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Vocational rehabilitation aspires to provide means for workers to reenter the job market, being associated with health, education, and labor and employment. Data were collected through a questionnaire sent to occupational therapists, as well as through interviews with some of them. We discussed themes that were categorized to analyze their practices and concepts and highlighted topics that allowed us to reflect on the limits, possibilities and challenges faced by these workers, examining the structure of the program as well. A number of factors imply that their performance at the INSS is more negative than positive, which could be related to structural issues of the program. However, the therapists believe in improving its structure and point out the need to increase the possibilities offered, allowing for a greater participation and responsibility of companies, for more combined efforts with other government sectors and the civil society and for the expansion and reformulation of the Brazilian legislation on vocational rehabilitation. Acesso em: 9 jun.

Summary of key results: Most deaf people felt socially isolated, not being considered neither by Human Resource practices, nor the target of opportunities in organizations.

Oral language proved to be lei no 91 em main difficulty for communication within the organization, although the breakage of this barrier through the maintenance of an interpreter is supported by law. It is inferred that the more intense the experience with elements that violate dignity, the less the feeling of inclusion or the greater the feeling of non-acceptance and the consequent greater risk of social isolation of the deaf.

It is believed that, among other aspects, an organizational position aimed at reciprocal recognition and mutual cultural enrichment will contribute lei no 91 em the improvement of the quality of relationships between the deaf and the hearing. There are studies on dignity in various fields of knowledge, such as philosophy Kant,health Hall et al.

In the area of administration, studies are focused on the dignity of the worker Teixeira et al. No research was found that addressed the possible relationship between dignity and inclusion in organizations. Therefore, the present study is considered pertinent and timely, and its central objective was to understand the vision of dignity from the point of view of the deaf inserted within an organization.

In Brazil, the federal government instituted laws to guarantee basic rights for these people, lei no 91 em became part of the lives of the PwD. Benatti MCC.

Whoqol Group. Orley J, Kuyken W, editors.

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