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Author: Banks Maya A Highlander Never Surrenders Highlander Series (In Bed with a Highlander; Seduction of a Highland Lass; Never Love a Highlander). In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya's trilogy comes to its stunning conclusion, as the youngest McCabe brother uses sword and seduction to save his. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Banks nicely balances bedroom and battlefield action as Rionnas Share. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Never Love a Highlander (The McCabe Trilogy Book 3) by [Banks, Maya. Audible Sample.

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Never Love A Highlander Maya Banks Pdf

Never Love a Highlander (The Highlanders) [Maya Banks] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maya Banks, the New York Times bestselling. Never Love a Highlander book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya Banks' tril. Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy) by Maya Banks pdf eBook. George moore spent much of the good friday agreement was known as representatives.

I consent to having Maya Banks collect my email address in accordance with her privacy policy. Subscribe to Maya's Newsletter. While beautiful Rionna McDonald is a fit wife for any man, Caelen trusts no woman, especially not this sweet temptress who torments him with white hot longing. Caelen looked toward the stairs for what seemed like the hundredth time, and Ewan looked impatient as well. Rionna and Mairin had been gone for some time. It was late into the night and Caelen was ready to have done with the entire wedding celebration. Some celebration. If her demeanor was anything to go by, she was even less thrilled than he with the match. It mattered naught. They were both bound by duty. And right now his duty was to consummate his marriage. His loins tightened, and the surge of lust took him by surprise. It was disloyal and disrespectful to feel such a keen burning in his gut.

And she's a tomboy-warrior type woman and he wants her to wear dresses and cook all day, or something. In the middle of the book, she seems Nope. Nope, nope, nope! He doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that she's only "playing. She must be submissive to him in real life!

Her only duty is running the keep read: chores and bearing him children! Also he has a horrible habit of fucking her while she's sleeping so she always wakes up surprised to find a penis inside her. I know women who have gotten divorced because of this shit. O Who the fuck are you trying to kid? I'm not saying, "Never give blowjobs" or anything - far from it. When did you get brainwashed? This really makes me laugh. You're honestly trying to convince me that giving a blowjob is more enjoyable than names 50 other sexual activities?

I devoured this series. It was the best kind of romance candy. The kind with hot highlanders, steamy sex, fierce battle scenes, feisty women, impossible odds, high stakes, and teary moments. I loved how the brothers were always main characters in each story, and how the heroines became important to the clans survival. While you could r Sigh.

While you could read the books out of order, I recommend that you don't. In the first book In Bed with a Highlander , the romance was of enemies-to-lovers, and in the second book, Seduction of a Highland Lass , it burned hot and fast. In Never Love a Highlander, the romance was slow and snuck-up on them as it built over time.

Two strangers find themselves wed in a marriage of necessity, not of love, to unites two clans and build an alliance strong enough to defeat a looming war.

Love was never important to either of them, their marriage was simply just an arrangement of necessity. Betrayed by the woman he loved eight years earlier, Caelen did not trust himself to love again. He was the hardest and coldest of the three brothers, devoted only to duty and family. Rionna McDonald is the daughter of a neighboring laird, and has been betrothed or nearly betrothed to all three of the McCabe brothers.

If Caelen doesn't marry her, the humiliation would be too much. She is not a typical well mannered and dainty lass, but one who enjoys wearing trews and wielding a sword. Caelen doesn't know what to make of her ways, and tries to get her to be more feminine in both behavior and appearance. And now that Caelen is Laird of McDonald's clan, he has much to prove to gain the trust and loyalty of his people.

The war with Duncan Cameron gets closer, and the brothers come together for the ultimate and final battle scene. I couldn't guess how the final battle was going to unfold, but I enjoyed it immensely. A fitting ending!

I'm sad the trilogy is over, but I look forward to more books by this author. I do hope she writes more highlander historicals some day. Sep 08, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was by far my absolute favorite of the series. I loved watching the love between Rionna and Caelan grow and bloom, it was magic. I've said it before, but the romance in this series is old fashioned and I loved every minute of it! View all 11 comments.

