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Read Money Banking And Finance book reviews & author details and more at by N K Sinha (Author) . Good book on banking and managing finance. Read Money Banking And Finance book reviews & author details and more at by NK Sinha (Author) . Good book on banking and managing finance. Read to. Money Banking and Finance (English) 3rd Edition by N. K. Sinha N. K. Sinha has written other books, which include A History Of India.

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Money Banking And Finance Book By N.k. Sinha

Money Banking and Finance by N.K. Sinha, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. N K Sinha is the author of Money Banking And Finance ( avg rating, 4 ratings , 0 reviews) Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author. Money Banking and Finance 3rd Edition by N. K. Sinha from I bought this book without much of a thought since it is priced so low but was.

This term LC is often used in international trade when downloader and seller are far away from each other having different legal system and each unaware of others financial position. In such case, both parties deal through their banks and the devise used by banks is called LC or BCC. Reimbursing bank bank appointed by issuing bank to reimburse payment to negotiating bank. Procedure of L. downloadr makes an application to his bank for opening a L. C in favour of seller of other country. The bank after verifying the credit worthiness of applicant opens a LC. This L.

There is no delay in payment. Not worried about import regulations of downloaders country. Not worried about fluctuations in currency rates as he gets payment in his currency. The bankers duty is primary for making payment as has been decided in many cases by various high courts and hence risk in L. C is minimum.

Money Banking and Finance

Suggested Ref. Books 1. It is also known as All Finanz and constitutes package of financial services that can fulfill both banking and insurance needs at the same time. It is a packaged service of banking and insurance offered to customer at one place, under one roof and at one time. The motives behind bancassurance For a Bank are : product diversification generating additional income For a Insurance Company are : Increasing their market penetration Increasing premium turnover Reducing initial costs of selling Making use of wide network of banks for selling their products.

The Rules of IRDA requires a mandatory4 weeks training for selling insurance products which a bank employee find it difficult to undergo. Most of the bank branches particularly in rural areas are not fully computerized and there are problems when work of insurance is handled manually.

There is a cultural conflict between the products of banks and insurance. While the bank products are demand products and insurance products are push products. At times performance recognition becomes problem as to whom the commission on selling insurance product in a bank is to be given.

Inspite of these problems, insurance companies are collaborating with banks for selling their products through banks and generating additional income.

Here, primary duty to pay is that of customer. However, bank comes in picture when customer fails to fulfill his commitments. Financial Guarantee : A guarantee given by bank in lieu of depositing cash security or earnest money by the customer. This is generally given in the case of contractors. Performance guarantee : Where a person has agreed to do certain things on or before a particular date.

In case of default it carry out promise by stipulated date, bank guarantee is asked for. Deferred payment guarantees : Where a person is required to make payment in installments spread over a period.

For covering such default in paying installment, a bank guarantee is asked for which is known as deferred payment guarantee. F, Customs and Central Excise Dept. For all the guarantees mentioned above, bank is charging fee for this purpose.

Two things are important i. Amount of guarantee and period of Guarantee. These RRBs were started in to supplement the efforts of rural credit co-operatives in the rural areas. The broad objectives with which RRBs came into being were as follows : To develop rural economy by providing financial assistance to : Agriculture Trade, commerce, industry and other productive activities.

A RRB was set up with a initial authorized capital of 1 crore to be contributed by these three agencies. These RRBs are expected to prepare production plan in its area village-wise and block wise. The sponsored bank used to provide managerial and financial assistance to these banks. Suggested Readings : 1. This Tier I capital consists of items of core capital such as paid up capital, statutory reserves, disclosed free reserves capital reserve representing surplus arising out of sale proceeds of assets and undistributed profit less losses and intangible assets.

The Tier II consists of undisclosed reserves, cumulative perpetual preference shares, revaluation reserve etc. All banks are informed about this change in risk weights through its circulars by RBI. This CAR represents adequacy of capital fund available with banks to bear the risk which is hidden in different types of assets held by a bank. This present rate of CAR is likely to be raised in future by RBI to further strengthen their capital base of banks and their risk bearing capacity.

This cash is partly held in the form of cash on hand and partly in the form of Balance with RBI. Unscheduled cooperative banks are required to maintain CRR in the form of cash in hand and cash in current accounts with notified banks. Maintaining CRR below the rate prescribed would attract penalty for bank. Micro-credit institutions are those which are engaged in providing credit and other facilities to this poor strata of the society. RBI has asked banks and financial institutions to formulate their own schemes, models, prescribe suitable criterians, choose suitable branches, credit norms and interest rates etc for this purpose.

