Ottaplakkal Nambiyadikkal Velu Kurup (Malayalam: ഒറ്റപ്ലാക്കൽ നീലകണ്ഠൻ വേലു കുറുപ്പ്; born 27 ), popularly known as O. N. V. Kurup. ലോകത്തിന്‍റെ ഏതു ഭാഗത്തു വീഴുന്ന കണ്ണീരിന്‍റെയും ചൂട് ആ നെഞ്ച് അറിയുന്നുണ്ട്. ആ ചൂട് കവിതയിലേക്കു. M.R.P.: Kindle Price: Save (4%). inclusive of all taxes includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific.

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The hysterical crowds that surrounded the late poet Changampuzha was proof of the adulation the people of this beautiful coastal State reserve for their writers. Kurup or ONV as he was referred to was such a household name in Kerala. For over half a century, till his death on February 13 this year, ONV mesmerised Malayalam literary circles with the magic of his poetry. Always regarded as the unofficial Poet Laureate of Kerala, he won the prestigious Jnanpith Award in 2007. For both, he drew themes and inspiration from the ordinary people and their daily struggles. The play marked a significant departure from the familiar classical themes and traditional style of Malayalam theatre up until then. Riding on the waves of the huge popularity of Ningalenne Communistakki, the first Communist government in Kerala under E. Namboodiripad came to power in 1957.

Kurup, is a Malayalam poet and lyricist from Kerala , India , who won Jnanpith Award ,the highest literary award in India for the year He is acknowledged by the people of Kerala as one of the greatest living poets in India.

Jnanpith Award-winning poet O N V Kurup died

Kurup is also a lyricist in Malayalam cinema. He received the Padmashri Award from the Government of India in He is also called O.

Biography O. Kurup was born to O. Krishna Kurup and K. He believed that poetry should improve the human condition and that his works should always serve as balm for sorrowing souls.

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The fact that there was indeed a street there by that name perhaps indicated that it did exist once upon a time. Such imaginary trails beckoned him throughout his life and the urge to explore them nagged him from very early days.

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His father was a Sanskrit scholar and an Ayurveda physician who died when ONV was just seven years old. The Sanskrit works he read in childhood and the general cultural milieu of his childhood surroundings laid the foundations of his poetic life. He was drawn to the poetry of Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, the well-known romantic poet, and Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon, whose radical poetry marked the beginning of a different phase in Malayalam literature.

Student activist ONV was very active in radical student politics throughout his college days and soon people came to believe that his poems rose from the heart, from the sorrows and happiness of ordinary people, their simple folk songs, from the rhythms of their daily grind, and their desires and hopes for a free and just world.

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However, there were two other poets, Vayalar Rama Varma and P. Bhaskaran, who also wrote similarly vibrant poetry and inspiring lyrics at that time. They were all equally talented and followed very similar routes to early stardom. Many described the period as one of democratisation of verse.

There was much disillusionment and it showed in their poems. I told my mind, I am always with the have-nots. And he was careful not to go overboard with his frustration and throughout his life would not say anything that would harm the Left movement.

Shimmering drops of light

But it was all a sign of my anguish. I carry that pain even now. There were accusations that these poets were diluting their craft with the banality of film songs. The truth, however, was the opposite. These talented writers were enriching Malayalam film songs with their poetic imagination.

This was also the time when Kannadasan in Tamil and Majrooh Sultanpuri and Kaifi Azmi in Hindi had also moved over to their respective film industries and were writing legendary songs. In Kerala, literature and politics are often close allies, and ONV never made a secret of his ideological leanings to the Left, contesting for Parliament as a Left Democratic Front candidate in But the State also likes its writers, however eminent, to remain writers and not meddle in politics.