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Lord Of Darkness Elizabeth Hoyt Epub

Lord of Darkness (English Edition) [eBook Kindle] pdf epub ebooks download free, Editions of Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt - Editions. Lord of Darkness (Maiden Lane) [Elizabeth Hoyt] on aracer.mobi *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elizabeth Hoyt has outdone herself. --Jennifer Ashley. 26 févr. He lives in the shadows. As the mysterious [eBook] Lord of Darkness. Elizabeth Hoyt · Little Brown Book ebook (ePub). €. Protection.

The mysterious masked avenger known as the Ghost of St. Giles, his only goal is to protect the innocent of London. Until the night he confronts a fearless lady pointing a pistol at his head—and realizes she is his wife. Giles—the man who murdered her one true love. Fierce, commanding, and dangerous, the notorious Ghost of St. Giles is everything she feared he would be—and so much more. But when Margaret learns the truth—that the Ghost is her husband, Godric St. John—the game is up and the players must surrender. Letters Between Megs and Godric. This content is from a third-party service that may place cookies on your computer or mobile device. Accepting cookies for this type of content will activate all cookies on the site. You can see what third-party cookies are on this site by viewing our Cookie Policy. Accept All Cookies. This website uses cookies for a better browsing experience.

For two reasons.

Secondly, she wants to seduce her husband. Problem is, her husband and the Ghost of St Giles are one and the same.

Megs has spent the past two years sequestered in the countryside away from her husband, Godric St John in London. Their arranged marriage has suited both sides. But now Megs is desper 4. But now Megs is desperate for a baby. Godric, committed to his role as the Ghost, is resigned to his lonely, celibate life.

He's had his one shot at love with Clara, his first wife and has no intention of consummating his second marriage. So how does one go about seducing one's husband? The lassie snatchers are still at work in St Giles, kidnapping poor, female children off the streets using them as slave labour in workshops making expensive garments for their greedy owners.

The first half of this book though not actually disappointing, bore a lot of resemblance to the plot line of book 4 Thief of Shadows featuring the first Ghost, Winter Makepeace.

Although of course, it is written very well. Phoebe turned her face, leaning close to discreetly inhale. She'd taken to wearing the same scent--lemons and bay leaf--when she realized that Lady Phoebe sometimes used smell to identify people. She suspected that the other woman could see very little at all when the light was dim--such as tonight at the theater.

Just brilliant. Now there were a few things I do wish were handled differently. The 'avenging' Roger's death arc for one, I felt that took up a little too much time in the last quarter of the book and took focus off Godric but Hoyt made up for it with that beautiful emotional declaration from Megs emotional declarations are a weakness of mine. Second, not going to lie but my interest is already waning really thin with the whole Ghost of St. Giles character. The thrill and mystery for me is completely gone in that area.

Just saying. I said it in Winter's book and same thing here the whole Lassie snatchers arc just didn't do anything for me.

I kept finding my eyes glossing over those scenes and wanting Godric to hurry back to Megs. Lastly, and this is really minor, was how the epilogue was used as a story set up for the next book which is a personal pet peeve of mine.

That's not an epilogue, but more of a sneak preview excerpt.


I just find it so wasteful and a totally missed opportunity to expand and frame how the couple of the book are fairing 'down the road' after their HEA. Yes it was touched on in the last chapter before the epilogue which honestly was really nice but please don't label a chapter an 'epilogue' when it literally has nothing to do with the featured couple. It drives me batty when authors do this.

As for secondary characters, I'm already very intrigued and heartbroken for Artemis Greaves. This mysterious character is already showing such weight and intelligence.

I am a little unsure about stoic stiff lipped Dukely Maximus being paired up with Artemis. He's not very likable right now but I hope he wins me over like Godric did. Looking forward to seeing what happens there. View all 8 comments. Aug 20, Melanie A. My stroll down Maiden Lane continues!

As always, Hoyt's writing is wonderful. I loved both Megs and Godric. Their portrayal as opposites Godric stood, watching as Megs turned and beamed at him, all glorious and vibrant life. Everything he was not. But it's possible that the Ghost of St. Giles angle is wearing a bit thin for me - which is why I 4. Giles angle is wearing a bit thin for me - which is why I'm rounding down and not up.

I did really like the understated sarcasm that seemed to run closer to the surface in this installment though.

Apparently one couldn't tell just by looking if a woman had learned one's deepest secret. On to the next! I'm really looking forward to Artemis' story. View all 11 comments. This is definitely not one of my favs in the series. I might even give it 2. So given this unhappy feeling, I'll focus my review on what I didn't like: The Heroine annoyed the hell out of me. She's immature, rash, and brash.

