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Bengali General Knowledge PDF Book For Competitive Exams: Hello Readers, ' GK Solve ' Share most Important PDF file For aracer.mobil. Are you looking for Indian Economy Bengali GK PDF book? Then here is the best place for you. You can download a good equality Bengali pdf. Who is the present governor of west bengal as of ? For which bengali film Satyajit Roy was awarded the Oscar Lifetime Achievement award? General Knowledge(GK) Question On Different Places In West Bengal: * UNESCO's.

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General Knowledge Pdf In Bengali 2015

West Bengal Current Affairs PDF Download (Jan – Dec) (English & Hindi) · Subscribe(download) Banking & Economy Awareness PDF Tagore Awards for Cultural Harmony for the Years , and Bengali General Knowledge PDF Book For Competitive Exams. General Knowledge India (Part One) – Free E-Book – Download Pdf. September 14, Dear Friends,. In last two weeks, we received lots of mails regarding.

What is the most important thing to clear Exams? A question which haunts every aspirant. I would say it is a puzzle and the only solution to this puzzle is Practice. This is not just a word. It is defined as Ocean that consists of persistence, determination and learning. So, for all the aspirants out there, Day Today GK is a platform where you get umpteenth of Quizzes for practice and knowledge from every corner of the world. Now, myriads of question must be flooding in your mind. No worries, We are here to answer.. The more you learn, the more you realize, how little you know. Just going through Current Affairs is not enough. One must be willing to attempt the test on daily basis. So, by the end of the day, you can justify and grade yourself on the basis of Question attempted. This is why, the Current affairs Quizzes are so important and reckon us then only you will realize how important it is to attempt Quiz on daily basis. What are the Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz? Well, you can never measure the depth of an Ocean and the Current Affairs are like ocean — The more you dive, the deeper it gets and you find more and more peace day by day because you become aware of the benefits and believe me the benefits are enormous.

Ans : Ireland 8.

Indian Sports in Question and Answers

What well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan? Ans : Khyber Pass 9. What volcano exploded in with the force of megatons of TNT?

Ans : Krakatoa Old Trafford stadium is located near what major city? Ans : Manchester Ceylon is the former name of what country?

Ans : Sri Lanka What city was once called New Amsterdam? Ans : New York City Ans : Death Valley Albania and Serbia are located on what peninsula?

Ans : Balkan What is Pakistan's longest river? Ans : Indus River What strait divides Morocco and Spain?

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Ans : Strait of Gibraltar By surface area, what is the largest of Africa's great lakes? Victoria What country is often described as being shaped like a boot?

Italy What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea? Sicily May West Bengal government honoured which of the following vetern composer with Lifetime Achievement awards? Which state government has approved the proposal for introducing five new districts?

Indian Economy Bengali GK PDF Book Download

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West Bengal Teacher Eligibility Test. West Bengal has the sixth largest economy — in India. Sonagachi is located in Kolkata.

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