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Mitro marjani by Krishn Sobati, , Rajkamal Parkashan edition, in Hindi - 3rd ed. As e-book. Mitro Marjani. Language: Hindi Category: Fiction Translator: More info about the ebook. Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan Published: Mitro Marjani is a story that revolves around Mitro, short for Sumitravanti, who is . Mitro Marjani, hailed as a novel that shot the writer to overnight fame, is very.

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Mitro Marjani Pdf

(); Daar Se Bichhudi as Memory's Daughter (); Mitro Marjani as To Sohbat into Swedish and Urdu; Zindaginama into Urdu and Mitro Marjani into. 'मित्रो मरजानी'! हिन्दी का एक ऐसा उपन्यास है जो अपने अनूठे कथा-शिल्प के कारण चर्चा में आया। इस उपन्यास को जीवन्त. "Mitro Marjani was not a writer's story I was amazed at the surprises Mitro gave me at every turn. Brought up outside the walls of patriarchy Mitro is her.

Shelves: indian-lit , literature , contemporary-lit May be three and half stars. Lamentations: I feel there was something in the translation that put me off initially. In Hindi, I presume it might have been a terrific novel. Because many critics believe that "One of the most creative and engaging aspects of Krishna Sobti's writings is her lively language. There is no glossary as well explaining the meaning of the words. A foreigner May be three and half stars. Praises: Otherwise, it is a good novel with interesting characters. It deals with a normal traditional Hindu joint family and their everyday struggles. Especially the struggles arising out of human relationships. The old man master and his wife want to keep the family together. They also expect their three sons and daughters-in-law to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to the society. Living together is always a challenge. Naturally, tensions arise over petty things.

Mitro Marjani turns 50

I remember I saw Gandhi on the Ridge. We used to spend her 9 novel Mitro Marjani six months of the year in Shimla. I remember seeing the ice skating rink from the Born in Gujarat, now in Pakistan, windows of Gulshan Lodge where we stayed.

Couples used to skate and dance on she moved to India during it; it looked so romantic. But Indians were not allowed to skate there. That Partition bothered me.

After centuries, the country finally got its own Constitution but now, at every pseudonym Hashmat step, our Constitution is being subverted. Her novel, Dar Se Bicchudi Separated from the Flock , published in , was about a child born of a marriage that broke both religious and social taboos.

Those were different days, a different season in our country. We were so proud of our political leaders. India was poised to become a great democracy. Unfortunately, the opposite is now happening. I would rather be called a writer who is also a woman. For me, men and women are very close to each other.

Apart from the obvious qualities they share, both sexes do not have a different soul. Earlier, women were confined to their homes but today women receive the same education and step out of their homes to earn a living. This ideology of family describes and creates separate spheres of work for men and women.

The unequal gender relations are valued not only by male members of the family but females, conditioned in patriarchy also support these norms with full devotion.

It is with the character of Mitro that Sobti using the character as a mouthpiece to deconstruct patriarchal norms and conventions.

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Unlike her mother-in-law and elder sister-in-law, Mitro is not of the type of women who feels content in performing subservient roles to their husbands thinking that this is what they are meant for. Her thoughts, actions, behavior are not even least controlled by the male. And what is more attractive in this bold diva is that she is fully aware of her physical charms.

She thinks that she can win over any man as long as she has a beautiful, attractive body.

To Hell with You Mitro (Mitro Marjani): Krishna Sobti

Whenever and wherever she feels suffocated, she raises her voice, but never felt pathetic about her being a woman. For her there is no difference being a man or woman. She views both as equal, no one subordinate to other or dominant over other.

But Mitro is open about her sexual longings. Her indomitable spirit and frank, open expression of her insatiable sexual urge is something totally unbecoming of a middle class married woman.

मित्रो मरजानी

Because of her openness in speech, she becomes the target of criticism by the members of her family. Her husband also finds her ways wanton and wild. Now the same husband she cursed day in and day out now appears to her as a treasure she cannot afford to lose.

By making a character like Mitro understand the importance of family life, Sobti perhaps reaffirms her faith in the institutions of family and marriage which irrespective of their restrictions, seem to her important and therefore must be preserved.

She never follows patriarchal standards, whether it is in her speech, act, thinking or behavior Patriarchy even today demands women to be silent, submissive, unselfish, timid, conventional, and with no display of sexual desires; contrary to all this Mitro is loudmouthed, domineering, bold, frank, unconventional, and openly displays her sexual desires.

Towards the end she comes to realize the worth of familial and social norms but for her these norms also have meaning after personal individuality only. She understands the value of being virtuous and chaste , but that is not even a slight hint that she will bow meekly to patriarchy.

There is no change in her even towards the end.

She remains as vocal and expressive even in the end as she was in the beginning.

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