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RITUAL. OF. KAPPA SIGMA. No. PRIVATELY COMPOSED AND PRINTED BY. KAPPA This Book, when not in use, should be kept in the custody. The Ritual of Kappa Sigma manual (). The secret In the PDF, on page 34 and pages 40 and 41 in the actual book is a blurred page. Therefore we the members of Kappa Sigma Fraternity ask you to please The only thing correct on this website page is the picture of the ritual book that's. it the .

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Kappa Sigma Ritual Book

This entry was posted in Books, Fraternities and tagged , Fraternity, Kappa Sigma, PDF, Ritual Book by G.I. Joe. Bookmark the permalink. It was here that the first Constitution and Ritual of Kappa Sigma, ' THE FOUNDING OF KAPPA SIGMA IS a document which lies before the writer of these lines. This book is the property of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity as provided for in the Ritual of Kappa Sigma, by of Chapter approved by the Ritual Commission.

Deputy: Dog , you have come a long journey and have reached the sacred foothills of Mount in Northeast Greece , where the greater Gods were supposed to live under their ruler, Zeus. It was, in these mountains that one of our founding brothers obtained the bones of an old Greek, brought them back and they have been ground into bone-dust , You have the sacred privilege of now receiving your traditional portion which makes you a Noble Greek of the SIGMA clan. Open your mouth, Dog. Candidate is given about 1 teaspoonful of epsom salts, or substitute - bone dust. Inferno — Observing the Wonders of the Mountain Now each candidate is led to the top of an inclined plane three times; - plank of wood upon chair, or otherwise, -- each time, the candidate is lifted down and carried around the room, and then back up the plank, making it appear that he is climbing. One must be careful not to do any bodily harm; do this about five times. Stop at the top and the chief justice shall state: Chief Justice: Now, you are about to review the wonders of the mountain. Deputy: Fellow Greek, with your mind's eye you are privileged to observe the wonder of Mt. Olympus , where Aries, the Greek God of War resided; the titan, Prometheus, stole fire from heaven and taught men its use, for which act, Zeus punished him by chaining him to the very rock on which you stand. What is your answer? Candidate answers Yes or No. Each candidate is then unblindfolded. The blindfold is then replaced. All hum the fraternity hymn.

To all my brothers out there as a part of the order, A. Manuel Chrysoloras on January 9, at am said: Haha, so you think that by exposing our ritual book you know what we do, what we are about and all of our secrets?

That is funny, that is like a stepping stone to our fraternites secrets. Nice try and good luck finding the rest. Our most sacred stuff is only passed down via word. I have a question for you. Did you get denied a bid? Have fun GDI, i shall find you soon enough, not like most eight year old children cant hack now. January 17, at pm said: Okay for everybody who commented on this, you all sound like retards!! Exception me Lol! You frat boys think your hard?!

Wait what makes you guys above anyone else? You all eat eachothers cum sooner or later or slam the same slutty girl!

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The new generations is no longer true to the old custom and tradition!! Even the belief system is lacking! You begin to serve each other in the confines of the court, and as you go forth into the world, you are to be constantly on the alert for such opportunities as will bring you into helpful relationship with your fellow men.

And, thus breathing the atmosphere of mutual consideration, you will soon begin yourself to pass on to others the ideals of service. As an association of progressive men seeking to realize the higher ideals of life, Scholarship is esteemed most highly among us as a necessary factor in the development of a keen precept and it sound judgment.

Scholarship expresses itself not merely into acquirement of superior character. The ideal of scholarship should ever be kept uppermost in your mind so that you may be a beacon light among men, pointing out to them the truth , the light, the way. These exercises which you are passing through were not provided for the entertainment of those who are to be your brothers, but to impress upon you the seriousness of your new relationship.

You must keep ever burning on your heart the Essence of this Initiation and ever remember that we are bound together by a triple cord of love in Brotherhood, Service and Scholarship.

Also, it must be remembered that flowers have been responsible for many a kinder thought, a lightened heart and renewed courage. The carnation, the most popular flower because of its long life, its fragrance and beauty, its continued blossoming, has been chosen the flower of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

This flower was very timely chosen, in that, this flower depicts the very atmosphere of this fraternity; first, it is a january flower, indeed very significant, in that the fraternity was organized in January. The carnation's significance is "fellowship". This organization was founded with the great ideals of linking us together in our great unbreakable bond of fellowship that we may feel the common pulsation of our motto, "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity".

The flower harmonizes greatly with the idea of me fraternity: first its long life which signifies brotherhood. Ever keep before your mind's eye, "Am I my brother's keeper? Second, its fragrance and beauty signify scholarship. Truly, the world can say: "glory all around us shine.

Third, its long continuing blossoming vividly portraying the mea of service for humanity. Chief Justice to Scribe: Brother, interpret for our neophytes the nature of the fellowship grip.

Scribe: Come forward, brother … or brothers, if there are more than one. All members of the chapter and visiting brothers join in exercising the fellowship grip with the neophytes. These words, Brotherhood, Service and Scholarship express the three ideals or principles at the Fraternity and they are further, also, summed up and expressed again in the Motto: "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. The Seal was designed by brother W.

Tibbs in Chief Justice to 2nd Associate Justice: Brother explain to our neophytes the correct method of displaying the fraternity badge or fraternity pin. It should be worn on the shirt, vest or sweater. It should never be worn improperly as on the lapel of the coat or other outer garment unless it is a sweater.

Note: the badge is worn over the apex of the heart.

Kappa Sigma Masters of the Ritual March - Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Chief Justice to Deputy: Brother, Please give to our neophytes the Fraternity Knock, and tell them how they can well remember it. Also, if there has been given without the Password, otherwise known as the Distress Signal, enlighten them on its nature, also.

Deputy: …. I hope when you sleep at night, you know that you were an accident to the world and will be no better than the paper that wipes my ass.

You are only part of the problem that is in the world today, the other portion is the mothers that birth fracks like you. Your lack of appreciation for something that you should be proud of being part of will put you in the dark pits of hell, watching the devil himself piss on your grave. I pray that you never reproduce to the world will not have to put of with inconsiderate accidents that share the same genes as you and your family.

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You will read this and just disregard all the things that have been just said. But just remember the world would be better off without you.

However 2 of my best friends are apart of Kappa Sigma. I am asking you, as a fellow human being, to show some compassion to these men who have given so much to a brotherhood.

Please, if you have a heart, remove this. KSBrother on said: Alright, let me just throw some facts out here. The worthless fuckwit that went into his own Chapter Room and took a picture of our secret order deserves to be punished in the exact ways we promised we would accept if we betrayed the order. No real brother of the Fraternity would deny this, I know that to be true.

Although he makes an attempt to reveal the secret sign that is the Due Gard, he fails at it.

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