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Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Excel (Windows). Microsoft Excel . Cell Basics. to use another file type, such as a PDF or Excel workbook. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications that helps you To begin Microsoft Excel, Go to Applications > Microsoft Excel (Figure 1). that'll get you well on your way to 'Excel Guru Status' giving you not only the Microsoft Office training (including Excel, Word and Outlook video tutorials) and.

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Microsoft Excel Tutorial Pdf

Excel Tutorial in PDF - A beginner's tutorial for Microsoft Excel to learn basic to advance concepts step by step including open workbooks, format. If you have worked your way through the first two tutorials in this series you will be very familiar with the steps to take to load a component of the Microsoft Office. Description: Download Course Microsoft Excel Part 3 - Advanced Excel, PDF tutorial on 25 pages. Created: Size: KB.

I insert the occasional table inside the body of my report. In heat tables, higher numbers are darker and lower numbers are lighter. Step 1. Ignore the table headers along the top. Just select the actual numbers or percentages in the body of the table. Step 2. Step 3. For diverging variables , choose a diverging color scale a two-color scale, e. Which patterns stand out now? The greens blur into each other.

Insight Center Sponsored by Splunk Help your employees be more data-savvy. Last year we put together The Definitive Most Useful Excel Tips , for which we consulted Excel experts and looked at tens of thousands of test results and course usage data.

These ten are listed in decreasing order of utility from our top list. Paste Special 10 minutes to learn Copy and paste is one of the simplest and most used functions in Excel. These little frustrations can take time to fix, which is why Paste Special is so… special.

Paste Special enables you to pick which elements of the copied cell you bring over. Add Multiple Rows 2 minutes to learn We often need to add new rows between existing rows.

Flash Fill 30 minutes to learn Excel developed a mind of its own in with this feature. Flash Fill automatically fills your data when it senses a pattern. Suppose you have a list of product numbers in the first ten cells of column A, e. Now, this is much faster and will impress people.

If Flash Fill is turned on File Options, Advanced just start to type the next product number in the cell below and Flash Fill will recognize the pattern and fill down the remaining product numbers for you.

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Just hit the Enter key to accept. Flash Fill is like magic, and can be used in many different scenarios. Flash Fill is a jaw-dropping feature. Mastering these functions will not only make you look like an Excel whiz to your colleagues and manager, but can make a tedious, mundane task quick and simple.

[PDF] MS EXCEL advanced tutorial PDF - Free PDF Download

You can also view multiple pages in Page Layout view by reducing the size of the pages using the Zoom control. Page Layout view is also available in the view controls in the lower-right corner of the Office Excel window.

The three views displayed in the control to the left of the Zoom control are Normal new. Page layout view and Page Break preview. Set the display features the way you want them click Custom Views, and then click Add to create a view you can apply to other worksheets as well. More Room, More Speed, More Choices Some of the changes in Office Excel will be most important for power users who create, update, modify, and report on mega worksheets that demand the utmost in processing power and speed.

If you were mixing out the row and column limits of Office Excel Additionally Office Excel moves the bar on some of the limits in the earlier version; for example, now you can set unlimited formatting in the same workbook this used to be capped at 4.

Create Better Spreadsheets, Faster Most professionally created worksheets today—if there are shared with an audience out of house-include a least a little bit of design. The titles are formatted to stand out; rules or shading might be used to call attention to special areas of interest.

Worksheets, when they are included in financial reports, business plans, or presentations, often are given the same look and feel as the surrounding material, so the font, color, and arrangement of the information become important. Office Excel makes it easier to create better looking documents by providing a number of easy-to-apply formatting options.

Easier Access to New Templates When you start a new worksheet in Office Excel by choosing New from the File menu, the New Workbook window opens, immediately offering you a list of template categories from which you can choose. This greatly simplifies connecting to Microsoft Office Online which Office Excel does automatically when you choose a template type and searching for the template categories you might want to try.

Click the template category you want to see for example. Business , and if the category includes subcategories, click the one you want such as Accounting. Office Excel connects to Microsoft Office Online and displays a collection of templates available in that category. The selected template appears in a preview pane on the right side of the window. Use Page Layout view to see how your worksheet will be distributed between pages, to switch quickly between portrait and landscape modes, and to enter headers and footers directly on the worksheet.

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Use Table Styles in conjunction with Themes to give your workbooks a consistent, professional appearance. Use the new conditional formatting features to highlight dates that meet dynamic conditions, such as yesterday, today, last week, next week, or next month. Choosing Themes and Setting Cell Styles The way in which you can find, try out and apply cell styles and themes in Office Excel is a huge improvement over the text-based, buried-in-the-menu options available in Office Excel Now you can highlight an area of your worksheet; click Themes in the Page layout tab of the user interface; and sample a gallery of theme styles that change the color, font, and spacing of the selected cells.

Tip: As you can see choosing a different theme changes a collection of format elements. Several characteristics are included in each theme: the colors used the fonts, and the effects.

The three tools to the right of the Themes command enable you to set each one of these items separately, if you prefer Setting the format of a cell used to be something that required up-front thought and effort; now you can apply predesigned formats to cells and ranges by simply clicking the Cell Styles command and choosing the format from the gallery that appears.

Tip: You can create formats for your own cell styles and add them to the gallery. Start by applying the format you want to a specific cell then click Ceil Styles in the Sheet command tab and choose New Cell Style in the Cell Styles gallery.

Review the information in the Style dialog box and click Format if you need to make any changes type a name for the style in the Style Name field and then click OK to save the style. The new style you created appears at the top of the gallery in the Custom category.

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Click-and-Type Headers and Footers If you ever had a problem trying to get headers and footers to print correctly on your work sheets in the past, you will appreciate the simplified way of adding and editing headers and footer in your Office Excel worksheets.

The worksheet is displayed in Page layout view, and the user interface changes to offer a collection of header and footer tools. A header box opens on the worksheet; you can simply click and type your header and use the elements shown to add items you need; for example, the page number, date, time, and worksheet name. Tip: The Auto Header and Auto Footer commands on the left side of the header and footer tools give you a collection of ready-made headers and footers you can apply to your worksheet.

Simply click the command and dick the selection to add it automatically to your worksheet. Open XML saves data independent of the format or schema, used to display the data in a particular way. This means the content can be preserved and used-independent of its particular form-in an almost unlimited number of ways.

The information you create and share in your Office Excel worksheet, chart, or report can be incorporated in other worksheets or documents you create at a later time, saving you time and reducing the margin for error involved in rekeying important data.

Major Charting Enhancements Charts provide you with a way to communicate-visually and quickly—the numeric story your worksheet is telling. Charts help others understand how you are interpreting your data, enabling you to show trends and comparisons quickly and colorfully. Office Excel includes a huge array of chart improvements with galleries of predesigned formats you can apply instantly, great new 3-D options, and a full set of contextual tools that you can use to communicate your message in just the right way.

Begin the process by selecting the data range s you want to chart. Then click the insert tab and choose the chart type you want to create. The chart appears on your worksheet, and the Chart Tools contextual tab offers three full sets of options for customizing your charts: The Design tab gives you choices for selecting the chart type, data source and arrangement. Microsoft Excel Part 2: Intermediate Intermediate Description: Microsoft Excel Part 1: Introduction Beginner Description: Microsoft Excel Essentials Beginner Description: Office Computer programming Web programming Database 93 Operating system 63 Mathematics 59 Graphics 53 Network 48 Computer security 44 Other 41 Computer architecture 23 design and analysis Advanced Advanced.

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