Accordingly, banks have to prepare micro-credit plans for blocks, districts and the whole state for this purpose and these plans are reviewed at State and National level. The non-governmental organizations NGOs , voluntary organization and self help groups are playing critical role in providing micro-finance facilities.

Many states have also launched various schemes of micro-finance for increasing income of poorest of the poor in rural, semi urban and urban areas. This process of acquisition securitization is resorted to reduce large non performing asset NPA i. This is a process where non-liquidated financial assets are converted in to Marketable securities i.

It is also process of converting receivables and other assets into securities i. On acquisition of financial assets, the SCRC becomes the owner of the financial assets and steps in the shoes o f lender bank or financial institution. The rights of banks and financial institution over securities both movable and immovable for realizing the loan advanced were limited and less effective before passing of this SARFAESI Act.

Now, under this Act, banks and financial institutions got ample powers to enforce such security for realization of money due particularly loans in NPA category without the intervention of courts. This Act presupposed a simple thing that there is an obligation on the part of borrower to repay loans and if they are unable to repay, then the securities for loans are liable to be sold for recovery of loans. This Act is effective from This act is applicable on all banking companies, nationalized banks, State Bank of India and its subsidiaries and cooperative banks.

However, RRBs are not covered under this Act. This Act has permitted Securitization which means acquiring financial assets of a bank or financial institutions by a securitization or Reconstruction company.

Important Books For Competitive Exams – Bank/SSC/Railway/State PSC/Other Govt exams

This company to be registered under companies Act can convert the acquired financial asset in to marketable securities and place them in market for trading. For recovering loans under this Act, a bank or financial institutions has to give a 60 days notice to the borrower indicating the details of amount to be recovered. If borrower raises some issues, the bank has to clarify these issues. If borrower fails to repay amount within this notice period, the bank, financial institution Secured creditor can take the property into possession, sell the property and recover the amount.

If amount recovered is less, he can move against guarantors. If amount recovered is more, the excess amount can be refunded to the borrower. Under this act, there is a provision of appeal against the order of DRT within 45 days. It came into being with a mandate to promote integrated and sustainable rural development and secure prosperity of rural areas. Providing refinance to lending institutions in rural areas like : - Commercial Banks - Regional rural banks - Cooperative banks State cooperative banks for District co-op.

Promoting Institution building e. Farmers clubs, Farm Hatts, Rural Marts etc. Coordinating operations of rural credit institutions. Evaluating, monitoring and inspecting rural credit institutions. Acting as regulator for cooperative banks and regional rural banks.

Maintaining liaisiong with Central Govt, State Govt, National Level Organizations for policy formulation relating to rural development. It raises funds from Govt. Under the scheme, each bank branch i.

The area allotted is known as Command area. Each bank branch is expected to conduct detailed survey of village including economic potential available in the village and based on this survey, village credit plans are prepared on annual basis.

This credit plans are then compiled and converted into block credit plans and finally, block credit plans are converted into District credit plans. In these plans, not only credit requirements of existing facilities but also requirements for starting new activities are planned. The purpose of whole exercise is to met the credit needs in full by banking institutions so that development of command area could be ensured.

A Chart showing cooperative Credit Structure is enclosed. They are engaged in providing investment credit Long term credit for agricultural and rural development. These banks were earlier known as Land Mortgage Banks but their name was subsequently changed as Agricultural and Rural Development Banks as their main purpose of providing long term credit is agriculture and rural development.

Money Banking And Finance By Nk Sinha by sauguanyti - Issuu

Generally structure of such banks is federal i. However, in some states their structure is unitary i. These books are very common and standard which will very useful for topic wise explanation in various competitive exams. Here we advise you those books which are suitable for every exam.

First, we talk about Quantitative Books, which is the very important section for competitive exam. Those students who start basic concept for Quant we suggest here some books — where you read and practice. The first book is R. In this book, all the topics covered in very Broadway, therefore, this book is the standard book.

Which are almost pages on it? English Books For the preparation of English paper, we suggest that you must read the newspaper for improving your English. These two newspapers are very helpful for examination.

What read in Hindu newspaper? You must read the full first page, last page and Editorial page only. Bakshi Author Publication by: Arihant.

C Wren Author , N. This book is both in Hindi and English for better understanding. You are advised to refer the website : General Knowledge Today www.

How to prepare you GA paper? Therefore you revise after the exam. You go through the above website and read the newspapers on daily basis and make the notes and read which is very important for exam purpose.

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