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Estimation and costing by dutta pdf free download estimation and costing civil engineering book. B N Datta Estimation and costing Book free. Learning about 'estimating and costing' is an important part of civil engineering. The book is complied to help students get clear idea on the subject both. Downlaod Estimation and Costing Book By B.N. Dutta – The book is complete in all respects in theory and practice, and covers the syllabi of degree, diploma.

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Estimating And Costing Book

Download Estimation and Costing Books – We have compiled a list of Best & Standard Reference Books on Estimation and Costing Subject. These books are . Dutta, B.N., “Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering”, UBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2. Kohli, D.D and Kohli, R.C., “A Text Book of Estimating. Valuation of buildings. Standard specifications for different items of building construction. TEXT BOOKS. 1. Estimating and Costing by B.N. Dutta, UBS publishers.

Added an answer on December 8 at pm This answer was edited. The exact number of candies in this jar cannot be determined by looking at it, because most of the candies are not visible. The amount can be estimated by presuming that the portion of the jar that cannot be seen contains an amount equivalent to the amount contained in the same volume for the portion that can be seen. Estimation or estimating is the process of finding an estimate, or approximation, which is a value that is usable for some purpose even if input data may be incomplete, uncertain, or unstable. The value is nonetheless usable because it is derived from the best information available. The sample provides information that can be projected, through various formal or informal processes, to determine a range most likely to describe the missing information. An estimate that turns out to be incorrect will be an overestimate if the estimate exceeded the actual result, and an underestimate if the estimate fell short of the actual result. Contrast with prediction. You can try some of the following best books for understanding more. In India B.

Contrast with prediction. You can try some of the following best books for understanding more. In India B. Its focussed coverage of the data, techniques, and skills essential to the quantity surveying role make it an invaluable companion for everything from initial cost advice to the final account stage 2.

S Page This manual provides the reader with an accurate and convenient method for estimating direct labor for general contrsuction work for any given system, plant, or location.

Though this book, the reader has a reliable process of obtaining and streamlining an efficent model of operation. Suresh Estimating and Costing by B. Suresh is a useful book for academic level quantity surveying readers. The book has been written for a technical institute syllabus in India. Book covers all the chapters as a foundation course of estimating and costing such as measurement of material and works, Types of Estimations Estimating for different components of building and Rates analysis for construction Projects.

Cement concrete bed 7. C Thickness should be men- tioned Brickwork: Brickworkinfoundation 2.

Brickworkinplinth 3. Brick work in super struc- ture 4. Thinpartitionwalls 5. Brick work in arches 6. Reinforced brick work R. Work Stone Work: Stonemasonry Woodwork: Doorsandwindowsframes or chowkhats, rafters beams 2. Shuttersofdoorsandwin- dows thicknessspecified 3. Doorsandwindowsfittings like hinges, tower bolts, slidingbolts,handles Steel work 1.

Steel reinforcement bars etc in R.

Estimating and-costing book

Bending, binding of steel Reinforcement 3. Ironholdfasts 5. Iron railing height and typesspecified 6. Slab roof excludingsteel 2. Centering and shuttering formwork 4. Plastering-Cement or Lime Mortar thickness and pro- portionspecified 2. Pointing 3. White washing, colour washing, cement wash numberofcoatsspecified 4. Distempering number of coatsspecified 5.

Painting,varnishing number of coats specified Flooring 1. Doorsandwindowsills C. Measurement of Materials and Works The rules for measurement of each item are invaribly described in IS- However some of the general rules are listed below. Measurement shall be made for finished item of work and description of each item shall include materials, transport, labour, fabrication tools and plant and all types of overheads for finishing the work in required shape, sizeandspecification.

In booking, the order shall be in sequence of length, breadth and height or thickness. Sametypeofworkunderdifferentconditionsandnatureshallbemeasured separately under separate items. The bill of quantities shall fully describe the materials, proportions, workmanships and accurately represent the work to be executed.

In case of masonary stone or brick or structural concrete, the categories shall be measured separately and the heights shall be described: Thequantitieslikeearthwork,foundationconcrete,brickworkinplinth and super structure etc. Inthismethod,thewallalongthelengthofroomisconsideredtobelong wallwhilethewallperpendiculartolongwallissaidtobeshortwall. Togetthe Then the length of long wall, out to out may be calculated after adding half breadth at each end to its centre line length.