She has no thought to anyone but herself. She got herself pregnant with one man's child, got married to another man because her brother arranged it to save her reputation.

She never once wondered whether the second man wanted to marry her, and didn't care beyond her This is definitely not one of my favs in the series. She never once wondered whether the second man wanted to marry her, and didn't care beyond her own "suffering. At this point, I am beginning to hate this heroine. But that's not all folks! She also wants her current husband, who is playing stud for her against his wishes, to find the killer of her dead lover, at great cost to her husband's safety he gets injured more than once.

And BTW, she's stupid enough to stab him herself. And shot at him too. What the hell kind of heroine is this???? Really HATE her! But the husband, the Hero, Godric, doesn't get off either.

He's supposedly sooooo in love with his late wife, he's comitted himself to suicidal missions as the Ghost of St, Giles. He's a celibate monk. And yet, just because his nubile young wife asks him to bed her to make a baby, he gives in to tempation and lets her have her way with him Then what the hell were you struggling for all along???? It's like the author had bipolar disorder while writing this thing.

Like she couldn't make up her mind what was what. This is not the first of EH's novels I've had major issues with. But it's rare. I don't cut her any slack tho. I was disappointed. Everything was contrived and forced fit. Not her best work. Oct 05, Mo rated it liked it. I felt both characters were dwelling in the past for too long in the book. Nice to catch up with previous characters and see the set up for future books. This is a long series.

Tomorrow and the day after that and the year after that. There was a possibility that with Megs he might have a life to look forward to.

And because of that, tonight he was 3. And because of that, tonight he was going to hunt down a man and assassinate him in cold blood. This act would damn his very soul but for Megs it was worth it. For Meggie he would walk the fires of hell. View all 10 comments. Historical romance fans. View 2 comments. Hoyt brings the Heat yet again in this 5th book of the Maiden Lane series!

This is about a couple forced into a marriage of convenience. Both are still reeling from the deaths of their tr Hoyt brings the Heat yet again in this 5th book of the Maiden Lane series! Both are still reeling from the deaths of their true loves and are afraid to let go of the past. But can he get over his past to give her what she wants? John loves, he loves hard. Godric is a year old widower. He lost the love of his life, his wife Clara, years ago to illness.

Since then, he has lived a desolate life of celibacy. This secret identity is what was used to blackmail him into a marriage of convenience. Both have lived separate lives— He in London, she at his country home.

This is where the 4th book, Thief of Shadows left off: Both had plans to marry, but the night they were to announce their engagement, Roger is killed, leaving Megs alone and Pregnant. Her brother Griffin fixes her up with a fast marriage to Godric to avoid scandal , but soon after the marriage, Megs miscarries.

This is where Lord of Darkness comes into play: All of the layers made sense and came together perfectly, making for a wonderful literary piece of work!! Swoon Alert!! View all 23 comments. I loved everything about this book! It's so hard for a series to not loose momentum, but this series is maintaining it's quality and perhaps even getting better! Lord of Darkness is Megs and Godric's book. The last book Scandalous Desires , has found Megs pregnant out of wedlock and her lover has been murdered.

The epilogue shows Griffin confronting Godric about a "proposition" that he has for I loved everything about this book! The epilogue shows Griffin confronting Godric about a "proposition" that he has for him. It's fairly apparent that this "proposition" has something to do with his pregnant and alone sister.

This sets up a wonderful Marriage of Convenience plot that involves two hurting individuals whom are both afraid to let go of the past. Fast forward two years. She is grief stricken and wishes to avenge her lover's murder and she also longs for a baby. Megs has come to London to seduce her husband! I love this idea, and Ms. Hoyt takes this plot to a whole new level in this incredible book.

Godric is still grieving for the loss of his Clara. Megs is still grieving for the loss of her Roger, yet she bursts into Godric's life and sheds light, laughter, and joy into his dismal and dark existence. Seeing Godric react to Megs was entertaining, and watching this stoic man fall and fall hard for his wife was what made this book absolutely brilliant.

There is a ton going on in this book. Maiden Lane continues to be a very dangerous place for women and children, and The Ghost of St. Giles continues to have his work cut out for him. The couple that will be featured in the next book are given just enough page time to have me yearning for release of Duke of Midnight which will be out this December. On a side note: Lord of Darkness also tells the story of the Legend of the Hellequin. I can not believe that a story within a story could be so moving.

As with all Hoyt novels, each chapter begins with a piece of a seemingly unrelated story. By the end, parallels can be drawn between the two coinciding story lines.

Are you human, bot or alien?

