Life size link papercraft pdf


Link More pictures of completed model: HERE Pieces: Pages: Download: HERE Tip: Some pieces span several pages. Print those as is, the. Super awesome life-sized Link papercraft (Legend of Zelda) built by Haywan, plus 10 other various Link versions to choose are: Dark Link, Fierece. Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, life size papercraft. feet tall, dont .. Would it be cheaper to take the pdf to a print shop?.

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Life Size Link Papercraft Pdf

Post with votes and views. Tagged with Creativity; Shared by Piancafe. Life Size Link Papercraft. Studioofmm, a designer from Canada spent a month on creating the awesome life-size Link papercraft. The lift-size Link measures inches. My biggest papercraft I've made. More than pieces. Life size. Life size Link papercraft. Hi, have you yet PDF and PDO of papercraf?.

Essential software Papercraft links Miscellaneous links For many more links to lots more papercraft models from other people, visit the categorized links section on my papercraft weblog: link If you like my papercraft webpage and want to link back to this papercraft webpage, please see this post on how to do so. You will need a free software like Adobe Reader to open these. You will need to download and install the free Pepakura Viewer to open them. There is also a shareware version of Pepakura Designer, but you will need some other software to create a 3D CG model first. Papercraft links Iceberg Paper Models also has a huge collection of links to paper model websites, both in English and in Dutch. Le Forum en Papier is a French forum with lots of links to free papercraft models on the internet, but also a lot of models created by its own members and lots of build threads to inspire you! Like many others, Nicole Lozano got bitten by the papercraft bug and now she has created a website of her own to share her models with fellow papercrafters like you! Gundam and Robot Anime focuses on mecha and anime paper models of course, while on Papercraft Paradise, you can literally find all kinds of models. Finding that papercraft websites are scattered all over the world wide web , Ron Rementilla decided to create his own blog to collect all the best papercraft links in one place. Space Station 42 has a Free Paper Toys section with many links to free paper model websites, plus some original ones of their own! Miscellaneous links Enemy forces are invading the country of Orange Star! And their armies are more ruthless than ever!

If you tend to prefer less cutting and more folding, consider Jess Silverstone's papercraft iPad download the front here and the back here. And if you'd rather capture the moment than the gadget, here's a papercraft tribute to Steve Jobs's iPad speech.

WoW Papercraft That's right, gamers: This one is for you. Who needs gadgets when you can bring your favorite video game characters to life with papercraft? The Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts site has a number of somewhat challenging papercraft projects to choose from, including Kaelthas right , Thrall center , and a female Night Elf left.

These are fairly advanced papercraft projects--probably not the sort of thing a novice should undertake right away. If you'd like to see more such productions, check out the Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts' Flickr stream. Photo courtesy of the Unofficial World of Warcraft Papercrafts site Android Robot Papercraft It's about time we showed our favorite not-being-evil or not? This adorable little green droid, which comes with its very own Google stand, is the eighth version that its creator has come up with.

For best results with your model, he creator recommends using "Sulphite A4" or "Sulphite 40" paper. The model, designed by Sonicscape Jun of " papercraft gadgets " fame regrettably, many of his models are no longer available , is scarcely bigger than a paperclip.

The template is available in both blue and white, and features a tiny Nintendogs game cartridge and a tiny pocket for the tiny cartridge.

Papercraft Samurai Helmets | Tektonten Papercraft

For more Nintendo handheld fun, check out the papercraft Nintendo Gameboy Color. Nintendo Wii Papercraft Brad4ds, from FX Console, brings us this awesomely detailed mini Nintendo Wii papercraft, which includes box, Wii-mote and wrist strap, and instruction booklets. That's right, this papercraft project omits nothing, right down to tiny versions of the Quick Start Guide, Nintendo Power Subscription, and Wii Registration Form--talk about detail! Unfortunately, the template isn't finished yet.

So far, only the Wii, Wii stand, and Wii sports disk with jacket have been realized. Tux the Penguin Linux fans have waited patiently while we spotlighted Apple, Microsoft, Google, and even Nintendo papercrafts, so now its their turn.

It was hard because of the flaws of the design. I think making papercraft gears is easy, but to make them function is hard because function often requires your gears to be sturdy and precise.

OoPA: So no papercraft Transformers that can transform huh? PaperCraft: There aren't a lot of papercraft models that have mechanical parts, so that's still a new area that not many people have experience in.

No Transforming paper transformers might be out of the league of papercraft, because papercraft is mostly filled with amateurs. Some of the best designers I believe are on their way to being professional 3D editors, so it is up to those people to pave the way for mechanical papercrafts.

OoPA: About how many hours went into making Link from start to finish?

Life Size Link Papercraft

PaperCraft: It took me 3 months, and each week I spent about 10 hours I'm not sure if thats a good estimate because it sure feels like I spent more time than that. A lot of the time spent was also just sitting there thinking and strategizing about how I'm going to design this or how I'm going to buidl that and anticipating if I need reinforcements anywhere or if I should do this part before that so I don't end up screwing myself up in the end.