Thus the length of short wall measuredintoinandmaybefoundbydeductinghalfbreadthfromitscentreline lengthateachend. Thelengthoflongwallusuallydecreasesfromearthworkto brick work in super structure while the short wall increases. These lengths are multipliedbybreadthanddepthtogetquantities.

[PDF] Estimation and Costing Books Collection Free Download

Herethetotal centrelinelengthismultipliedbybreadthanddepthofrespectiveitemtogetthe total quantity at a time. When cross walls or partitions or verandah walls join with mainall, the centre line length gets reduced by half of breadth for each junction. Thismethodisadoptedwhenexternal i. Insuchcases, centrelinemethodisappliedtoexternalwallsandlongwall-shortwallmethodis usedtointernalwalls.

Thismethodsuitsfordifferentthicknesseswallsanddiffeent level of foundations. Because of this reason, all Engineering departments are practicingthismethod. From the Drawing given below determine a Earth work exca- vation b CC 1: Masonry in C. All Dimensions are in 'M' EarthWork excavation for foundation a Longwalls b Shortwalls C. Masonry in CM 1: ParticularsofItems No. EarthWork excavation forfoundation C. ShortAnswer Questions 1. List the difference between centre line method and long wall-short wall methodoftakingoutmeasurements.

Masonry c Plastering for pointing d Damp proof course e R.

Electrical Design Estimating and Costing

Essay type questions 1. From the Drawing given below determine a Earth work excavation b CC 1: Thepreparationofdetailedestimateconsistsofworkingoutquantitiesof variousitemsofworkandthendeterminethecostofeachitem. Thisisprepared in two stages. The complete work is divided into various items of work such as earth work concreting, brick work, R.

Plastering etc. Details of measurements form ii Abstract of Estimated Cost: The cost of each item of work is worked out from the quantities that already computed in the detals measurement form at workable rate. But the totalcostisworkedoutintheprescribedformisknownasabstractofestimated form. Factors to be consisdered While Preparing Detailed Esti- mate: For bigger project, the re- quirementofmaterialsismore. The site of work is selected, such that it should reduce damageorintransitduringloading,unloading,stockingofmateirals.

The skill, suitability and wages of local laboures areconsideedwhilepreparingthedetailedestimate. The process of working out the cost or rate per unit of each item is called as Data.

In preparation of Data, the rates of materials and labour are obtained from current standard scheduled of rates and while the quantities of materials and labour required for one unit of item are taken from Standard Data Book S. B Item No. The requirement of mateials are taken strictly in accordance with standard data book S.

The cost of these includesfirstcost,freight,insuranceandtransportationcharges. Some works need special type of equip- ment, tools and plant. Preliminaryorapproximateestimateisrequiredforstudiesofvariousas- pects of work of project and for its administrative approval.

It can decide, in caseofcommercialprojects,whetherthenetincomeearnedjustifiestheamount investedornot. Theapproximateestimateispreparedfromthepracticalknowl- edge and cost of similar works. The estimate is accompanied by a report duely explaining necessity and utility of the project and with a site or layout plan.

The following are the meth- ods used for preparation of approximate estimates. Thecostofconstructionisdeterminedbymultiplying plinthareawithplintharearate.

Theareaisobtainedbymultiplyinglengthand breadth outer dimensions of building. In fixing the plinth area rate, carefull observationandnecessaryenquiriesaremadeinrespectofqualityandquantity aspectofmaterialsandlabour,typeoffoundation,hightofbuilding,roof,wood work, fixtures, number of storeys etc.

Barsati means any covered space open on one side constructed on one side constructed on terraced roof which is used as shelter during rainy season. Areas which are not to include a Area of lofts. Thismethodisgenerallyusedformultistoreyed buildings. Thecostofastructureiscalculatedapproximatelyasthe totalcubicalcontents Volumeofbuildings multipliedbyLocalCubicRate.

The volumeofbuildingisobtainedbyLengthxbreadthxdepthorheight. Thelength and breadth are measured out to out of walls excluding the plinth off set.

The cost of string course, cornice, carbelling etc. According to this method the cost of structure is deter- minedbymultiplyingthetotalnumberofunitswithunitrateofeachitem. Incase schools and colleges, the unit considered to be as 'one student' and in case of hospital, the unit is 'one bed'.

