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Marc Dauphin. Combat and Other Shenanigans: Tales of the Absurd from a Deployment to Iraq.

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Piers Platt. Battle Ready: Mark L. Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes. Todd Baker.

The need to understand that horror later drove Hnida, as a middle-aged doctor, to war himself. He signed up for two tours of duty in Iraq. On the first tour, he was equipped with an M16 and medical tools and worked with convoys along the highways of Baghdad.


Hnida recalls the experience of working with much younger soldiers and doctors and the struggle to adjust to army discipline and protocol on top of the rigors of war and a hostile desert environment. A family doctor in civilian life, he was assigned to the ER, fighting his own constant fear as he worked on wounds no civilian doctor ever saw.

Through it all, he developed close and abiding friendships with the other doctors and admiration for the young soldiers who risked their lives on a daily basis. Hnida brings a combat emergency room to life, from the infrequent quiet moments, leavened with wit, humor, and reflection, to the chaos of a midnight helicopter-borne cargo of mangled limbs.

You can't help but be awed by the courage of Dr. Hnida and his fellow physicians as they work tirelessly to save the lives of countless patients, both friend and foe, without the right equipment, sleep, or complaint. A Soldier's Education. See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: April 27, Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 88 reviews.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. This provides a solid and fairly unique look at an Iraq combat hospital at the near-height of 's 'surge,' with violence at a peak. Author Dave Hnida did a short but very busy tour as an Army reserve surgeon. It was actually his second tour, and his descriptions of his seemed pretty intense.

Made me want more stories about that time. But, a good editor makes sure the writer stays on point, which this book does. The best parts of this narrative deal with the intense and busy days in the surgical hospital. While it wasn't non-stop treatment, it was close. The doctors worked on Iraqis and US soldiers, so there were always patients - including insurgent fighters whose treatments provide Hnida an occasional moral dillema - but professional treatment always wins out.

It told me a story I didn't know, or didn't think much about - what happens to the soldiers after their injuries on the battlefield. It was often brutal, and while I don't know if 'rewarding' is the right word, these doctors could see the results of their effort, up close and very personal. The stress, speed and quick decisions the men and women must make on a constant basis are amazing.

My preference in memoirs is to see the good and bad or at least less positive sides of everyone. Hnida mostly shows slightly more one-dimensional portrayals. His friends are all heroic and selfless, the young medics are all salt-of-the-earth, and the 'villains' are administrators and occasionally those rear-echelon soldiers. They are either totally good or totally bad. I like to see more shades of grey, or at least less of putting people on a pedestal.

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But, the value of the story is the behind-the-scenes look at the other part of the battlefield - where men and women go for help when the battle doesn't go their way. I was embedded as a freelance journalist near Tikrit at the same time Hnida describes.

An 82nd Airborne soldier whose sad death he describes was part of the larger unit I was embedded with, though I never met the man. I did know the name, though, and it's always strange having even a slight personal connection with these kinds of memoirs.

Everything in Iraq always seems to connect. Excellent"real life story" telling of the realities of current wartime Dr's. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online.

Please find details to our shipping fees here. Recommended Retail Price. Print Flyer Recommend to Librarian. Book Book Series. Overview Aims and Scope With the advent of downloadable retail eBooks marketed to individual consumers, for the first time in their history libraries encountered an otherwise commercially available text format they were prevented from adding to their collections.

So, here's a nice example of a type I, which is stress films and look here between M1 and M2, they look the same. It's normal and life is good. Now, stage II. This is when you tear the Lisfranc ligament, which is the most powerful ligament in the foot. And this will, then make it unstable and this is where the problem lies.

So, when it's unstable, the patients do poorly. So, when the Lisfranc ligament goes, that's a problem. They'll be tender in the right spot and the girl with the pearl earring is going to tell us something that's importantly. So, I'm going to put her up. Actually, there's something I want you to specifically to know. And this is that diastasis between M1 and M2 of millimeters is too wide. And that means the ligament's been torn.

And that means they're unstable with all that that implies. And so, here's a look at this. This is, here is stressed films. The standing on it. And notice the step-off here of M2 on C2. They don't quite line up on the patient's left foot. Notice that it's too wide there. That's the diastasis. This patient has had to have torn the Lisfranc ligament. Their foot is now unstable. Here's another look at it. They don't quite line up.

Proceedings of ER 2007, 26th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling

And then this is actually about 4 millimeters. So, that is too wide. A little subtle, but if you're looking for it, not so difficult. One more time. This person is wide on the right foot, I beg your pardon, but you don't really see that step-off much, so it could be subtle.

So, type II will have tenderness in the right spot. They hurt there, they're swollen. They'll have the diastasis. The treatment is splinting from us, and refer to ortho, because they're going to get surgery. The majority of people with this ligamentous tear will get surgery. So, there's a fundamental difference between this and lots of other ligament problems. This one is a big deal for the patient long-term outcome. Not super common, but it's a no-miss. So, if you have a mechanism that suggests Lisfranc injury; so, they hurt the right spot.

They were playing football etcetera. And you think well this can be. You can get x-rays of the foot. I think most of us do. If they are positive, you put a non-walking splint on, you send them to ortho. But, if it's negative, you could get a CT of the foot. If it's positive you can send them to ortho. But if it's negative, you could get stress films and if they're positive send them to ortho. But if they're negative, well you know there are actually some people who have, they get a stress film and they end up with Lisfranc and you sort of, right, I mean if you think that this is what it is, you can do as much of an algorithm as you like.

You know I have orthopedic residents, they come down and they love to get this person all tied up with a nice pretty bow for their attending. And they'll do every step in that. And they would do the MRI if they could but they can't. You know, they do everything possible. But really the point is you need to know this exists. This is not an ankle injury, it's a foot injury. And when they hurt the right spot, then you really should let the orthopedist join the fun.

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You know, let them help. These are not super common. Ankle injuries far outnumber them. But know that this is out there. That they can do badly.

And let orthopedist play with them. They got hurt in the right spot there, yes? So, when Frank comes in maybe you do more workup, maybe you don't. Let ortho see them. You don't have to decide all this. You can if you like, but you don't have to. Be aware, send them off. Because foot sprains are a big deal. All right. Well, Cal Crash lands on her shoulder and has that injury. I mean that's a tough one, right? Gosh not much mystery what we do with that thing.

I mean always, my whole career, don't just do something, stand there. Well, the reason for that was in Neer had a series of patients ish.

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