What did I think about this book, you ask?? I'm not going to lie I wasn't sure historical romance was for me, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and check it out The first book was great, the second fantastic and this third one I've been intrigued by Caelen from the very beginning, and I had full faith that when I finally got to his book, it would deliver. Maya Banks has not let me down yet!

Come on Ummm hello Rionna and Caeleb are two individuals bound by loyalty and love for their clan.

Their marriage is a strategic move, rather than one rooted in love and affection. Neither is really sure what to make of the other, but underneath that uncertainty is undeniable attraction and combustible chemistry.

Little by little they slowly lower their guards and realize that their first impression may have missed the mark. I loved seeing both of them realize that there was so much more to the other. Caelen was a warrior through and through, and though he could utter sweet endearments in their chamber late at night, he was a man with a singular motive. Protect what is his. Defeat Duncan Cameron and ensure the safety and future of his brothers, his clan and his king.

He didn't know what to do with a stubborn wife who could please him in the bedroom, but wanted to fight alongside him in battle.

[PDF]Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy) Book Free Download (305 pages)

Rionna was not your typical lass. She was not knowledgeable in manners of being a lady. Nay, she much rather be out wielding a sword and fighting with the men. In her eyes, she was as much a warrior as any man in her clan She was skilled, she was fast, she was determined.

But her husband wants a wife, a lady of the keep Could these two stubborn individuals find middle ground when they're so set in their ways? Can a scarred and betrayed warrior open his heart to a warrior princess? The angst was delicious in its delivery. Getting dual POV's just made it that much more tasty.

You really get to see these two evolve, compromise and grow into quite the dynamic duo. Watching them slowly let go of their misconceptions and fall in love is everything I love about reading romance books. Simply put, this book was And the series was View all 19 comments. Oct 25, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. You must read all of them in order and I highly recommend you read this series if you are indeed interested.

Once again I loved all the characters in this book. I also loved that Maya included all the characters from the previous 2 books. I loved that the heroine Rionna was a warrior and extremely fierce for Story Rating 5 stars Character Rating 5 stars Romance Rating 5 stars Heat Level 4 stars Overall Rating 5 stars This was the conclusion of a 3 book series.

I loved that the heroine Rionna was a warrior and extremely fierce for the ones she loved and did all she could to keep them safe. The hero Caelen was a very honorable man but he had to learn to love and trust Rionna and it was truly amazing watching that take place.

The love scenes were very sensual and well done. I could not have ask for better. In the end, the bad guy is finally dealt with and the action in this area was really good. The ending, OH MY! The part I'm talking about is when Aragorn gives his tribute to the Hobbits.

I don't want to give anything away here but I had tears streaming down my face, it was THAT touching. I've been to Maya's web site and have learned that yes, she will be writing more Scottish historical's.

When I read that, I was jumping for joy because she writes them so well. She writes them, I will be downloading. View all 7 comments. You own all of it, lass. You took it from the very start. View all 3 comments. Jun 19, Lynsey A Bookish Life rated it it was amazing.

And finally it's Rionna's book! I was intrigued by Rionna's character right from book one when she stomped up to a group of warriors, in trousers and helm, and showed them just who was bitch with the pointy end of her sword.

Oh, how that doth ticketh all my boxes. When she took her helmet off and they realized it was a lass? Hee hee! I love it! And who has she been paired with but the surliest of the brothers, Caelen McCabe. And man who's convinced all women are treacherous wenches just waiting t And finally it's Rionna's book! And man who's convinced all women are treacherous wenches just waiting to strike after a betrayal when he was but a young lad.

It's fair to say Caelen has a few issues to work through, and only someone as strong as Rionna could have possibly tamed this particular Highlander's heart. And there was a lot more action than in the previous book too, which I like. I wouldn't have expected anything less from Rionna's book, really. The overall story arc has been wrapped up nicely and I have to say this has been a really wonderful trilogy. Maya Banks will be an auto-download author from here on out.