Types of Estimates Prepare an approximate estimate of building project with total plinthareaofallbuilding issqm. Deteminethetotal costofbuildingfromthefollowingdata: The plinth area and plinth area rate of a residential building are sqm and Rs. Determine the total cost of building as- sumingsuitableprovisions.

Prepare an approximate Extimate of a proposed building from thefollwoing? Example 3. Prepare the rough estimate for a proposed commertial comples foramunicipalcorporationforthefollowingdata.

Prepare an approximate estimate or rough cost estimate of a hospitalbuildingfor50beds. Thecostofconstructionaltogetherforeachbedis Rs.

Determine the total cost of hospital building. To prepare the rough cost estimate of a hostel building which accommodatestudents. Thecostofconstructionincludingallprovisionsis Rs. Determine total cost of building. List the factors to be consider while preparing detailed estimate and explainbreifly?

WhatarethedifferencesbetweenplinthareamethodandUnitbase method? List the requirements of data preparation. Prepare the approximate cost of building project group HOuseing i No. Preparearoughcostestimateofacinematheatrewhichaccommodate seats. What are the methods of preparation of approximate estimates and explain briefly.

EarthWork excavation forfoundation a Longwalls b Shortwalls C. L B H Q Explanation m2 m2 EarthWork exevation forfoundation C. Supplyingandfixingof countrywoodforwindows andventilators. Plasteringtoallexposed surfaces of brick work and basement with C. Total L B H Q Explanation 7. L B H Q Explanation 4.

EarthworkExcavation C. MasornaryinCM 1: L B H Q Explanation 1 2. Earthworkexcavation forfoundationfor a pillars b aroundthebuilding andcrosswalls C. L B H Q Explanation 6. FirstFloor R. HerethequantitiesofvariousitemsofthebuildingfortheFirstfloorismen- tionedhere. Stair Case 0.

Earthworkexcavationfor foundation C. All dimensions are in metres mm offset allround 0. Find the Centre line length of room and parapet. If the wall thickness of room and parapet are mm and mm respectively.

The internal dimensions of a room are 6. Essay Type Questions: Stair case shown in fig. Calculate the following contents. In order to determine the rate of a particular item, the factors affecting the rate of that item are studied carefully and then finally a rate is de- cidedforthatitem. Thisprocessofdeterminingtheratesofanitemistermedas analysis of rates or rate analysis. The rates of particular item of work depends on the following. Specificationsofworksandmaterialabouttheirquality,proportionandcon- structionaloperationmethod.

Cost of labours and their wages. Location of site of work and the distances from source and conveyance charges. Overheadandestablishmentcharges 6. Profit Cost of materials at source and at site of construction. The costs of materials are taken as delivered at site inclusive of the transport local taxes and other charges. To work out the actual cost of per unit of the items.

To work out the economical use of materials and processes in completing theparticularsitem. To work out the cost of extra items which are not provided in the contract bond, but are to be done as per the directions of the department.

To revise the schedule of rates due to increase in the cost of material and labour or due to change in technique. These rates are incorporated in the standard schedule of rates. Lead statement: The distance between the source of availability of material and construction site is known as "Lead " and is expected in Km.

The cost of convenayce of material depends on lead. This statement will give the total cost of materials per unit item. It in- cludesfirstcost,convenayceloading,unloadingstacking,chargesetc. Therateshownintheleadstatementareformettalledroadandinclude loading and staking charges. The environment lead on the metalled roads are arrivedbymultiplyingbyafactor a for metal tracks - lead x 1.

Cement will go to fill up the volds in sand. Total conveyance Charge Rs. Totalcost Rs. Brick layer I class 1. Brick layer II Class 0. Womenmazdoors L.

Mason II Class 1.

2019 Yardsticks for Costing Book

Menmazdoors 1. Womenmazdoors LS. Lead Statement of materials: Labour Charges: Men mazdoor Rs. Women mazdoor Rs. Mixing charges of cement mortar Rs. Materials Cost at Source Rs. Per S. Total convenyance ChargeRs. Total cost Rs. Description Quantity Rate per Amount 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Example 8: Mason 0.

Man Mazdoor 2. Woman Mazdoor L. Sand 0.

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