seven magic signs of the Crater of Time.

She can find the seven signs inside the seven caves of the Crater, but only if she have the seven corresponding mystic figurines. The three figurines are no longer missing as Faye has forged replacements for them. The Book of Water reveal the locations of the other four figurines for Lyra.

Dream Chronicles Series for PC, Mac and Nintendo DS

The first figurine is in the water at the center of Barge City, Lyra must use a magic fishing pole to fish it out. The second figurine is hidden inside the Obelisk, behind some cryptic symbols that Lyra must decipher.

The third figurine was taken long ago by a fairy named Merrow, and he locked it up in his magical gramophone. And only the Clockmaker knows where the fourth figurine is, he might share that secret for the right price. The last, unicorn figurine is buried in the field next to the Herbalist's house. Lyra enters the field and digs to find a chest. After retrieving all of seven magic signs in the Crater of Time, Lyra returns to place them on the Lilith's statue in Wish, and banishes the thunder and lightning.

Meanwhile, in the bonus chapter, players play as Faye in the prequel to Lyra's journey in The Book of Water to find out what happened just moments before Lyra's story began. Faye heard Lilith's awful voice once again, then day instantly turned into night. She felt unconscious, and had a nightmare of Lilith and Kenrick. Faye broke free from the dream, but could not wake Fidget. Lilith was after them again, and Faye had to find out why. With the help of the plants, Aeval guided Faye to the Herbalist's house to make a potion to save Fidget.

Faye mixed the potion, but Aeval sent her a warning through the plants that a potion to break a water spell can sometimes kill, not heal. Again, Aeval guided her to board a boat to Barge City, and here Faye is told to re-forge three of seven figurines by using three lens hidden here.

Three figurines needed to be forged at the Nexus gateway, as Faye returned to the Herbalist to enter it. Faye forged three figurines, and they worked well in the Crater of Time, but something did not seem right.

Dream Chronicles

If the clues are not all found, the sleeping spell may last forever and your husband may remain missing. Part 2 takes you deeper into the dream realm, offering all-new seek and find challenges and longer game play.

Help our heroine, Faye, navigate through the Eternal Maze as she tries to reunite with her husband, Fidget, and their daughter, Lyra. Fight the entrapment spells left behind by your captor, the Fairy Queen of Dreams. Explore a stunning world full of magical landscapes as you collect dream jewels and solve the puzzles that will guide you to safety. Help Faye save her memories and family from the Fairy Queen of Dreams!

The Book of Air! The day before her 18th birthday, Lyra finds herself trapped in a strange dimension.

Following clues sent by her grandfather she flies across the realm in search of a mysterious person who will help her restore time and return home. Solve intriguing puzzles and find Hidden Objects to reunite Lyra with her family!

Lyra has found her way homeā€¦ only to find her town hit by a devastating storm. In search of power, the evil fairy queen of Dreams has cast a terrible curse over all of Wish. With her father gravely ill and her mother missing, Lyra must find a way to break the spell. The developers initially had plans to make this third part in the second trilogy.