Highly recommended to all fans of Scottish romance. View 1 comment. This is the third and final installment in the McCabe Trilogy. Caelan has wed Rionna and they return to the McDonald keep. Caelan is not as readily accepted as he had hoped. Thing pick up and this book takes on a fast paced conclusion to this amazing series.

Rionna McDonald has long suffered her fathers lecherous nature and his unfair hand. She knows of his treachery, but as a daughter, she is unable to do much about it. Rionna is not a conventional daughter to the brutal Laird. She wears trouser This is the third and final installment in the McCabe Trilogy. She wears trousers and tunics and she dons a sword.

She is a fierce warrior woman and defies any man to best her. She knows her duty is to marry a McCabe to form an alliance. She is feeling the sting of being set aside by two of the brothers only to be married off to Caelen. Caelan McCabe is the youngest brother. He gave his heart and his hand in marriage before. He was betrayed by his love and his heart has not healed. He has vowed that he will never love again.

He agreed to wed Rionna so that his older brother, Alaric, could be with his true love Keeley. Caelan is emotionally cold and doesn't trust easily but he is determined that this marriage will be a political success.

When Caelen takes over and orders Rionna to wear a dress He is determined to maker her into a proper Mistress of the house. Caelen is charged with getting the McDonald clan into shape for war. They are allied with the McCabe's for the sole purpose of overthrowing Duncan Cameron. When Caelen tries to train the men, he has no idea what he is in for. Rionna and Caelen spend time learning to please each other in the marraige bed. Caelan is very patient and eager lover. He is a naturally dominating man in the bedroom.

Rionna is eager to oblige and she explores her control through surrender. Rionna has little trouble tumbling over the edge. She vows to wait for her warrior and please him until he is able to fully surrender his heart to her. Cameron could bring about the family's downfall if they are not careful. This book build to a frenzied climax and years worth of history is revealed.

Betrayals abound and all must be brave. The story must come to an end, and so could the lives of some of our great warriors. God is not ready for you yet because I am not through with you. I can't start another book after reading this trilogy back to back. They were that good. I am spoiled now! This series was exceptionally well crafted.

There are well developed main characters and very interesting side characters. I loved how the story wove through the full series and built to this amazing climax. The sexual chemistry in this one was HOT! I loved how Caelan taught Rionna how to please him. He is a dirty talker and a hot dominant highland warrior.

The love, oh the love was so sweet. All three books had amazing depth.

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I absolutely adored that the women in this series were ALL strong in their own way. They all had significant attributes that they brought to the relationship. They were so much more than just women to bear children. They were all warriors in their own way. Nov 01, Dawn rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. Although the second one is still my favorite, this is very close. I would recommend reading these in order so you get the full impact of the story.

I suppose it can be a stand alone, but I think the reader would lose a lot. Poor Rionna has been played a pawn two times over. She was to marry Ewan McCabe in a political alliance, but that didn't work out.

Next she was to marry Alaric McCabe, and was jilted at the alter. Finally Caelan McCabe steps ups and becomes her husband.

I mean who would want to marry a woman who dresses as a man, and fights like a warrior?

OMG who wouldn't?! Rionna has been through so much. She is loyal to her clan, and underneath her rough exterior, she is so in need of being loved.. Caelan eventually makes this happen. Their marriage starts off rocky. Caelan has be wronged before, betrayed by a woman who eventually destroyed his clan.

But he wont let that happen again. So he guards his heart, until Rioanna breaks through. The chemistry between Rionna and Caelan is wonderful. They are truly the perfect couple. Again, Banks doesn't disappoint. Her writing is outstanding. I love all the characters. The pace is steady, and I couldn't put the book down. There is beautiful romance and the loving is just incredible!

