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The Moneychangers book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The New York Times Number One bestseller from is back in. The Moneychangers is a novel written by Arthur Hailey. The plot revolves around the For example, one of the book's characters, Lewis D'Orsey, is a savvy investment advisor who writes a high-priced newsletter that is typewritten and. The Moneychangers [Arthur Hailey] on *FREE* shipping I bought this book on a whim but once started i knew I would finish it. Good character.

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Money Changers Book

Editorial Reviews. Review. " “A suspenseful story replete with the kind of offbeat research that Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a . Philip Hensher: A book that changed me: Goodness knows why nobody took Arthur Hailey's blockbuster away from me, but it taught my. Moneychangers, The (Book): Book The Moneychangers by Arthur Hailey, revd by Peter Andrews.

Share via Email Arthur Hailey has become somewhat absurd and the writing now often pains me, but it is still utterly absorbing. I was only I ought to make an effort to master a grown-up writer, not idly but with concentration, following the plot and remembering who all the characters were. What I really love is a story about a group of people tied together by a joint venture, arguing, getting frustrated, forming bonds and breaking up again. Where did that passion come from? Arthur Hailey.

Vandervoort has a troubled personal life.

His wife is in a psychiatric facility and he is in a relationship with Margot Bracken, an attorney and activist. The workings of the bank come under the spotlight when the senior teller Miles Eastin defrauds the bank. Later, he is arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he meets many shady characters. What does Miles promise them? Does he keep his promise once he is released? What is his decision and where does it take him?

As hard winds continue to blow, an economic recession completely buries the present and future of the bank.

The Moneychangers by Arthur Hailey

How will the bank survive? Will Vandervoort and Heyward bail the bank out of the crisis? Will Vandervoort be united with Bracken? The Money Changers answers these questions and more. Suspense and mystery grip the fascination of the reader as Hailey takes them through the novel.

He reveals the inner workings of the banking industry in this book. The book was published in In , a short television series based on the novel was broadcast with the same title. Plot summary[ edit ] As the novel begins, the position of CEO of one of America's largest banks, First Mercantile American very loosely based on the Bank of America , although it is located in a Midwestern American city loosely drawing mostly from Cincinnati, Ohio during the first 5 chapters of the book, it only describes the bank's location as a state in "the Midwest" and the state itself is never identified is about to become vacant due to the terminal illness of Ben Roselli, the incumbent chief, whose grandfather founded the bank.

Two high-ranking executives groomed for the succession begin their personal combat for the position.

The Moneychangers

One, Alex Vandervoort, is honest, hard-charging, and focused on growing FMA through retail banking and embracing emerging technology; the other, Roscoe Heyward, is suave, hypocritical, and skilled in boardroom politics, and favors catering more to business than to consumers.

Heyward lives in a "rambling, three-story house in the suburb of Shaker Heights ," Cleveland, Ohio. Senior bank teller Miles Eastin is discovered to be defrauding the bank whilst casting guilt on another teller, a young single mother named Juanita Nunez. He is dismissed, arrested, and convicted. In prison, his knowledge of counterfeiting brings him to the attention of a gang of credit card forgers, who offer him a job on his release.

Owing money to loan sharks , and desperate not to have to go to work for a criminal organization, he tries going back to his former employer to ask for some kind of job. Nolan Wainwright, the bank's Head of Security, obviously won't hire him to work directly for the bank, but with the approval of higher management, is allowed to pay Eastin to go undercover as an affiliate of the forgers and secretly report back details of their operation to Juanita Nunez, who had forgiven him after he came to see her and apologize for what he did.

She agrees to be the " cut-out " whom Eastin will contact, and she will report back what he tells her to Wainwright. Eastin is discovered to be a planted spy by the criminal organization and tortured, only to be rescued in the nick of time as a result of Juanita being captured by the forgers and forced to identify Eastin.

The Moneychangers is cliched, lurid and utterly absorbing

She is released, but uses her photographic memory to count the amount of time she spent blindfolded in the car and the movements it made, and as a result is able to lead police to the safe house where Eastin was being held and tortured. At the end, Eastin, Juanita and her daughter, Estella, move out of the state where both get new jobs. Also featured is Edwina D'Orsey, the head of FMA's flagship downtown branch, through whom a reader gains much insight into day-to-day branch banking, and her husband, Lewis, who writes a financial newsletter.

As readers increasingly appreciate Vandervoort, the protagonist , they learn of his troubled personal life.


His advancement in banking circles has come as his marriage is failing; his wife Celia is confined to an inpatient psychiatric facility. Vandervoort is shown as having developed a relationship with Margot Bracken, who is depicted as a radical attorney and political activist many years his junior; her attitudes sometime conflicts with Vandervoort's role at FMA.

She is also related to Edwina D'Orsey, as she is her first cousin.

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