Sorry that doesn't really answer your questions. OoPA: Nothing to be sorry about, it answers them quite well. PaperCraft: It's really hard to keep track of the time because I try not to think about how much time I spent on it and instead I focus on the task. Time isn't that important to me, it's more about getting it right. OoPA: Right the first time, you don't have to go back and redo it. PaperCraft: That's correct. The worst feeling as a "papercrafter" is to glue things backwards or to have glued something where you wish you hadn't because you needed that "space" to work with.

The hardest part in papercraft is strategizing how you're going to close the model. The closing is the trickiest because you have the least amount of space to work with.

The entire template layout, glue-tab layout, and build order revolves around that final closing tab, because that can make or break the model.

Not many crafters realize the importance of this, but it's really difficult to teach this in a tutorial other than to show some examples as I have in my youtube account.

So it's just something that comes with experience because you have to know what you're capable of in order to plan around where you want the final and most difficult part to be. Should it be in the ear? The hair? Or the shoes? OoPA: Where did you close Link up at? PaperCraft: Most modelers start from the bottom and work their way up, even some of the best modelers work like that. I honestly don't know why they do it.

It doesn't make sense to me. I always work from the head first and end with the feet.

Zelda Papercraft: Life-Size Link

I start in the head, and end that on the neck. Link's head was its own separate model, so I could leave it aside and work on the body. I like to have my "closing" on the bottoms of the model, because obviously those parts are more concealed than the tops of the model, so if my skill fails me, it can still be concealed.

I rather have the top of my model's head be wonderfully put together than the bottom of his shoe to be wonderfully put together. That is how I built Link, from top to bottom. OoPA: Very smart and interesting, I have never done anything like that other than in sheetmetal and then not in the league you are in plus, I could always weld where needed. Is it harder to make smaller models than it is larger ones like Link, or are they about the same?

PaperCraft: There are different challenges in the two extremes. Most of the adult Links are in that range, with OoT Link as the only confirmed height. That's actually a really good one, I was trying to think of other constants that could be used and that works perfectly.

Yea, I came in to say that I always pictured Link as shorter as well. Right about the height you mentioned. Grats on finishing your build! You completed one of the biggest literally papercraft projects out there. I went the howl's moving castle route. My only tip would be to use cardstock in future projects as you can print on it and it has the thickness and durability of gluing multiple sheets together without the warping.

Again, great job on the build. Jesus, I was thinking it would be the white dragon or noface or something easier than the actual castle. I actually thought outloud "no, it couldn't be the castle itself".

I think 20 years from now he'll be chewing out his son for using that much material to print a life sized link in their giant 3d printer. Hmm, if he actually prints that much, then 1. There's light at the end of this tunnel of bullshit though! I'm not sure I have room to store that many inkjet printers. That shit would take up serious real estate.

The printers will.

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Material costs may come down a bit at first, but as adoption rates increase demand it will almost certainly go up in price. Even if it does come down in price, that's still a metric fuckload of material. FDM filament is literally like 15 dollars for a kilogram, even less if bought in bulk, with a price that is dropping and has been consistently for a long time. Printing the model wouldn't not use tons of the stuff, since it would probably be almost completely hollow.

Life-Size Link Paper Craft

I think it depends. If the market is like ink it will always be expensive for basically no reason. Hopefully it becomes more affordable. Plastic costs probably won't change that drastically and if you own the printer the plastic is what is expensive.

Shellac the hell out of it to make it stronger and seal it. Or fiber glass it, you'll have a more permenent sculpture. This is not meant to be an insult or in any way demean the project, but why? What are you going to do with it? Will it just stand in a corner, or do you have some specific purpose in mind? Or is building it the fun part, and it doesn't really matter what happens to it now?

No insult at all. Probably ill pick the "building it is the fun part" of your question. The reaction of people in this thread and the comments alone show that its widely received as awesome.

I would imagine for many its along the same thought process as adult coloring books. Its the process of working with your hands, and creating something that is the reward. The final product isnt really the focus. Building models for the sake of building them really is the main reason. Sometimes I just throw them away when they get damaged or dusty enough.

It's like building your very own White Elephant. The color ink would be the most expensive part, especially if using a high end color printer which produces better colors.

This was using the cheapest HP printer with cheap color ink. Yes and no. The print shop is going to cost more since they print with better quality, but at the same time you could print off pages at home and think it looks decent, but soon realize that after folding, cutting, gluing it doesn't look as "professional" as you want. In that sense you either reprint and try to correct your mistakes or download color prints professionally. It's a trial and error or practice makes perfect scenario.

I can just see someone unknowingly tossing a cigarette but and this thing lighting up. This is incredible work. When I read how long this took you it made me think a little, this took you several months of hours a day Well done! I don't know the actual height of Link, but for some reason I never imagined he would be 6' something haha.

Great job though! I normally print on cardstock, but my office has a color laserjet printer. I tried cardstock with it For the first 7 pictures I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was looking at.

But that's so cool, well done! Awesome build. You've single-handedly proven to me that coke is as useful a measure as a banana. Ooo cool, I'd personally love to see a Wind Waker Link or Tetra papercraft, not sure how big they'd be to be considered life-size though It's supposedly "lb cardstock", but that's freedom units, just get it done on heavy cardstock.