[read ebook] Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy, #3) by woodyashley - Issuu

My heart was racing at the end. And I was near tears as well. If you love strong, intelligent female leads, then you will love this. Yes there are times she backs down, but it's not because of weakness as you will see. I love maya Banks. She never writes anything to make me upset or irritated.

She writes as if she knows my heart. Just keeping enough angst in me but not too must where I start hating the hero or heroine. She is just brilliant. This series is a must read.

I wish she would continue it. But I think this is the last. View all 6 comments. What a rollercoaster this series was. I loved the first book , then I was severely depressed by , so I was nervous about this one. Luckily it was pretty awesome! I will say right off that my half star deduction is for Caeden. He was a jerk more than I would like and took too long to show Rionna how much he loved her.

But he did love her and did show her in small ways how caring he could be even when he was being a jerk. He would also say the wrong thing often but luckily we got his P 4. He would also say the wrong thing often but luckily we got his POV and saw that he knew he was putting his foot in his mouth. Caeden was my least favorite brother going into the story but he worked his way up to number two cannot surpass Ewan. Rionna totally kicked ass! I want to be her in my next life!

I am not a fan of alpha heroines, which Rionna was not. But she was a tough, ass kicking sweet heroine. I thought she tried too hard for Caeden, but I admired her for trying to make peace with him and her clan. Of course, her concessions were rarely the best way to go and eventually Caeden figured that out.

I am not going to take up pages and pages fan-girling for Rionna, but I will say she is crazy brave and courageous, sweet, loyal, smart I loved her!

Never Love a Highlander

This story moved fast, had lots of intrigue and action. The sex was hot. Caeden was a sweetheart about her virginity - Ewan take note. The ending was superb and made me cry. The scene at the Loch Also got a sweet epilogue. Great way to end the series! Jan 21, Rachel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Overall rating: It is alluded to that he hasn't been with anyone since his last fiancee betrayed him 8 years ago.

I loved the epilogue! Caelan McCabe has sworn o Overall rating: Caelan McCabe has sworn of love and women since the betrayal of the woman he loved 8 years ago. He felt that his love made him vulnerable, which led to not only the deaths of his sister-in-law and father, but the demise of their clan as a whole.

He still cannot deal with the guilt of what he blames himself for. So when his brother Alaric turns down the king in marrying Rionna McDonald to strengthen their alliances, Caelan steps up to the plate.

It couldn't have anything to do with the way that Rionna has always made his pulse race and blood shunt to his "cods"????? No way Rionna McDonald's father is a horrible man and a pedophile.

Ever since he tried to rape her dear cousin Keeley years ago, Rionna has disguised her figure and looks and has turned into a bit of a tom boy. She binds her breasts and learns how to fight, all in the effort to make men not attracted to her. But in her dreams, she does wish for a fierce warrior that will love and protect her and accept her for who she has become.

Not that she loved Ewan or Alaric McCabe, but after being betrothed to both, then turned away at the last minute, she feels like discarded trash when she is forced to marry the only other McCabe brother there is - Caelan. It is through this farce of a marriage that both Rionna and Caelan find a love like no other.

I found Caelan and Rionna's banter to be fun a light hearted at times. My heart HURT for Rionna and everything that she has been through in addition to being married to a man who is always sticking his foot in his mouth. But I really feel as though Caelan truly made up for his resistance in the beginning and that didn't even last long. I was so happy when view spoiler [ towards the end, Rionna pretends that she has hated Caelan to save him that he knows in his heart that something is not right.

I really thought at this part of the story, he would really make me mad and turn against her because of his betrayal in the past and what it lead to. He didn't though. He knew better and that made me SO happy hide spoiler ] I also felt what Caelan did at the end was simply beautiful. I didn't expect it and it truly made me love him all the more!

Even though I loved all of the stories, I truly appreciated that this story had an epilogue. I really really liked that and that's why I had to give this a full 5 stars. This book was also very steamy as well! I also liked how Duncan and Gregor got what they deserved and were brought to justice.