The Legend of the Hellequin was worth the read all by itself. I was moved and had happy chills all over as I read the last sentence. This is one of the best historical romance writers writing today. This series is not to be missed. View all 27 comments. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

This is a truly awful book.

I couldn't care one iota about the story or the characters, especially about the heroine, who must be one of the most ill conceived and anachronistic heroines in historical romantic fiction. Other readers here, who, like me, love Elizabeth Hoyt or used to while refusing to check their critical faculties at the door, have pointed out how anachronistic this book is.

How contemporary the whole tone and voice of it are and feel. It is also Oh how the mighty have fallen! It is also an exasperating, annoying and dull love story, as both heroine and hero spend the greater part of the book talking about their dead loves.

The heroine in particular openly talks and muses about her dead lover!!! An 18th c. Probably because she knows her writer, who at this point indulges in disgusting cluelessness about the experience of women in the past, has her behind covered.

Her family are all right with it in fact nothing better could have happened to them! To me as a reader all this shows a writer with complete disregard for her material. All that she has is a penchant for spraying characterisations around, hoping we won't notice that her caricature heroine gives even caricature a bad name. I don't know about all those readers who rated this book with five stars, but I don't like my leg being pulled so hard and for so long.

There's a scene where the heroine demands that her feelings about her dead lover be treated in the same manner as the feelings of her husband for his dead first wife!

I almost smashed my e-reader against the wall while screaming, 'oi, Lizzie Hoyt, wrong century,love! Well she may not care about creating a believable background and keep writing as if the only difference between the present and the past is fashion and coiffure, but I do and demand that a writer of historical romances fulfil at least one of her obligations, to create a historically believable atmosphere not infodump, let us be clear.

This book felt like the writer too got bored with her dull story and dull heroine and hero and therefore cared not for minimal verisimilitude. The story drags on like a routine check written on automatic pilot without any real effort or care put into it. It reads like a prolonged dial tone. It should be said that Hoyt is never good at creating a historical background she is one of the worst offenders in HR and her contemporary voice is deafening that you are taken out of the story with alarming frequency, but at least in the past she could furnish proof she could write love stories full of energy and passion, and that made one forget the contemporary American voice of her books.

So it is sad to see that she now pens and publishes trite, unconvincing and utterly boring romances such as this. View all 3 comments. Nope nope nope. The Maiden Lane series has gone on entirely far enough. There's a maddeningly huge set of characters now, I could not keep track of them all, nor could I remember which parts they had played in the past, nor remember their particular story. I've read all the previous books, but my mind is occupied with other things and I cannot be fucked to remember all their back stories, thank you very much.

There's also an annoying secondary storyline relegated to setting us up for the next boo Nope nope nope. There's also an annoying secondary storyline relegated to setting us up for the next book, and I am so not up for that right now.

Giles I swear half the men in the Ton must have been the Ghost of St. Giles at one point or another now. Willing suspension of disbelief aside, the story would have been an excellent one if the characters behaved in a way more fitting to their situation.

We have read Godric's story before in the previous books. He has made an appearance in every single Maiden Lane book, and this is his and Meg's story. In the previous books, we have read about his suffering, his loyalty to his wife Clara and his unending faithfulness and love as she succumbs and finally dies of a long, debilitating, and painful illness. She is unable to have marital relations due to her pain, and Godric does not mind that in the least, professing that his love for her is so great that to have her in his life is nearly enough.

For 9 years out of his decade long marriage to Clara, Godric has taken care of his ill wife, and his love for her last beyond her death. Until Meg comes back into his life well, that didn't last long. Meg is his second wife, to whom he is forced to marry. She was pregnant, miscarried, and two years later is back in town to 1. What ticks me off about this book is that the main characters don't act reasonably.

Godric tells Meg that he can't have sex with her, and then a day later goes off and does it because she's so irresistible. Meg holds a complete asshole onto a pedestal, and both characters spend much of their sexytime alternately: I loathed Megs.

And Godric enabled her idiocy. He's a nice guy, but she needed to be locked in a convent for eternity. She was asking for death the entire book. Move over, Mickey.

Maiden Lane(Series) · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

I just got to know Godric, and then, you know, love him Who am I kidding, I couldn't choose I'd read like 5 books about these two. I loved Megs vitality, and the way she brought her husband back to life. I loved Godric's composure, his intensity, and his tenderness.

A wonderful, lovely, sweet journey into the relationship of these two. I wasn't annoyed by the disruption of seeing the prior couples, it enriched and advanced the story quite well.

