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Special tools. Technical description. Air induction system. Fuel system. Fuel tank and fuel lines. Fuel injection system, Cl ( Fuel injection system, LH ( As a long-standing partner of the automotive manufacturers, the companies in the Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group develop innovative components and system. 4 - Inline injection pump injection pump full with fuel (electric or mechanical, on ..

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Bosch Automotive Aftermarket. Electric Fuel Pumps. Product Range. Application. A2. The Bosch Automotive Story. A4. Electric Fuel Pump: Technical features. A5. FUEL & FUEL SYSTEM. PROPERTIES OF FUEL. Fuel is a substance consumed by the engine to produce energy. The common fuels for internal combustion. components of the diesel fuel system and how they operate so you may better maintain Understand the basic maintenance required for a diesel fuel system. 8.

Nozzle An electronic injector The injector in an electronic system is also held closed by a spring, but is opened by an electromagnet built into the injector body. The electronic control unit determines how long the injector stays open. Mechanical fuel injection Lucas mechanical fuel injection system Lucas mechanical fuel injection system In the Lucas system, fuel from the tank is pumped at high pressure to a fuel accumulator. From there it passes into the fuel distributor, which sends a burst of fuel to each injector, from where it is fired into the inlet port. The airflow is controlled by a flap valve which opens in response to the accelerator pedal. For cold starting, a choke on the dash or, on later models, a microprocessor control unit brings a special cold-start injector into operation, which injects extra fuel to create a richer mixture. Once the engine has warmed up to a certain temperature, a thermoswitch automatically cuts off the cold-start injector. Mechanical fuel injection was used in the s and s by many manufacturers on their higher-performance sports cars and sports saloons. A high-pressure electric fuel pump mounted near the fuel tank pumps fuel at a pressure of psi up to a fuel accumulator. This is basically a short-term reservoir that keeps the fuel-supply pressure constant and also irons out the pulses of fuel coming up from the pump. From the accumulator , the fuel passes through a paper element filter and then feeds into the fuel-metering control unit, also known as the fuel distributor.

It then signals the on-off valve ig the injector to open and squirt fuel into the inlet port. All this happens in a fraction of a second, the control unit responding instantly to changes in accelerator position, temperature and air pressure.

As well as improved control over fuel flow, the electronic system also operates at lower pressure than a mechanical system - usually at around psi. This makes it run more quietly than a mechanical system does. A typical system is the Bosch LJetronic, which is fitted to a wide range of European cars.

In this system, fuel is drawn from the tank by an electric pump. It is then fed straight up pipes to the injectors. The system pumps more fuel than is needed for injection - a loop circuit returns the excess to the fuel tank via a pressure regulator which keeps the pressure in the pipes constant.

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The injector valves are held closed by springs, and opened by solenoids electromagnets when signalled to do so by the control unit. The amount of fuel injected depends on how long the solenoid holds the injector open. Engine management Some combined systems, known as engine management systems, can take into account many more factors than an electronic fuel injection system. One type, the Bosch Motronic, monitors the level of oxygen in the engine's exhaust gases.

When there is a deviation from normal, it can adjust both the ignition timing and the fuel delivery to bring the engine back to tune. This ensures that pollution levels are cut to a minimum as well as providing the best combination of performance and fuel economy.

Fuel-injected engine bay The underbonnet layout of a fuel-injected car tends to have a lot of pipework. This Audi engine bay clearly shows the reinforced braided fuel-injection-system pipes running over the top of the inlet manifold, and branching off to an injector at each manifold tract. PT Fuel Injector.

Allways had good service from them at a reasonable price. Premco also offers injectors for your Dodge 5. I have a '92 Cummins L10 engine with a PT fuel injection pump. A wide variety of cummins pt pump parts options are available to you, such as pump, connecting rod. Locally owned and operated in Eugene since , Oregon Fuel Injection provides diesel part sales, diesel repairs, diesel fuel injection service and repair, diagnostics and upgrades.

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Install the fuel pump on the test bench. download a fuel pump online or visit your local Advance Auto Parts store and have one of our knowledgable Team Members help you. Ford 7. Parts we offer for sale can be exported. Additional FAQs. Computer-controlled test stands guarantee precise calibration to the latest Cummins performance specifications. Figure Cummins PT fuel pump rebuilding and calibration instructions : component shop manual.

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How a fuel injection system works

The "P" in the name refers to the actual fuel pressure that is produced by the gear pump. Secure PayPal checkout. The operation of the Cummins PT Fuel System is based on the principle that the volume of liquid flow is proportionate to the fluid pressure, the time allowed to flow and the passage size through which the liquid flows.

This service and parts locator application generates results based on proximity in the same region and in no way recommends, supports or endorses one provider over another. This is your assurance that Cummins ReCon fuel pumps will deliver optimum fuel economy, durability and power. You can trust Diamond Diesel to offer only high quality products backed by warranty. Use the search at the top of the site to find items related to cummins pt pump fuel pumps. I had replaced all the fuel lines from the tank a few years ago.

We specialize in diesel injection pumps, injectors and turbochargers. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who use us. Online parts catalog for Cummins fuel pump gasket sets, fuel transfer pumps, shutdown solenoids, etc. If you need any assistance, please use our quote request form or call us at Premco stocks quality replacement parts for your Cummins along with many others.

I can't get a straight answer from Cummins as to proper fuel manifold pressure under different conditions. Not only does it control your engine, but it also protects it as well.

Fuel System — Full authority Cummins Pressure Timed PT fuel system optimizes combustion for enhanced fuel economy as well as reduced emissions and minimal smoke. I had the heads redone, new injectors, rebuilt pt pump, all new fuel lines all the way back to the tanks and new return lines.


No Start, with no smoke. Hi I need help looking for a pt fuel pump for my 57 peterbilt the motor is a nhb cummins they changed the name from nhb to nh but is turbo'd it has a nto pump on it and runs great just is leaking fuel no one here rebuilds fuel injector pumps any ideas would be great thanks marvin Car Parts - Brakes, LED, Hemi, Manifold.

Browse Pt Diesel Fuel Pump available for downloading today. The problem is that it has slow throttle response off idle and it returns to idle slowly.

Install the four fuel pump mounting capscrews. I changed the fuel filter but that didn't do any good. MOQ: 1. Fuel System. We sell afTerm.

All produets are in higher quality with competitive price. Weight assistant pressure test4. The failures have been documented at f A pdf of the repair procedure. Repair pdf Repair Remove the seat, disconnect the plugs to the fuel tank cap. Unscrew the big plastic ring on the top of the fuel tank.

Use a multimeter to check the wiring is connected. Take care with the rubber gasket, it can get caught on the big threaded ring and then does not seal well. Run a smear of grease between the gasket and the fuel tank plus between the gasket and the ring to ensure it seals.

Put the seat on, all finished. Full credit to Workerant and Richard who posted the details of the problem and the repair at f This is a known problem on other types of vehicles with in-tank fuel pumps. Check connections periodically.