I would say that if you are a fan of steamy Highlander romances with loyal and faithful warriors, then you need to pick up this trilogy ASAP!

I love you. I love my warrior princess. I say it in front of my king, my clan. OUR clan. So that you'll know how very loved and cherished you are. View all 8 comments. I throw them in here and there Now make it one with sexy Highlander and I turn to putty. This one was no exception. I loved it. One of my favorite medieval heroin's I've ever read and in Rionna and Caelen was absolutely perfect! This one put a huge smile on my face and it will definitely be a re-read for me later.

Sep 17, Anna rated it it was amazing. View 2 comments. May 09, Mei rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved everything about this book! Gruff Caelen He didn't want to fall in love with Rionna, but when he did I liked Rionna since the first time I met her. She's just perfect for Caelen! I love a sword-wielding girl! And one that doesn't dress in fancy dresses, but leggings! I loved that, for once, it was a woman to save man's life! View all 4 comments. Jan 26, Ari Reavis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although I didn't bother with book 2, I definitely wanted to hear Caelen's story and find out about how his 'foolishness' got his clan killed.

Was I little confused at times because I skipped a book? Yup, but it didn't take away from the story at all. Caelen was a freaking dreamboat. He was gruff and protective and I just loved him. Rionna was all that and a bag of chips. She was a warrior through and through, even if Caelen didn't want that for her at first.

Even though they got married for an alliance at first, I just knew they would grow to love each other fiercely. But until that happened, I got really, really hot sex scenes. Lol It was even better because along with them discovering each others' bodies and pleasures, Rionna was discovering that being a woman had a few joys she didn't know existed. But then comes the dramaaaaa.

Of course douchebag Cameron is still lurking around and sends some goons to rough Rionna up while Caelen is on a hunt. And Cameron renewed my hatred for him from book 1. Evil bastard. He was trying to lure Caelen out, but since Caelen and his brothers were already planning to attack him, that plan didn't quite work.

But it woke Caelen up to letting Rionna continue training again, so I was happy about that. Then Rionna gets knocked up and all is well for a little while, well after Caelen beat the crap out of almost every McDonald clansmen to make them respect him as their laird. But the food is low and Caelen and the man have to go hunting and who sneaks up on Caelen and shoots him with an arrow but Rionna's father the ousted rapist former laird. He brings Caelen back to Cameron and Rionna finds out and rallies her men.

Part of her plan to get inside Cameron's keep is to convince him she wants Caelen dead. So she gets her pregnant self down to the psycho's keep and gives an emmy worthy performance that was painful to read, because Caelen is heartbroken thinking he's been betrayed again. So Caelen is strung up to be burnt at the stake and Rionna is supposed to light the fire, but instead sticks the torch is Cameron's stinky, ugly face.

A battle that gave me goosebumps started and fierce as they were, the McDonald clan were vastly outnumbered and growing tired, but lo and behold, Ewan and Alaric come charging in with their men and things take a turn for the better. The best part is that Rionna is the one that ends up killing Cameron. Knife through the chest baby. I was just so satisfied. He needed to die like yesterday. Caelen and Rionna go back home and Caelen does the sweetest thing by taking the McDonald name as thanks for what Rionna did and risked for him.

I was tearing up by the end of this book. Their love for one another was so fierce and loyal and sexy. They were perfect for each other in every way. And the epilogue was the sweetest.

Great conclusion to the series. Jun 09, Gi's Spot Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Christian Grey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quick review: Iffy Rating: NC Steaminess: HOT Thumbs Up: Take me back in time to meet a Highlander please. Well Written Plot: Feisty girl meets her match and will try not to be tamed.

Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Not Sure Recommend: Yes Book Boyfriend: This story had me a page one. I coudln't wait to see it played out. For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: Audio Review Kirsten Potter did a good job with the narration. She kept the characters straight and each was easily identifiable.