This is rarely the case for series romances for me. Five books into her Maiden Lane series and Elizabeth Hoyt is still on top of her game! Godric St. John married Lady Margaret to help her out of a tough situation and it seemed to fit for him. Megs would live in the country away from him and he could continue with his nightly duties as the Ghost of St. This works well until Megs, and part of his family, descend upon him and turn his life upside down when Megs tells him he wants a child.

Having married and lost the great love of his life, Go Five books into her Maiden Lane series and Elizabeth Hoyt is still on top of her game! Having married and lost the great love of his life, Godric is not too keen of this plan but concedes to it with a bargain of his own. Megs being around causes new feelings to emerge, not just for himself but she also makes him confront his issues with his family. Megs for her part, also lost the great love of her life and does not want to feel when she is with Godric but as his secrets are revealed, the true force of their relationship is tested.

I have been a huge fan of this series and I was not sure what to expect from this book but I should never have doubted. I loved it. Godric is strong, patient and sexy and I loved seeing his flaws come out and be played out and strengthened with the help of Megs.

Megs is full of life and happiness and is determined to have a child with her husband, no matter the cost.

[eBook] Lord of Darkness

I did get a bit frustrated with her during her first bedroom encounters with Godric as she had a hard time letting go of her past, yet she expected Godric to do that with his own past.

But Godric cleared up that matter quickly and I loved that! We again get a bit of a mystery in St. Giles but it did not take away from the growing love between Godric and Megs, if anything it helped force the feelings front and center.

Lord of Darkness

The St. Giles storyline is a bit similar to the previous book but it did allow up to catch up with almost all the previous couples as a result no Mickey and Silence though. Ms Hoyt expertly weaves in the characters for the next book, Duke of Midnight, and I already want that book now!

The love scenes are passion filled and you could really see how they helped this couple find the love that they thought they would never have again. This is a passionate, lovely, emotional romance that is one of my favorite reads so far this year as if there really was any doubt. View all 15 comments. Godric was devastated after the death of his wife Clara and Megs found herself on the brink of ruin when her lover and secret fiance was murdered, reportedly by the Ghost of St.

Giles and blackmailed into marrying Megs by her brother Griffin. When Lord of Darkness begins, Godric and Megs have been married for two years but have been living apart, when Megs decides that she wants two things, revenge for the death of her lover and a child.

She journeys to London to seduce the husband she barely knows and find her lover's killer who she believes is the Ghost of St. What struck me as incredibly sweet and heartbreaking at the same time is how much Godric and Megs have in common. They've both tragically lost people they loved dearly and have closed themselves off to love, so it comes as a surprise when they find themselves attracted to one another.

Godric is a wonderful character. Solid, strong and unlike many men of that time and even now. Here he was, forced to marry a woman he didn't know, didn't love, who was mourning the death of her lover and pregnant with her lover's child. Yet, he didn't blame Megs for his situation, or treat her with anything other than respect and consideration.

He never became angry at her when she mentioned her lover or the child she lost, he was sympathetic and kind. He didn't hold her past over her as a means to control her either. Because he loved his first wife so much and it broke him when she died, he understood Megs' heartbreak. He had me in love with him within the first few chapters!

Then there's Megs. She may be quite a bit younger than Godric but she isn't a silly, immature ninny that cares more about herself than others. She starts out wanting and needing a child but she immediately starts to see that her husband just might need something too.

She's a very giving, warm and accepting character who isn't perfect but both she and Godric try to make the best of their marriage and end up discovering that life is still worth living. She's lively and expressive but also courageous, daring and unusually calm in dangerous situations. There's still action and adventure in Lord of Darkness but it seems to take a back seat to the relationship between Godric and Megs, which makes the story work better than if it had been the reverse.

Godric and Megs need to move past their losses and build a new relationship with each other. Even as the plot for Lord of Darkness unfolds and Godric gets to know his wife better, author Elizabeth Hoyt begins to drop hints as to the personality and later, the identity of the third Ghost.

She excels at grasping and holding a readers' attention. Hoyt's books have never disappointed me, she beautifully creates characters that are unique in their appearance, neither overly beautiful nor extraordinarily plain.

Her stories are so tightly connected that they seem like one long, exciting book, rather than separate stories in a series. Lord of Darkness is a worthy successor of the wildly successful Thief of Shadows. Lord of Darkness makes an exciting addition to the Maiden Lane series with it's stoic but lonely hero Godric and his affectionate but heartbroken wife, Megs.

Lord of Darkness stands a really good chance of reaching the same level of success as Thief of Shadows. I am both terribly excited but saddened that after Lord of Darkness, comes the story of the last Ghost of St. But then again, Elizabeth Hoyt is a master of surprises so who knows what will happen after the last Ghost finds his match? Add Lord of Darkness to your "Must Have" lists readers, it doesn't disappoint. If you've never read Elizabeth Hoyt, then what are you waiting for?

