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Technology Center, to learn more out Outlook for your Personal Computer and Mac VIDEO ON THIS PAGE follow the instructions given in Using Outlook . Build exactly the skills you need. Learn at the pace you want. Get practice files and ebook. See back. Outlook Microsoft®. Joan Lambert and Joyce Cox. ® . requires Microsoft Outlook Mobile which is not included in Office . help and links to other online self-help resources, such as training tutorials.

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Ms Outlook 2010 Tutorial Pdf

Page 2 of 9 OUTLOOK BASICS . Paste file into a message. . Microsoft Outlook is an Email Management System, which runs securely in the. tab on the. Ribbon. Outlook displays the Backstage. View. 2. Click the Options button. Outlook opens the Options Adding a Manual Journal Entry. 1. Everything Easier! ™. Ge ttin g. Sta rted. E-mail Ba sics. Outlook. Microsoft. ® . to learn more about the products listed in this book.

Ultimately, the goal of this guide is to turn you on to the Outlook features and functions that, when mastered, dramatically boost your productivity and minimize decision fatigue. This guide is broken into two sections. The first focuses on the four key Outlook features that can help you manage and get ahead of your day. The second peers into four more advanced features with which you can truly master Outlook—and squeeze every last ounce of productivity from it. Okay, be honest: Does Outlook scare you a little? Did your experimentation with its screen views, email functions and scheduling features end in tears? Millions of Outlook users have had similar experiences. Many gave up on the platform altogether. However, there are some important Outlook screen features worth noting: the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar. The Ribbon — What Is It?

Backstage view Backstage view gives you various options for managing accounts, saving and printing items like an email message or calendar , and more. Although it is similar to the File Menu from earlier versions of Outlook, Backstage view will expand to fill the entire screen, unlike a traditional menu.

The options in Backstage view will change depending on which view you have selected. To access Backstage view: Click the File tab on the Ribbon. Backstage view will appear. Clicking the File tab Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about using Backstage view. Save As Click Save As to save the currently selected item such as an email message or a calendar to another location on your computer.

Help From here, you can access Microsoft support and check for updates. Print From the Print pane, you'll be able to print the currently selected item and view a Print Preview. Info Info displays basic information about your email account. From here, you can also modify your account settings, set a vacation reply, and more. Open From here, you can open a calendar from another application, open an Outlook Data file, or import contacts, settings, and RSS feeds.


Options Options gives you access to advanced settings in Outlook, like adding an email signature, calendar preferences, and more. Return to Outlook Click any tab on the Ribbon to close Backstage view.

The setup process will vary depending on how you plan to use Outlook: If you plan to use Outlook in the workplace with an employer-provided email account, it's likely that your account will already be set up when you start using Outlook.

If not, your office's IT department or supervisor will help you with the setup process. If you plan to use Outlook on your home computer with a personal email account, either from an Internet service provider or a webmail service like Gmail, it's easy to get started. Using Outlook with a personal email account While Outlook is most commonly used in the workplace, there are several reasons you might want to use it at home.

If you use more than one email account—for example, one for personal email and one for work email—you can add multiple accounts to Outlook, allowing you to read and manage all of your messages at the same time.

You'll also have the added convenience of using a desktop application to keep all of your information—such as your contacts and calendar—together in one place. To add a personal email account: In our example, we'll add a Gmail account. Click the File tab to access Backstage view.


Locate and select Add Account below Account Information. Adding a new account The Add New Account dialog box will appear. Enter your name, email address, and password, then click Next. Adding account information and clicking Next Outlook will configure the account.

This process can take several minutes. Connecting with the email server Once the configuration is complete, click Finish. Clicking Finish The email account will be added to Outlook.

The added email account The first time you open Outlook on your home computer, the Add New Account dialog box will appear immediately. Follow the instructions in the procedure above to add your personal email account. Adding a Gmail account will not import other Google services, such as your Gmail contacts or Google Calendar.

Open Outlook on your computer. Try switching between different views. Click through the tabs and notice how the commands on the Ribbon change.

Minimize and maximize the Ribbon. Access Backstage view. This young woman was amazing in helping me find an apprenticeship interview with the company your working in, Key training, and was exceptionally polite and caring towards me and my needs.

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