Grab the first book in the Maiden Lane series and get started! Giles in this rewarding and much loved series of Maiden Lane. Giles with a promise of frivolous, engaging and electrifying romance, harmonizing with espionage, adventure and fulfilling drama.

John is now the Ghost of St. Giles, 4. Giles, protecting the innocent and traipsing one of the most notorious streets of London at the black of night. But his habitual life rapidly turns upside down when his estranged young Lady wife, whom he never expected to meet again in such circumstances, invades him with a pistol in the middle of the night as a revengeful victim.

Not only that, suddenly she also enters his household with her own set of resolution and her own set of entourage as a fond wife with plans of future. Lady Margaret Reading, not knowing the real identity of the Ghost, believes that it has killed her beloved and intends to take revenge when right opportunity arrives.

When these two meet and discover each other, an astonishing passion evolves sweeping them both of their feet. But when anonymous secrets unveil, trust might be the toughest bargain to maintain in this brand-new beautiful but feeble relationship, for these two people, from two very different worlds and varying expectations.

I recommend it highly for well-written strong plotted historical romance lovers starring dashing heroes and exciting heroines and an entourage of enchanting third-party characters! Can definitely be read as a standalone. Also, readers can expect hints of delicious teases of possible future book leads, amidst the story. View all 14 comments.

There were lots of things about this book that I could complain about: Tell us about that, please, over and over and over and over - Wait, you want a baby and to kill your lover's killer? Stress and pressure and possible knife wounds and all that. Please, tell us about that over and over a There were lots of things about this book that I could complain about: Please, tell us about that over and over and over and over.

This book had many aspects which did not make sense and which were repetitive. And it had a lot of Ghost of St Giles because view spoiler [ the hero is the ghost hide spoiler ].

All this should have annoyed me. I guess to some extent, it did, because I sure as hell noticed. But, what can I say? I enjoyed myself anyway. In some ways, this was a far inferior book to 6 and 7 but just felt more fun. I liked Megs optimistic character, particularly, when set against Godric's darkness.

The sex was great. I will probably never re-read this book ok, maybe the sex scenes , but it was the very definition of a romp and it was engaging and enjoyable.

Just be prepared for some plotting and characterisation daftness [not a word? I don't care]. Oct 24, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: What I loved the most about this is the slow building romance between the main characters. They both have lost people they love and are trying to fight through the grief they are feeling.

I adored Godric St John and Margaret they had such a wonderful and believable connection. The secondary characters are also a bonus.

This is a delicious read not to be missed! View all 12 comments. Too stupid to live characters going on about their merry ways They even managed to make Winter look selfish and incompetent. I will have to erase this book from my memory and think that Hoyt made a mistake and skipped the 5th book. This was such a wonderful book about first love A beautiful story.

Now I'm onto Duke of Midnight, and I'm already loving it as well. The Maiden Lane series is phenomenal! The idea of Godric St. What was I thinking?

This is the Godric, who watched his beloved wife die from a devastating illness for nine years. Godric, who had vowed to never love again. Godric, who was blackmailed into marrying Lady Margaret Reading who got pregnant, then her lover died because her brother knew Godric was the Ghost of St.

And to top things off — Megs believes the Ghost killed her lover, and she has vowed to kill him! How could the thought of the book not excite me?

If you follow this series, you know that Megs and Godric have been married for two years, but it is a marriage only on paper. The day they wed, Megs went to live in the country and has stayed put. But now after two years, she wants a baby of her own. So she packs up Sarah, Aunt Elvina who is hard of hearing and has a pug named Her Grace which adds much amusement to the story and servants and surprises Godric at his house near St.

The house is falling apart, as Godric has not cared for much since his wife died. He is one of three Ghosts of St. Giles, men who dress up in a mask and crusade around at night keeping the streets safe. These days, they are after lassie snatchers, men who kidnap poor children and work them in factories. Last book, Winter Makepeace retired as the Ghost, leaving Godric and one other. Not sure if I liked that or not.

Both Godric and Megs are weighed down by ghosts. When Megs first asks Godric to sleep with her so she can get pregnant, he is horrified of the prospect. But as he comes to know Megs and respect her, he realizes maybe he does need to move on with his life.

Their physical relationship starts off quite rocky, but that made sense to me and I like how they progress. This book has a bit of a somber tone to it, but at the same time, Elizabeth Hoyt can write just the cutest lines of scenes that make you smile through all the grief.

As I read, I was surprised to find another book all about the Ghost of St.

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